Top Ten Movie Crushes

Alright, so Table 9 Mutant at Cinema Parrot Disco did this list of her top ten movie crushes, and the idea was seconded by Abbi over at Where The Wild Things Are, my arm got twisted,and here is my very own list (nope, no Hemsworth here Cinema!), though in no particular order. Never thought I would see one of these up on my site… my best friend will be so proud! 😛

Harrison Ford as Han Solo in Star Wars

Harrison Ford had a tendency of picking the good ones when he was younger. Han Solo was smooth, a fast-talker and cheeky as hell, and provided plenty of laughs and an attitude that made him truly irresistible.

star wars (2291) Animated Gif on Giphy

James McAvoy as Charles Xavier in X-Men: First Class (2011)

Now whoever knew Charles Xavier would have been hot in his youth? Just kidding. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the young and idealistic Charles. He was intelligent yet still a little naive, making him optimistic and brimming with energy.

x-men (950) Animated Gif on Giphy

Adam Brody as Dustin Knight in Grind (2003)

He was geeky, he was smart, he was adorable… I know he is not most women’s cup of tea but I am a big fn of nerdy and geeky. It wins each and every times in my books, to be perfectly honest.


Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker in Revenge of the Sith (2005)

Yes, this is my controversial one and everyone can just deal with it. He was in love and prepared to do anything, he was a part of the Jedi, he questioned too much, he was mistrustful and insolent, paranoid and demanding, yet it all came together to bring forth a pretty damn arresting character – and I don’t care what any of you Hayden-Christensen-as-Anakin-Skywalker naysayers have to say on the matter. It just worked.

star wars (2291) Animated Gif on Giphy

Norman Reedus as Murphy MacManus in The Boondock Saints (1999)

Oh yeah, carrying on like a hardworking Irishman with a perfectly comfortable life, Murphy was funny. Terribly funny, crude, smoking and drinking and being alive, no matter where he was he loved his life. Silly, sweet and a firm believer in what he stood by, constantly being ragged on by his brother on countless occasions, he totally had me hooked.

the walking dead (1146) Animated Gif on Giphy

Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker in The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

Dorky and cute, he was just so sweet. He was sharp as a tack, sarcastic to boot, playful and so awkward. He is so easygoing and geeky, which can work so much in a guy’s favour. Loud, proud and out there is not necessarily the only way!

laughing (1515) Animated Gif on Giphy

Matt Damon as Jason Bourne

I cannot explain it, but lost, confused, amnesiac, smart, well-trained and incredibly dangerous just counted in his favour from the get go.

Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones was ridiculously smart and cocky, with tons of personality. He was adventurous and endlessly appealing. Not sure if I can get away with having him on my list twice, but honestly he played two different characters who both just happened to work for me.

smile (3458) Animated Gif on Giphy

Ryan Gosling as Driver in Drive (2011)

The Driver was quiet, mysterious and cool, incredibly sweet but oh so dangerous, too. I really liked that! It made him so appealing to watch, and to see how he was when he was just himself vs the person he became when things went a little dodgy… I quite liked that.

ryan gosling (2150) Animated Gif on Giphy

Heath Ledger as Patrick Verona in 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

This may be a conventional pick, but damn Heath Ledger just totally worked this role. The total outcast, insanely hot smoking (very few things get me as much as a fine specimen smoking… ask my best friend, it never ends), devil-may-care attitude and those dimples. Yep, I, too, have been won over by those dimples…

cute (11236) Animated Gif on Giphy

94 thoughts on “Top Ten Movie Crushes

  1. Cannot relate to this with my own opinions, except that I am not surprised as Norman Reedus and Gosling are adored by girls around here! I did laugh at Ford getting two mentions, congrats to him!


    1. xD Yeah, I am sure your list would be vastly different!

      The funniest thing is I am NOT a Gosling fan in any which sense and then I watched Drive and it just worked for me on so many levels. Reedus is great, I am glad to see him in The Walking Dead, finally more to watch him in 😛

      What can we say, worked well for him!


  2. Great list! (Except for Anakin). ; ) I love that I’ve inspired other movie crush lists! Yay for Han Solo – on mine too! I was torn between Solo & Indiana Jones – both SO SO sexy. But I had Michael Biehn twice so figured I couldn’t have Ford twice. I loved 10 Things I Hate About You but not watched it since it came out – I so need to re-watch. I agree on those dimples! Adorable! I think Andrew Garfield has lovely eyes & I prefer him as Spider-Man. I’ve actually gone off Gosling, after having the hots for him & even after starting a project to watch all his movies! I’ve never seen Daryl dude in anything but Walking Dead…


    1. LOL someone was going to have to comment on that at some stage! 😛 Man, Ford was going on for Solo AND Jones, no matter what, I love it. I watch 10 Things I Hate About You like once a year… actually watched it over December again, it really is entertaining, you should watch it again. Tobey Maguire is absolutely NO contest next to Andrew Garfield, let’s be serious… Yeah, I remember you tasked yourself with that and then started going off. What counted in my favour was that I enjoyed him as an actor but not much more, so Drive totally won me over. REALLY?! He is worth looking into, always been a fan!


