Review: Skin Privilege – Karin Slaughter

skin privilege

Grant County #6

Skin Privilege is also referred to or knows as Beyond Reach in the US. It is book six in the Grant County series, as well as the final entry. In relation to my book challenge, this is book twelve for me.

Grant county pediatrician and coroner Sara Linton and police chief Jeffrey Tolliver have finally tied the knot. However, things have not been easy due to a family of Sara’s clinic suing her for malpractice over the death of their son, Jimmy Powell. As if things could get no worse, and Sara any more despondent, they are called out to Reece, detective Lena Adams’s hometown. She has been arrested, and Jeffrey is to go through immediately.

Upon arrival, they discover that there has been a murder, and Lena was found at the scene of a burning Escalade (that had a victim inside) with the gasoline drum under her foot where she sat at the school bleachers. As much as Sara dislikes Lena, she cannot see Lena burning someone to death. When they are there, they find that Lena has literally not said a word to anyone, and that her uncle Hank Norton is missing. The Reece officials are not the nicest or most accommodating lot to work with, and Jeffrey is soon agitated with their lack of cooperation.

Lena makes a grand escape from the hospital she was being held at. There are things that she needs to find out for herself, such as her real past with her family, as well as why Hank ended up back on meth, and why there are skinheads supplying him his drugs. The more she digs, the deeper the pit gets, and the less answers she has to turn to. The Brotherhood of the True White Skin seems to be in the thick of all of this, but connecting it all back together is a seeming impossibility, and Jeffrey is stubborn enough to not leave, though Lena begs and wants him out of there for his safety.

Sara is drawn into performing the autopsy on the body from the Escalade, and before anyone can do anything, all hell breaks loose. Sara is brought another body, and she cannot help but wonder about the situation they are on, and to be angry at Lena for dragging them into such a mess again. Jeffrey is chasing down all sorts of leads that might help him come close to finding Lena to help her and get this mess straightened out, including visiting her ex Neo-Nazi boyfriend Ethan Green (previously White), whom he locked up for parole violation on what they both knew was a setup. Will they ever really know what is going on and who is involved? Will Lena ever get off of her high horse and allow anyone to help free her from the reality that she has woven for herself?

GRADE 9This book was amazing. Granted, it was told out of sequence and that might throw a few people (confuse them, that is, not put them off), but it was told precisely like it needed to be to convey the correct feeling and message. The book was highly emotional, what with Lena fighting past demons and the desperation of saving her uncle. Then there is Jeffrey and Sara and their quest to adopt a child and start their very own family. This book was phenomenal, with a good story. You feel a part of it, the disjointed feel and not knowing what the hell is going on. Well done on that front. The conclusion of this book shocks me each and every single time, but it will never lose me as a fan. It is such a sore topic, and Karin Slaughter implemented it well. The first time I read it I went into a week long depression. Her characters are so well written and researched and presented that you get overly attached to them, so any joy they feel, you feel, and pain they feel, you feel. The writing was great, the story was solid, the events spine-tingling. As much as joy enjoy what you read and feel the hurt and pain, it is fantastic, and I can understand why the series concluded as it did. I just need to mention this whole thing about the “fans” all freaking out at her and dropping her and hating on her for this book. That is really not cool. She is a writer, and a damned good one at that, and she is entitled to do with any given novel what she wants to at any given time. It is her work, and no one else’s. I have just been reading about what other people had to say about it all, and they have been pretty cruel and nasty. I mean really now, people? It just means you have no faith in what she did with the story or how it will progress from here. Shocked. I will be a lifelong fan, of that I am sure! Oki, rant over. But aside from that, overall this book is so worth the read!


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