Book Challenge 2015

book challenge

Yep, really looks like this will be a never-ending series! I know I just finished posting for last year, and I know I said that I was only going to be able to do thirty and ended up doing fifty last year, but this year I don’t know if I can hit fifty – got some big, scary subjects coming up and my brain is going to be needed. Desperately. Plus if I can wrangle it, I will be doing my practical section for my studies, too. Anyway, this year I am going to put it at thirty again and we will see if I surpass that at all (but secretly I will be pushing for fifty again at least – shhhhhhh).

If there are any recommendations, please give me a shout, I will try to get to them. I still have a few books lingering on my to-read list from a few suggestions last year, but I will get to them (sometimes it takes time :P).

Thanks to everyone who reads my reviews and gives me recommendations, I truly appreciate it!

23 thoughts on “Book Challenge 2015

  1. Ooh I have loads of recommendations:
    Code Name Verity
    The Night Circus
    Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell (which I think I have mentioned before)
    The Song of Achilles
    A Prayer of Owen Meany
    Eleanor and Park
    The Rosie Project…

    I will think of more…

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    1. Oooooooh thanking you kindly lady! I will put these on a list.

      I remember reading something you wrote somewhere about Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell!


  2. Exciting!

    Okay, so I’m fairly certain you left me a comment somewhere on DSB asking me about a book I had suggested to you some time ago, I think around last summer. I am pretty sure it was you. Lol.

    The title of said book was ‘Being Written,’ it’s a small, super-digestible thing from William Conescu that I quite enjoyed. The use of point-of-view is really unique and I think you’ll like it. Happy reading. Hope you can find it.

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