      1. Daryl just looks like he’d be really smelly. He looks cuter in that gif thing you posted. Have you seen Garfield in Never Let Me Go? I really liked that movie.


      2. You really should see some of his other stuff. Oi, for a redneck surviving the zombie apocalypse he is doing pretty damn fine 😛 All badass and what not.

        I actually haven’t, but now it begs the question – rom-com?


      3. I went off rednecks after dating them in high school. Lol!

        Oh! Wow. Not even close on Never Let Me Go. To be honest, if you don’t know the genre it would actually ruin it a bit if I told you. Go watch it! Now! I’m serious. I’d LOVE to know your thoughts on it, especially if you go into it totally blind! Love the story.



        Oki you have convinced me, I will get my hands on it as soon as possible and check it out, as long as it is not a rom-com then I am all good. Right, not even going to read a word on it, will report back soon!


      5. Yay! Oh… This is great! I can’t wait! Now I’m scared you’ll hate it… Lol. But I promise you that it’s definitely not a rom-com. : ) Don’t read a word about it. It also stars Carey Mulligan (love her) and Keira Knightley (meh).


      6. Teehee, never fear, I am going in blind (my favourite way to approach a film) and I will get back to you. Maybe I can watch it this weekend if I get home on time… Oh I do enjoy Mulligan, though Knightley is meh, with you there… hmmm, this sounds promising… I am so on this, excited!


      1. Speaking of Google – did you quit? I was going to message you about something last week and it says your profile is gone ? Did I run you off?


      2. LOL! No you didn’t, had a meltdown with Google+ bugging the crap out of me so I deleted that profile, it seems the chat was linked to that. Never fear, I will set it up again!


  3. This list is AWESOME! I definitely agree on Gos, Norman Reedus (I really need to watch Boondock Saints again), Andrew Garfield and obviously Heath Ledger. I have seen 10 Things I Hate About You probably 50 times, which is why I can tell you that that gif is from where he says, “I bet you’ve thought about me naked though.”


    1. Hahaha I know I am alone there, but he rocked Revenge of the Sith… all angry and going Dark Side and what not…

      Aside from Anakin, I am glad to see the list is appreciated!

      I am going to be highly unpopular here but but he doesn’t really do it for me 😉


      1. Young Vince Vaughn may make this list; it’s the movie that put him on the map. One of my all-time favorite comedies and Vince is great in this role. You should definitely check it out. Also, if you like Andrew Garfield, you should watch him in “Boy A”. Much better than Spider Man.


      2. Ah, I liked Vince Vaughn way back in the day, recently he has just become so bland and boring, so I will definitely look into Swingers. I will put both films on my watch list, thanks Gary! 🙂


    1. 😀 Yay, do it! I am sure it will be a fun list!

      I actually never watched The OC, never caught on here, though I loved the clips and scenes I was sent where he was in it. Looks like it could be decent. Would you recommend it?


      1. REALLY!!!!!

        He is a miserable, unlikable, badly acted wretch who should have stayed dead in that volcano!!!!!!

        (Note the feigned indignation that is meant to be funny, not the least bit angry.)


      2. ABSOLUTELY!!!!!

        DENIED! I thought he had a nice bit of darkness that he carried through with him as well as a touch of uncertainty and positive that he was doing the right thing! I enjoyed this casting choice! Damn good thing he was not left for dead – if he had died there would have been no Darth Vader! 😉

        (Note it is all good, this fictitious battle can rage on forever more! :P)



        I would have gladly erased Darth Vader and all of his movies. 🙂

        (Okay. Now I’m just exaggerating.)


  4. I’m going to stare at that gorgeous gif of Indy all day long now until my drool totally fucks my computer up, lol. Excellent choice on both Han and Indy!


  5. I’m not sure about all of this since you left me off the list but I’ll take some solace knowing that you’ve seen The Boondock saints…. : )


    1. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL! I love the way you put things Mikey!

      I know you are all hating, but I liked it, I really did! However, glad the rest worked for you! 😉


  6. Nice list, Zoe. Who doesn’t love Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones! I love Ledger in ’10 Things’ as well, esp when he serenades the girl [swoon] Can’t stand Gosling though, sorry.

    I’d do a similar list except that I think everyone already know who my crushes are 😀


    1. Thanks Ruth! Hmmm, Ledger really was just too damn nice to look at. I am not a Gosling fan (though I like him as an actor), but Drive just worked!

      DO ONE! I know Richard Armitage will feature somewhere! 😉


    1. LOL! No this was PRIOR to the space lava… this is when he was just turning all Dark Side haha, I liked that! Then he got crispy! And before that he just looked strange with that ponytail and braid!


  7. Of course you can have both; Han and Indy! Latter one being my number one movie crush ever. I did share my views in comments to Table9Mutant but I can’t even remember who I mentioned. 😀 (I checked: Rhett Butler, Jack Dawson, Tyler Durden, Aragorn, Tony Stark…) But anyway, I understand your point in Anakin, I think he was hot in the third episode.


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