Top Ten Steven Spielberg Films: Cinema Parrot Disco

I am so happy to host Table 9 Mutant from Cinema Parrot Disco today. Though she proclaims to be a procrastinator of note, she sent through an epic top ten. Table 9 Mutant runs a really neat little blog that you really should check out if you have not done so already, featuring the occasional book review, plenty of movies and top ten lists and a general amount of good fun. She also recently finished a seriously intense John Hughes blogathon. Head on over there, but check out her top ten list first!

Should you be interested in submitting a Top Ten list, draw up a list of either your top ten personal favourite movies or a top ten list by a specific genre/theme and send it along to me at Hope to see a few more lists!


10. Catch Me If You Can


Fascinating story and excellent performances. I’d always known Leonardo DiCaprio was an underrated actor but, being the same age as him, it took until I saw this one for me to finally see him as a proper grown-up actor.

9. Close Encounters Of The Third Kind


This one doesn’t seem to get the credit it deserves. The mashed potato mountain, the entire ending and, of course, those musical notes: Classic.

8. Always


My controversial choice, maybe. I don’t care. I LOVED this movie when it came out and watched it over and over. So romantic and full of quirky, loveable characters – why don’t more people like this one?

7. Schindler’s List


Truly a masterpiece but very hard to place in a list like this. It’s not, as I like to call it, a “multiple watcher” for me. Too tough to watch more than once, I can’t “love” it in the same way I do the rest on this list.

6. Jurassic Park


This was mind-blowing when it came out. And it still looks a hell of a lot better than some of the CGI nightmares they’re giving us these days. This movie is pure fun.

5. Indiana Jones and The Temple Of Doom


I love all the Indiana Jones movies and if this was my list with my usual rules (I like to cheat), I’d put the first three films together as one entry. But I better play fair on Zoë’s site! So here you have Temple Of Doom, that crazy and violent one with hearts being RIPPED out of chests and chilled monkey brains!

4. Jaws


Starts out a little slow (trust me – re-watch it) but when the three of them get on that boat to go find the shark, this becomes a true classic. And, come on – that MUSIC! John Williams is a genius. Which is why Spielberg uses him all the time, including for all of the films in this top ten I believe. Spielberg is a genius too but those John Williams scores are just as much to thank for his films becoming the classics that they are (I won’t go into this too much  – we’d be here all day!).

3. Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade


Fun fun fun! And I loved Harrison Ford & Sean Connery together in this. I’ve watched this film so many times!

2. Raiders Of The Lost Ark


The film that introduced us to one of the all-time best movie characters – Indiana Jones. Harrison Ford was so awesome (and sexy) as Indiana and we’ve not had “adventure” films like these since. Why can’t they make movies like this anymore??

1. E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial


Number one and two are so close and, to be honest, I changed them around a few times. I don’t know what to say about this one… Who hasn’t seen E.T.? Who doesn’t know the image of that flying bicycle with the moon behind it? Who doesn’t like this?!?! It’s the first film I ever saw in the theater more than once. (Oops – showing my age!) E.T., like Indiana Jones, is such a great character and just thinking about this movie never fails to make me smile. 🙂


94 thoughts on “Top Ten Steven Spielberg Films: Cinema Parrot Disco

  1. Zoë says:

    Ah, love the list! Thank you so very much for participating! LOVE to see so much Indiana Jones on the list 😛 Even a DiCaprio there! But… I do miss Saving Private Ryan!


  2. Dan says:

    I think you’re spot on when you say Close Encounters doesn’t get the credit it deserves but perhaps you’re playing into that a bit by having it way down at 9! In my Top 10 Spielberg I had it right at the top – it is the perfect Spielberg movie, it perfectly encapsulates the man and his creative vision.

    That said, as a big fan of Spielberg, it’s great to see so much love for his movies. Always is an interesting inclusion as that’s one that usually gets lumped in with 1941 as one of the director’s few creative lapses. Indeed, your inclusion of Temple of Doom is another interesting choice – a film that works in fits and starts for me. Not a personal favorite but I still love the character and the underground train escape is the greatest action sequence of the entire franchise!

    I’d recommend The Sugarland Express, Empire of the Sun and Duel to see. The real surprise is Saving Private Ryan not making the list… I also think the first half of The Terminal is the funniest work Spielberg has done, shame about the second half.

    For what it’s worth, here’s my top 10 Steven Spielberg films:

    Enjoyed reading that! 🙂


    • table9mutant says:

      Thanks! Well, I have seen Saving Private Ryan and Duel. Duel is the one that nearly made the list of those two… ; ) Oh – and I wasn’t crazy about Empire of the Sun. I’ll check your list out too when I’m home tonight! Do think Close Encounters is an excellent film but I don’t love it QUITE as much as the ones I have higher… : )


  3. rossshapland says:

    nice list, I was in the middle of compiling my own top 5 as well. Personally I think Minority Report is heavily underrated and I absolutely love his first film Duel, for its raw simplicity.


