Review: The Guest (2014)

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“I’m a soldier, man. I like guns.”
– David

SYNOPSIS: A soldier introduces himself to the Peterson family, claiming to be a friend of their son who died in action. After the young man is welcomed into their home, a series of accidental deaths seem to be connected to his presence. – via IMDB

the guest

Ryan and Eric were heavily propagating that I get to this movie. Relentlessly. I even dealt with dead-friendship threats, which was insane. Needless to say, we can all still be friends here… I think… right, Ryan?? Can we still be friends??

GRADE 9Wow. Just wow. I mean I know I read a lot of good reviews on this and all, but just wow. I was a huge fan of The Guest. Just about everything in this film worked on so many levels. Dan Stevens gave a simply phenomenal and chilling performance as David, which is so important to the movie that you can almost base it all on that. It is wonderful to watch him transform, how important his whole facade is, and how he handles the ever-changing situations around him.

I thought it highly amusing how Stevens was so intentionally sexualised in the film. I liked that for a change, for science, you know? Also, it just made his character so much creepier. It is not that this premise has never ever been heard of (though there was a pretty cool twist later), it’s just that it was handled incredibly well. The score is something my other half specifically commented on, something he never does, which is why I am mentioning it – to highlight how well it worked itself into the movie, and how important it was. It was so perfectly suited.

the guest hmmm

The Guest has great pacing, starting slowly, deliberately putting all the pieces into place, progressively becoming darker as the time of the film ticks along, and it draws you in. It is so tense, and you get so involved with what was happening. With a solid foundation of story, it really makes the third act that much more fascinating, entertaining and grand. I think this movie is a great mashup of horror meets thriller.

All the actors worked together really well and the movie was littered with performances that were an asset to the picture as a whole. Brendan Meyer excelled at the emo-shift of the hair and was a pitiable but smart character (except when it was important), and Maika Monroe impressed me quite a bit with her portrayal of Anna. The friendship/mentorship that came up between Luke and David was totally worth watching, too. Got a few smiles out of that one. While there are predictable moments, they are handled with style, making this an undeniably entertaining watch.

the guest more hmmmm

I wish I knew how to articulate how much I enjoyed this movie and why anyone should watch it! I loved how they managed to work in the Halloween aspect to this, but that it never became super important or overly-gimmicky, and that a lot of stupid crap was not shoehorned into this movie because why not? Wingard and Barrett nailed that deliberate cheese and the self-aware tongue-in-cheek moments, I must say. I enjoyed Broyles Major Carver dropping everything to rush and to check out the David situation, you know stuff is about to go down, and let me just tell you that you are massively rewarded for it. The Guest is bloody, violent, thrilling, and I love, love, love it. It is definitely going to get numerous repeat watches from me!

55 thoughts on “Review: The Guest (2014)

  1. Glad you liked it Zoe, I thought it was excellent. I think mainly because it’s tongue seemed to be firmly in it’s cheek most of the time. It kind of revelled in being stupid in places which just made it appealing. I loved the final shot as well!

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    1. Dearest SSC,

      Hell yeah it did! In fact, I wanted to start it up now but the day is so close to over. Maybe I watch it this evening… otherwise it is tomorrow’s baby!




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  2. WHOA!!! Loving the screen shots of Dan Stevens here, YOWZA!! I loved him as baby-faced Edward Ferrars in BBC Sense & Sensibility & also Downton Abbey but hey, bring on BAD ASS DAN! 😛

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    1. They are certainly doing the job they intended 😉 He is freaking great at this badass thing. I have to see him in more stuff, he impressed the hell out of me!


    1. It’s a damn fine time Tom, would love to hear your thoughts. Well, I would like to add him to my upcoming birthday wishlist… the movie, of course. *innocent whistle*


  3. Great review, you summarised it really well 🙂 I agree about the soundtrack, it really hit you! I’d love it on CD but I think they only have it on MP3 download at the moment… BOO!

    Your review is great and I don’t just mean the words…..

    Wow………those pics! 😀 😀 😀

    I actually love him! I don’t give a fuck how many people he’s murdered.

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  4. Wow. I love seeing when someone loves a movie so much. I nearly went to this but was turned off by the You’re Next connection. Probably way too violent for me (I’m a wuss) but I’m glad you loved it! 🙂

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    1. I really adored this. Well, I was no fan of You’re Next, but I loved this, so you might, too. There isn’t as much blood and gore in this as you would be thinking, so do look into it. I freaking loved it and think the world must watch it hahahaha.

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