Review: Fallen – Karin Slaughter


Georgia #3

Georgia Bureau of Investigation agent Faith Mitchell returns to her mother Evelyn’s house after some training runs long. However, upon arrival, something seems wrong. There is blood on the door, drops of it, and Faith discovers her baby, Emma, locked away safely in the tool shed. Calling for backup, Faith gets ready and enters the house and is met by horrific carnage. As though it is not enough, while searching for her mother she kills two men that she comes across. Her boss and mother’s best friend, Amanda Wagner, hears about the whole issue and tracks down her best agent, Will Trent, and gets over in a hurry. Evelyn is gone, and they need to find her. Fast.

Will Trent calls Dr Sara Linton in to assist them in figuring out what is wrong with Faith and what needs to be done. Faith has jumped right up to the top of the suspect list, though something seems wrong. Will is sure that it has to do with the case that he was on a few years ago when he investigated Evelyn and her narcotics team for embezzling money from drug busts. Faith and Amanda are stoic in their belief and certainty that Evelyn had nothing to do with the missing money from the drug busts. The clues and suspects that Amanda and Will are chasing down are not making a lot of sense.

As if Will does not have enough on his plate with trying to figure out where Evelyn Mitchell is or whether she is still alive, he is dealing with his lust for Sara as well as his wife finally waltzing back into the picture after four months of silence. Angie goes for the jugular immediately, ragging on Will about his feelings for Sara, taunting him on his dyslexia and overall being her nasty self. The more Will pushes his personal life away and focuses on the case, the less the case makes sense. Amanda is calling in favours left, right and centre, and Faith has started to worry about her family. Her brother Zeke has turned up to help out, and he is doing nothing to assuage her fears. The people responsible for taking her mother make contact, and Faith is not willing to bring anyone else into the fold for help.

Will they unravel the mystery of Evelyn’s disappearance as well as what happened? Will Amanda stop beating around the bush and let Will in on all the things that she already knows, instead of allowing him to waste time digging up solutions when she already has the answers? Will Sara and Will ever be able to have some kind of relationship, and if they do, is Angie Trent ever going to step back down and allow Will to move on with his life?

GRADE 7.5Karin Slaughter never ceases to amaze me. Again, you deal with the characters, their lives, and she gives you a fantastic view into all the other people’s perceptions of a character. Will and Sara trying to move towards a relationship is great, though Jeffrey lingers heavily on the fringes of everything, and is only reinforced by what everyone has to say about it. The story was again quite a good one. Maybe not as solid as her previous ones, but excellent in terms of the way that Sara has to deal with Angie Trent and what it is that she wants from Will. Amanda’s character is also explained a little more in here, and you see far more about her than has been revealed in any book before it. What I want to put out there, though, is that I like Amanda’s character, and I even like the relationship that she and Will share, though sometimes she is a little overly rough. I feel so bad that everyone keeps treating Will as though his dyslexia makes him stupid. The things that Angie said and brought up in this book were crushing. Evelyn Mitchell is a strong woman, and the whole debacle leads us to learn more about the woman that has only ever been referred to throughout the previous books. Very well done, and a wonderful story to boot, again.


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