Review: Jeepers Creepers II (2003)


“We are trapped in a broken down school bus out on East 9. And something is going to kill us if we don’t get help out here right away!”
– Buck

Alright, Tim, you twisted my arm to post this one so soon after the first one!

A few days after the police discovered the burning church that the Creeper (Jonathan Breck) called home and the death of Darry Jenner (Justin Long), a young boy named Billy Taggert (Shaun Fleming) is snatched by the monster. His father, Jack Taggert Sr (Ray Wise) and older brother Jack Taggert Jr (Luke Edwards) start on a mission of serious revenge, vowing to take the Creeper down.


Vengeance on a demon, a monster, a creature of the abyss… What do you fight it with?

A school bus full of high school students has a tire blow, but the driver insists that they push on when nobody answers their distress calls on the radio. Cheerleader Minxie Hayes (Nicki Aycox) is visited by the deceased Darry and Billy, both desperately trying to warn her to go back and stay back. Instead, there is another blowout on the bus. The bus is now stationary, and the students are ordered off. The coach, assistant coach and bus driver are all picked off fairly quickly, and the terrified kids board the bus again to avoid whatever is out there. Scott “Scotty” Braddock (Eric Nenninger) becomes the unspoken leader of the group, and the football team and cheerleaders turn to him blindly for direction.


Terrorizing the young occupants beyond their wits

Another dream tells Minxie more about what it is that they are dealing with, and that it will not stop until they are dead, or until the twenty three feeding days that it is given are finally over. The Creeper starts to stalk the teens on the bus, and picks his victims out one by one from the lineup. They all panic, and soon dischord breaks out amongst them when they need to be standing strong. Scotty’s half cooked plan freaks them all out, and division just for the Creeper is not on the students’ cards. Soon the camps divide, those faithful to Scotty, and those that follow Deaundre ‘Double D’ Davis (Garikayi Mutambirwa). On the other hand, Jack Taggert Sr is still out to butcher the creature that murdered his son. Radioing out for help constantly finally gets the frightened teens a reply from Taggert Sr, and he is intent on making it to the bus.

How many more students will the Creeper pick off before the Taggerts arrive? When they do rock up, will they ever be able to exact vengeance for the brother and son that they lost, or will the Creeper have his way again?


“I can see you thinking it, whether you say it or not.” – Double D

3.5/10. Jeepers Creepers 2 was a good example of what not to do for a horror – not for a sequel, not for an original, not for any kind at all. It was incredibly long with nothing going on in it, and no good cheese, so no saving grace. The only semi-decent thing about this movie was the conclusion, sitting in the barn and waiting (and I say this in the most sincere fashion). But aside from that, the acting was ghastly, the Creeper lost any and all appeal it might have built up in the original movie. The thing is, it was too in-your-face this time, and there were no funny expressions from Justin Long to entertain you somewhat. I think it is absurd that the Creeper took all adult supervision off the screen within seconds, then screwed around with some kids for ages. I don’t know, there was so much going against this movie. Especially the hopping scene nearing the end (as an example), I mean really?! This was absolutely terrible, and I do not think that it is worth the watch at all. The first one still had you watching, checking what was coming and all of that. There was still some substance. This was so fantastically unbelievable and had little core to it. Riding on the coattails of glory of its predecessor, and I am sure that it was the only way it got out there – thanks to its older and far more successful counterpart. Not something I will be clambering to watch again.


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    • Zoë says:

      I did… when I start something I cannot just quit in the middle of it all! Why thank you, that means that SOME good came out of it at the very least!


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