Review: Genesis – Karin Slaughter

Karin Slaughter Genesis Cover

Georgia #1

This is the twenty first book in my challenge, and is also the first book in the Georgia series, which is a combination of the Will Trent / Atlanta series and the Grant County series. It is also referred to as Undone in the United States.

Ex-Grant County pediatrician and coroner Sara Linton is back in Atlanta, back at the Grady ER. Taking the job after the brutal death of her husband Jeffrey Tolliver, Grant County police chief, she has submersed herself in work to try to carry on. Just before the end of her shift one night, a woman is brought in, and something in Sara’s brain stirs. A woman is savagely broken, raped and tortured, but managed to get away from her attacker. Georgia Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Will Trent happens to be at the hospital, and sets out immediately to check the crime scene.

Horrifying discoveries come to the fore, and Will needs his partner, Faith Mitchell, to be on top form, but something is going on with her that he cannot seem to pinpoint. What he does not know is that she is pregnant and just recently diagnosed as diabetic. Will’s wife, Angie Trent (previously Polaski), is still jerking him around, which frustrates Will. For the first time in his life he has felt a spark with another woman – a woman who happens to be a cop’s widow, intelligent and successful, and he firmly believes she is out of his reach seeing as he is dyslexic and nothing more than a shadow of a man.

Before they know what they are dealing with, another two women go missing, and the pattern is confirmed. Always a pair at a time, and they are never discovered again. But why, what links them? What drives this disgusting murderer to pick these specific women, these hard and cold people and take them captive? Will is sitting with a small six-year-old boy on his hands, and his mother is missing. Will needs to bring her back; he needs to do something to ensure that this child will not suffer the same fate that he did growing up in State care.

Will they be able to track down the latest two missing women? Will they find the monster that inflicts such terrible pains on these women, who tortures them and terrifies them and does unspeakable things to them?

GRADE 8.5The story was highly disturbing, though incredibly well written (I would expect nothing less). I feel so sorry for Will, and how people that know about his dyslexia treat him like he is an idiot and how he believes that it is an illness. There is nothing wrong with being dyslexic! Faith’s pregnancy and diabetes featured heavily, and it is an interesting plot twist. It was a joy to see Sara return to Slaughter’s work, and I felt pain for her. How she dealt with the loss of Jeffrey was incredibly painful, and I thought that Karin Slaughter brought the two book series together so perfectly and effortlessly and it works. Often joining up stories to this magnitude does not work very well, but this? Fantastic. I thought that Will’s interest in Sara was endearing, and her struggle with Jeffrey and the mixed emotions she feels with Will are terribly sad. It was a wonderful sub plot to bring in, though heartrending that Angie had to come in and kill it all for Will. The story is well paced an interesting, sewn together seamlessly. Another stellar entry for the author.


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