Review: Lake Mungo (2008)

lake mungo

“Alice kept secrets.She kept the fact that she kept secrets a secret.” 
Kim Whittle

In 2008 in Ararat, Australia, Alice Palmer (Talia Zucker) drowns at a dam while out with her family. Naturally they are devastated, but they cannot find her and a massive search and rescue party is deployed. A few days later her corpse is recovered. Her father, Russell Palmer (David Pledger), identifies it, though her mother June (Rosie Traynor) and brother Mathew (Martin Sharpe) are not present. Soon after she has been buried, strange things start to happen in the house, though initially they are chalked up to termites, wind, etc. Eventually, though, they are presented with proof that starts to make them rethink their daughter’s death. In a documentary, the Palmers lay bare their story of the loss of their daughter, the odd things in the house, the discoveries they made about Alice, the bizarre photos that depicted a ghost, as well as working with a psychic to uncover whether or not Alice had moved on.

lake mungo

What is going on in the Palmer home? What happened to Alice? What does all the photographic and video evidence mean? What are they to do about it all?

lake mungo body removal

GRADE 6Here’s another one for the found footage run I have been having. I am not quite sure how I feel about this movie. On one hand, it was really well constructed, and it kept you involved, though it really looked like an exceptionally well shot documentary. It is a slow burn, which is not an issue for me, I like a slow burn more often than not. The subject material took a long time to be introduced, but it was systematic, so I liked that. When everything finally gets underway, it resonates with a sort of creepy that stays with you for a while. It is chilling without anything actually being in your face scary, yet it stays with you. The effects were relatively well done for what it was, and the actors were very good to carry to mock documentary feel, giving it a sense of realism. The concept they played with was pretty good, and there is this section at the end that in some ways made the watch totally worth it, and on the other hand it was ludicrous. There were quite a few things that were left open to question after this all, too, and some things at the conclusion were just a little bit pointless and felt like they were trying to sell some gag. Overall, definitely one of the better found footage films, though I can see it is going to divide some people. My other half, for instance, he absolutely hated everything about this movie.


37 thoughts on “Review: Lake Mungo (2008)

  1. ALways a battle with your two halves!! Haha I like the last line there, that’s funny shizz.

    I like these kinds of eerie whodunnit kinda documentaries, though will definitely admit they can be kinda flimsy sometimes. Looks like this might be one of em? Good review!!! 🙂


    1. Tom,

      I really like this movie – I bet you’d like it. I know Mistress Zoe got pissed about this one part (which was stupid) but if you can get over it – this is pretty good…..


    2. LOL!

      It’s not that it missed that, it was going just fine until this one thing was let out the bag, and it was like whaaaaaa???? But if you ignore that then it is just fine.


    1. It was interesting then made a bad fumble, but if you can overlook that then it is fine. It isn’t awful, but I can see people either loving it or hating it. I get the growing tired of the found footage thing, it’s been seriously overplayed.


  2. Dearest JBSB,

    You know I liked this one – quite a bit 🙂 I’m glad you gave it a go!! The end credits thing made the whole movie for me 🙂




    1. Dearest SSC,

      I know that you were quite taken with this one! I did, and I didn’t hate it 😀 Yeah I really liked what they did with it over there!




    1. Thanks Adam. Yeah, it was a really well laid out documentary style FF, and I liked it, there were just some iffy issues later on, but they can be overlooked. Would love to hear what you think about this!


    1. LOOOOOOOOOOOOL! Oh man, it can get insane. You totally get it. Which way did it go with the O’s in terms of World War Z? I HAVE TO KNOW NOW!!!!


      1. I really liked it and he thought everyone involved should suffer a fiery death. We both read the book but it’s just about his favourite book so I could kind of separate the two but he felt like a work of art had been destroyed.


      2. I love the way you wrote this hahahahaha! Oh wow, sounds like it had you guys properly divided. I have yet to read the book… you reckon I should give it a go?

        I freaking hate feeling like that about a movie destroying a book, so I can totally get where he is coming from. MEH.


  3. Y’know, I’ve been wanting to check out this one since last year since someone recommended it to me, but I can’t find it anywhere! Lol. Haven’t looked in a while, though. Maybe I’ll have better luck this time. It doesn’t sound like the best movie ever, but I might still give it a shot…with minimal expectations. Lol. Great review, lady!


    1. Thanks a million lady! Hmmmm, go hunting again, maybe you have better luck this time. Certainly not the worst movie of all time, I can think of many other ones to waste your time on. I want to know what you think of this!


      1. I have come to the place where for some, I have no choice (this is South Africa dammit). I spend a fortune on originals though, so I feel I do my part.


    1. Are you going to shoot it down cause he liked it?! It wasn’t bad (I didn’t think anyhow), but there was something I had an issue with. But aside from that it is worth checking out.


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