Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon: Young and Innocent (1937) – Movie Rob


My partner Rob is still churning out Hitchcock reviews at an alarming rate! For the 20th review for our Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon, I give you Young and Innocent!

young and innocent

Young and Innocent (1937), also known as The Girl Was Young, once again was proof that Hitchcock was moving in the right direction with his film making.

The plot is a simple one where a young man who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, is mistakenly accused of murdering a woman found along the beach.

The evidence can’t prove whether he did it or not, so in order to try and prove his innocence, he flees the courthouse in order to find the real killer.

Along the way, he convinces a young woman who happens to be the Police Chief’s daughter to help him in his quest for proof of his innocence.

A few of Hitchcock’s best films deal with wrongly accused people and this one, although by far not his best work, still keeps our attention throughout.

This movie somewhat reminded me of The Fugitive (1993) with Harrison Ford in a few of the scenes.

Rating – Globe Worthy

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