Review: Killer Joe (2011)

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“You ever hear of Joe Cooper? He’s a cop. A detective, actually. He’s got a little business on the side.”
– Chris Smith

SYNOPSIS: When a debt puts a young man’s life in danger, he turns to putting a hit out on his evil mother in order to collect the insurance. – via IMDB


GRADE 7What the fuck?! Killer Joe had a great cast going for it that played their roles well with a disturbing as hell execution of the premise. I could get on board with the desire to kill your mother for insurance money, even hiring a hitman. I could get on board with how incredibly trashy some families are, and even smiled a bit at how much the film milked the trailer trash angle (I hear a lot about it in books and movies but we don’t really have that here). But then the secondary aspects of the premise came. The part about a grown man wanting a twelve year old girl, an adult male starting a sexual relationship with said child who initially did not even want him, that was terrified of the concept (and yeah, gonna say this), and suddenly was so experienced and enjoyed it from the off. For a girl that is not promiscuous, that should not have been her first reaction. Anyhow, let me move right on from that. Then there was her family that knew what the animal wanted and freely offered her to him. I mean what the hell, were they that desperate for cash that they were willing to pimp a child for it? However, the story was alright. Emile Hirsch was pretty good as Dottie’s brother, yet so damn trashy. I mean seriously now? McConaughey was definitely the show stealer here though, brilliant performance. The way the insurance money debacle went down was good, too, though I must say that there was a lot in this film that was just not easy to watch, that is just that. Then there was the chicken scene, and that was really pretty messed up, in all honesty. Dammit, why? The movie is unconventional, and I wouldn’t suggest you watch it with your parents/kids, it could get a little awkward. There is some pretty dark humour at times, and then there is a lot that gets uncomfortable, too. The performances are definitely worth checking out though! It is not something that I will be checking out again in a hurry in the near future, and I would definitely not recommend this to those that cannot look past the disturbing aspects of the film to see the content of it.

41 thoughts on “Review: Killer Joe (2011)

  1. I loved Killer Joe mostly because it kind of decided it was going to be fucked up and then just went for it 100% balls to the wall. I am also a big Emile Hirsch fan.


  2. Everybody is great here, but it’s McConaughey who clearly walks away with this movie. So glad to see him back to his old ways of choosing good, meaty-roles that allow him to do anything, and everything that made us love him in the first place. Good review Zoe.


    1. He is fantastic, but bear in mind there are some seriously awkward moments here… then again, you could probably hack it and not bat an eye 😛


      1. just saw it. yes, quite disturbing. I must have missed the part which said Dottie was 12. she looked older. I think Iif I would’ve caught that line, it would have been even more disturbing than I it was (if that’s possible) 🙂

        Thanks fpr bumping it up my list!


      2. Oh goodness, that really just… YUCK! Hahahaha.

        I think it’s a pleasure? 😛 Fantastic performances all round but some rather disturbing content!


  3. Dearest JB,

    I LOVED this movie. Like Abbi said, it’s 100% balls to the wall and I loved it for that! Very IPC-y.

    My love,



  4. Hmm… I don’t know about this one. Does sound odd! And I’ve heard about the chicken scene. WTF? And the other stuff you’ve mentioned… I think I’d find too much in this too offensive. Hmmm… ! But great review. : )


    1. Yeah this one is a bit nuts. My brother and a friend watched this recently and they were like WTF. That chicken scene is freaking awkward!!! It is pretty offensive, though the performances are fantastic!


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