Top Ten Movies: Liam Does Film

Another great top ten list was submitted to me by Liam over at Liam Does Film, and it is a fantastic list in my opinion! If you don’t already follow Liam, head on over to his site right now to check out some wonderful reviews and film discussions!

Should you be interested in submitting a Top Ten list, draw up a list of either your top ten personal favourite movies or a top ten list by a specific genre/theme and send it along to me at Hope to see a few more lists!

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It is very hard to narrow down your favourite films; this following list changed a number of times. I chose films which I have seen a number of times, but yet they still impress and amaze me on each viewing and have become a mild addiction. If you haven’t seen a film on this list I urge you to, as all of them play with your emotions whether they make you laugh, shiver or cry; with some making you do all three.

10: Se7en (1995)

I have seen Se7en a great number of times, it holds a fantastic story and has one of the greatest villains of all time, in John Doe.  It has everything, those tense scenes where you don’t know what to even do, those little pieces of funny dialogue and even graphical horror-like gory scenes. It is a classic, and I think my favourite from Fincher, a really talented man.

9: Die Hard (1988)

die hard

I think many people disregard Die Hard films after the development of a somewhat ageing and dragging franchise, however the place where it all started is beyond amazing. Die Hard is a classic action film, Willis at his best, comedy at its best, explosions, Russians and lots of gunfire. It is a film which can be watched over and over again and yet the lines YIPEE KAY YAY MOTHERFUCKER will get the same reaction each time.

8: Reservoir Dogs (1992)


One of Tarantino’s first and one of his best, it has a sexy feel to it, with a great story. It’s violent, bloody but funny and holds some of the best quotes ever spoken in film.  The soundtrack is a classic with its all 70’s hits, whilst their inclusion within the film is brilliant, making the ear cutting scene something of pure genius.

7: Intouchables (2011)


I don’t watch too many foreign made and language films but this is my favourite, a heart-warming feel good story which deserves all its praise. Anyone who hasn’t seen this, or has been put off by it being French; I can only encourage you to experience a film which you will never forget.

6: Full Metal Jacket (1987)

Kubrick is my favourite auteur and the man shows his genius here, in which is my favourite war film. Although it might seem to be a film of all guns and fighting, the most memorable parts are the most touching and heart-felt moments. I also think Drill Sergeant Ermey is one of favourite ever film characters, with his lines being unforgettable and iconic as he torments the squad, “THE BEST PART OF YOU ROLLED DOWN YOUR MOTHERS CRACK AND LEFT A STAIN ON THE MATTRESS”

5: The Shining (1970)


My favourite horror film and another Kubrick classic which holds the best use of sound and some of the most iconic scenes ever shot. The sound spooks me out, especially Danny’s tricycle whilst the twins and the content of room 237 all play there horrible part. The steadicam chase scene is brilliant whilst HERESSS JONNY is of course classical. The trailer to this is too brilliant, as the blood flows from the walls; it is a different kind of horror.

4: Pulp Fiction (1994)

“You know what they call a Big Mac in France? Le Big Mac” The cast to Pulp Fiction is beyond belief with so many great names which essentially pays off and creates a classic and brilliant film. The complex story is masterful whilst once again Tarantino creates a fun violent film with a great soundtrack. I remember watching this for the first time and finding it amazing, and being completely blown away from the most unexpected death ever.

3: The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

A film which is no doubt top of many peoples list, it is just a beautifully told and crafted story. I remember watching the little piece of stone smash through Andy’s poster and gulping, it was such a great moment.  Simply a classic!

2: Drive (2011)


Refn doesn’t get too much credit for his work, but Drive is surely a film which should be regarded as an all-time and modern great. The sexy feel to this film, it’s just amazing! Ryan Gosling as the Driver creates for me one of my favourite ever protagonists, whilst the story of affection and ultra-violence works incredibly well. The lift scene still shocks me and stays in my mind, whilst the soundtrack is amazing! “How about this, shut your mouth before I kick in your teeth and shut it for you!”

1: Donnie Darko (2001)

A lot of people like Donnie Darko, but I went that step further, I think I have watched this film nearly twenty times and can quote the most part of it. It is just a complex and intriguing story which amazes me on every watch, the character of Donnie is brilliant whilst the twists and turns are genius.  If you haven’t seen this film, or you don’t like it, quite simply as Donnie says “Go suck a fuck, you fuckass”.



30 thoughts on “Top Ten Movies: Liam Does Film

  1. Love that Intouchables made your list! It was my top movie of that year and still one of the funniest I’ve seen – even better in my opinion that it has serious messages in there too. Great list!


  2. great list Liam.

    interesting that you have no films prior to 1980 on this list, but I agree with most of your choices. Still have never seen Intouchables or Donnie Darko


    1. You must check them out! My list was hard, I was going to include the likes of Seven Samurai (54), One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest and Clockwork Orange (72) but I haven’t watched too many “old” films due to my age (my excuse) Thanks 🙂


  3. Great list! Some very interesting choices. Intouchables is an excellent film! I’m surprised no one chose to do it for my IMDB challenge. I’ll have to if no one does. : ) Shawshank is top of my list and it’s funny – when I wrote a little bit about Intouchables, I called it the French Shawshank as far as the male friendship thing goes. And I love love love The Shining as well. Good job! : )


  4. YIPEE KAY YAY Great list Luke! I liked a lot of your choices here, only one I didn’t enjoy was Drive. I just didn’t care for it all that much. I could fill half of my top 10 list with Tarantino flicks. The best! What do they call the quarter pounder? Le Royal with cheese 🙂


  5. Great list, Liam. I haven’t seen all of them, and I don’t love The Shining or Full Metal Jacket as much as you do, but I agree with many of your selections, most especially Se7en. Such a great film, that one.


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