Review: Jeepers Creepers (2001)


“Every twenty third Spring, for twenty three days, it gets to eat.”
– Jezelle Gay Hartman

Darius “Darry” Jenner (Justin Long) and his sister Patricia “Trish” Jenner (Gina Philips) are on the way home for spring break. Naturally, in a horror, nothing would be as simple as that. Traveling on an incredibly long strip of deserted highway, Trish recalls a story from many years ago of a couple that went missing on that very same stretch of road. As if their paranoia was not bad enough, they get attacked by a huge rusty truck. After the lunatic eventually passes them, they later pass him at an abandoned church where they see him dumping what distinctly looks like bodies. The weirdo notices them and chases them out on the road, eventually crashing them clean off of it.

Darry and Trish are really freaked out, but against all better judgment return to the church where they saw the man dumping the bundled and roped sheets down a drainpipe. Darry falls into this, and is majorly scared when he uncovers a macabre mausoleum beneath the surface: mummified human remains plaster the walls in a sick perversion of the Sistine Chapel (as Darry coined it). They had witnessed corpses being dropped down the chute. The siblings are intent on getting the hell out of there in Trish’s beat up old car and getting hold of the police. Someone needs to get out there, someone needs to stop this,  but what they are not counting on is that the corpse dumper knows that they have been there.


“You know the part in scary movies when somebody does something really stupid, and everybody hates them for it? This is it.” – Trish

Arriving at a little town a ways down the road they ring the police, but not before a psychic rings Darry and Trish first, telling them that they need to run, they are marked and will be hunted. The Creeper (Jonathan Breck) will catch their scent if he has not already, and then it is all over. They will never be free. Darry refuses to listen to Jezelle Gay Hartman (Patricia Belcher). When the cops arrive, they hear the church is currently being devoured by flames, and that no one is able to enter. Together Trish and Darry try to escape, but no matter where they go, it seems that they are doomed. The cops are killed that were protecting them, and they flee. With the Creeper close at their heels, they are pretty much guaranteed a showdown of note.


Trying to convince the cops you are not cranking them around

Will Darry ever get away from the monster that is relentlessly pursuing him? Will they make it back home, return to being normal teenagers and college students, or are those days forever lost? Will they be able to change the psychic’s vision for the future, though it seems her dreams have never been wrong in the past?


“You’ve got something it likes… one of you.” – Jezelle

A 5.5/10 for Jeepers Creepers. I remember this being such a big deal when I was in high school, everyone thought this was amazing. In reality, however, it is a standard horror movie. I thought the monster, the Creeper, was really crappily done. I could handle the outfit he wore, but really? The face? The tufts of hair? Lost on me. From a distance he had the element of creepiness to his side, and in the truck he was ferocious, too. Then after that the plot just went haywire. Point number two… to go check out where you thought you saw someone dumping bodies after he damn near rammed you off of the road twice?! These kids should gets medals in stupidity, true story. There were holes to the plot, naturally, I mean what horror has a super tight, flawless plot? None, that’s how many. I did laugh, however, at Justin Long’s facial expressions. Priceless! They were worth watching the movie transpire as it did. The movie tried to mock on the predictability of horror films, which would have been fine, except that this submitted to every cliché there is, and with no finesse, either. This is a typical teenage high school horror in my opinion. It is a very quick watch, and useful to fill the void or add to a watch list, but not worth going out of your way to check out. It was nothing special, just another regurgitated version of a horror flick, but still more watchable than you would expect.


38 thoughts on “Review: Jeepers Creepers (2001)

  1. Tyson Carter says:

    I liked this a lot more than you did. Despite the director being a sex offender, he made a good film.

    Strange to see Justin Long in a serious role, now he is mostly comedy (and very good at it) 🙂


    • Zoë says:

      He is very good at it! I enjoy him most of the time. Don’t mistake it for being the worst movie, it was not (the sequel honestly sucked), but left me wishing for a few things. Though it has a fun element when watching with someone else!


      • theipc says:

        LOL – I liked the sequel – that’s the one where they’re all stuck on that bus, right? I remember liking it – maybe I should watch it again?


      • Zoë says:

        Yep, the bus one. The best thing that movie had going for it was the conclusion (and I mean that in the most sincere way possible). I think that it should be a film that you revisit, then we shall talk again 😀


      • Zoë says:

        But let me bear in mind, just because I hated it does not make it the worst movie ever (though in my opinion it sucked pretty bad :P)


  2. theipc says:

    So I ordered this and the sequel – because I am a man of my word. Jeepers Creepers 1 isn’t very good so far. I just got past the scene in the basement where he finds all of those bodies stitched together. They look SO fake.


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