Movie Bloggers Roundtable

I was honoured to be able to participate in Keith’s Movie Bloggers Roundtable, where we were asked which was the best decade for movies. Head on over to see the responses!

Keith & the Movies

BANNERThe Movie Bloggers Roundtable is a feature where I join up with four esteemed movie bloggers and we share our thoughts on a certain subject. Everyone on the panel will share their thoughts and feelings on the topic of the day and then we share them with you. The panel may change from post to post and hopefully we will get a wide range and interesting mix of opinions and perspectives.

Today’s roundtable discussion is inspired by my pal Ruth over at FlixChatter (one of the absolute best movie blogs around). It’s a question that I found incredibly intriguing and it had me thinking on it for several days afterwards. It deals with the different decades and the movies that defined them. Joining me for this roundtable is Zoe from The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger, Michael from It Rains…You Get Wet, Cindy from, and…

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8 thoughts on “Movie Bloggers Roundtable

      1. Dearest JB,

        Being more of a horror and Sci-Fi guy, I’m probably not qualified to comment on that post. I did love what you wrote though 🙂 I’d probably pick the 70s 🙂




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