Alfred Hitchcock Blogathon: Topaz (1969) – Movie Rob


Today I welcome Rob, my collaborator in this Alfred Hitchcock blogathon, and his final review of the films he was entrusted to watch is Topaz. Read on to find out what Rob thought of his last film!

topaz movie poster

For my final review of a movie for our Alfred Hitchcock blogathon, I watched Topaz.

This thriller is based om a novel by Leon Uris who wrote some great books partially based on true events including Exodus, Mila 18, QB VII, Battle Cry, Trinity and The Haj.

I never read this novel, but the premise intrigued me quite a bit.

The story revolves around a French spy who tries to uncover what is going on in Cuba right before the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962.

As a spy thriller the plot moves along pretty slowly but if you wait it out, you will discover some very interesting twists and turns.

I liked the dual nature of the espionage portrayed and the fact that there were two stories taking place at once.

Hitchcock who was known for not always getting along so well with his writers clashed with Uris causing him to leave mid production leaving some scenes to be written right before being shot.

Hitchcock was criticized for not casting known stars on this film but I actually think that it works better this way.

I think this kind of spy thriller worked better in the 60’s, but is still enjoyable to watch now.

I think, that I’d actually be interested in now reading the novel this was based on.

Rating – Globe Worthy

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