    • table9mutant says:

      Lol – I can’t help it – I’ve always loved Always. I’m not sure why!!! ; ) I know Close Encounters actually deserves to be higher and is actually a better “film” than a lot of the others. Glad to see so many here rate that one highly. : )


  4. theipc says:

    Dearest JB,

    Great guest post today, You rule!




    Dearest Table Nine Mutant,

    WHAT THE FUCK??? SAVING PRIVATE RYAN is one of the best movies ever made. It was so realistic my Gramps wouldn’t even go see it (he served overseas) Also – why isn’t MUNICH on here?? Not everything is lollipops and kittens!


    All of my love,



    • table9mutant says:

      Thanks and… Lol! I’d actually have guessed you’d not be an E.T. fan. ; ) Helps that I’m very old and it’s one of the first things I remember seeing in the cinema. So I’m pretty fond of it. : )


  5. Parlor of Horror says:

    I think Close Encounters is underrated for sure. At the time it came out, everyone thought aliens would one day come down from to earth and want to communicate with us as one intelligent species to another, all because of the movie. Then Alien came out a few years later and wiped away the notion of friendly communication and with it, the impact of Close Encounters.


    • table9mutant says:

      Agree it’s very underrated and was amazing for its time. True… I admit I’m a huge Alien fan and I suppose Close Encounters kind of does get forgotten because of it. Both are true classics. : )


  6. snapcracklewatch says:

    Nice list T9M agree with Cara what a great idea! I have to say I would pick Schindlers list as my fave and Jurassic park I was obsessed backs in the day!!! Hook was good too did you like that one? I can’t argue with your choices though I would have had a hard time picking now that I think about it.


    • table9mutant says:

      Thanks! : ) Yeah – it wasn’t easy leaving some off the list. And I kept changing my mind on the order (especially 1 & 2). Schindler’s List is probably actually the “best” but… Yeah, a hard watch. I better now watch some of the Spielberg films I’ve not seen! : )


    • table9mutant says:

      Thanks! : ) Glad to see some love for E.T. – thought I’d have more people disagreeing with that. Lol – Always is NOT a popular choice. But I love it. I always found it very sweet & romantic. This is from a girl who doesn’t really go for that sort of thing…. : )


  7. movierob says:

    Wow, you surprise me with the SPR omission. I think it’s too hard to cl;assify Spielberg’s 10 best since he has more than that. Munich, SPR and Schindler’s list are my favorite “adult orientated” Spielberg films, but since I also am the same age as you and Leo, I have soft spots ion my heart for some of his earlier stuff that we all grew up with, ET and Indiana Jones trilogy specifically. I only started to appreciate Jaws recently and never “got” close encounters as a kid. perhaps I should give it another try. Jurassic Park was amazing in the theater, (saw it twice two days in a row), but it (unlike many Spielberg flicks) loses something on the small screen.

    I recall Always being a fun love story, but didn’t appreciate it so much when I re-watched it last year.

    Nicely done my dear Mutant!

    BTW, I don’t hate True Detective, but I found it to be deliberately slow and made me think I was reading a book instead of watching a TV show/miniseries. There were some great scenes, but overall, I felt it was lacking.


    • table9mutant says:

      Thanks! : ) Lol – I’m in soooo much trouble for leaving Saving Private Ryan out. I don’t even remember it. Maybe I need to watch it again? I’ve always wanted to see Munich but never got around to it. I actually loved Jaws from quite a young age (why did my parents let me watch that?! Lol).

      Yay! Someone who doesn’t worship True Detective!!!! I finally finished it tonight. Felt like I sat through 8 hours of shit to get ten good minutes at the very end. Glad I didn’t waste time by actually watching them thoroughly – I was mostly doing other things with it on in the background. ; )


      • Zoë says:

        Like you cannot comprehend my lack of love for Ferris… I can finally identify with your feelings on the matter.

        Meh. This is another thing I cannot truly accept, but love you anyhow 😉


  8. jjames36 says:

    Great list, Mutant. As I call it one of the best three movies ever made, I’d have to say Schindler’s List is easily his best, but I quibble with none of the flicks you’ve included here. (I’ve not seen 8 or 9, though.)


  9. ruth says:

    Can’t argue with any of your picks here! I probably would put Schindler’s List a bit higher tho. For sure you won’t see the overly sentimental War Horse on my list however. Great stuff!


  10. Victor De Leon says:

    Nice work! Fantastic list. Stevie has so many great films, no? My favorites are Jaws, Raiders, CEot3K and JP. Great post 🙂


    • table9mutant says:

      Thanks! : ) He has sooooo many great films. Looks like we like the same ones. I’m surprised how many people have said how much they love Close Encounters! Good to know that’s not as underrated as I thought. : )


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