Sporadic Scene: Return of the King (2003) – The Mouth of Sauron

I gush about this all the time. This is, without a doubt, one of my all-time favourite scenes from the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Aragorn, King of Men, rides with the remaining members of the Fellowship of the Ring as well as the Men of the West ride out to the Black Gates of Mordor, they are met by the Mouth of Sauron who wishes to treat with them. It is so disgusting and vile and thrilling. I can literally get onto the edge of my seat to see how this all goes down without fail each and every single time. The way the character is clothed: blind but with that cape flowing from his mask/helmet, dropping far down. The rotting, deathly mouth that so sickly and crookedly smiles, the way his voice carries the Black Speech, and just how his decaying mouth conveys to the viewer how disgusting the things that he is relaying are. It is just sick, and the way he mocks and taunts, his assured cockiness and completely sadistic tendencies are just amazing. The way he throws the Mithril? I truly get goosebumps throughout this scene every single time!

If you have a scene that you would like featured, drop me a mail at sporadiczoe@hotmail.com with a picture/gif/video of the scene and an explanation as to why (should you want to include it).

32 thoughts on “Sporadic Scene: Return of the King (2003) – The Mouth of Sauron

      1. My favorite beheading comes from “The Fellowship of the Ring”. [SPOILER] It happens right after Boromir is killed. Aragorn fights it out with the big Urak-Hai and ends their battle by cutting that sucker’s head off. Beautiful!!!


  1. Hah, I was just thinking of sending you Boromir dying scene from the Fellowship but I’m happy with this one too. (Just watched the extended version of the Fellowship and I’m still listening the soundtrack.)

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    1. Send it to me anyway and I will put it up! There can never be too much Lord of the Rings for me!

      I am actually itching to watch them again. On holiday now, so setting aside a day soon 😀

      Extended versions for the win!


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