Review: Tell Me Your Dreams – Sidney Sheldon

sidney sheldon tell me your dreams

SYNOPSIS: Computer whiz Ashley Patterson is convinced she is being stalked. Coworker Toni Prescott has a penchant for Internet dating and little time for anyone else. And Alette Peters prefers quiet weekends in the arms of a beefcake artist. They know virtually nothing about each other–until the three women are linked by a murder investigation that will lead to one of the most bizarre trials of the century. – via Goodreads


GRADE 7.5I read this book when I was younger and I remember the whole concept of multiple personalities fascinated me endlessly. This novel was set out relatively well, too. Very typical Sheldon style in the sense that it flows, it is an exceptionally fast read, the sections are short, so nothing too much to absorb at any given moment, and typically the characters are there to convey the story more than anything else. It was funny to read about the whole computer section to me, it seems to have been a relatively new thing then, as well as the internet. I understand the time that it was written in and all, just strange to see it all referred to in such unfamiliar terms, and with so much explanation, when it is almost so commonplace now. One thing that Sheldon did again in here (and he does it in so many of his other books) is writing in another language, with no translation, or any reply to indicate what was said. I absolutely hate it when authors write like that. It is very frustrating, and as I said, Sheldon is very prone to it. It’s almost as though the author is flaunting their prowess of another language and damn you if you can’t keep yup with them. I really don’t like it. Tell Me Your Dreams is quite an interesting read, and is sure to keep you stuck to it, if only to see how it turns out. The start of the book is a little rocky, as though he were struggling for purchase of where to start, but it all came together in the end. I was very happy to read through the courtroom drama bit, I find that to be captivating. If you are not into courtroom dramas, do not worry, it is not too intense, you will fly through the few chapters dedicated to it, it is not in depth, and comprises a relatively small section of the book (about a third). If you have never read a Sidney Sheldon novel before, this is one that I could highly recommend.

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