Review: Eclipse – Stephenie Meyer

eclipse cover stephenie meyer

Twilight #3

Bella Swan and her vampire boyfriend Edward Cullen are finally back together after an exceptionally unsuccessful breakup. This works them out well, but it absolutely crushes werewolf Jacob Black’s heart. He is Bella’s best friend and he is hopelessly in love with her. Bella’s dad, Charlie, grounded her after disappearing when she went to save Edward’s life in Italy, though he does not know this. Jacob is not taking any of Bella’s calls, and Charlie is being totally nasty to Edward, though he deserves it all. In an attempt to get Bella grounded to prevent her seeing Edward, Jacob brings the motorcycle he fixed up for her home. He soon establishes that that is not the reason that she has not been to see him.

Bella, meanwhile, is desperate to see Jacob again, to find a way to be his friend. Edward will not let her anywhere near the La Push reservation where Jacob stays, though she truly wants to fix things. This ends up with her launching an escape to spend time with Jacob. Bella and Edward argue furiously over this, until such time as Edward sees that he cannot force her to leave her friend behind, never mind the fact that the vampires and werewolves are sworn enemies. Things go so much better for Bella after this agreement is reached, though she still has to deal with Jacob, who is constantly making his feelings for her clear. Graduation is coming up, and much to Edward’s chagrin, the rest of the Cullen family took a vote on Bella’s wish for immortality to be with Edward forever and have decided that Carlisle will turn her after graduation. This adds more friction between her and Jacob.

It seems that someone is hunting Bella again, and the Cullens are worried that it is the Volturi, coming back to see if the Cullens have kept their word and turned Bella. Whoever it is is making sure that Alice, Edward’s sister with the gift of seeing the future, does not see who is doing what and where. Edward is desperate to keep Bella mortal for as long as possible, and proposes that he will turn her himself on the condition that she marry him. Ultimately she gives into this demand, though she is extremely upset. In Seattle, there is a huge problem with a bunch of newborn vampires being made. Soon it becomes clear that the newborns are likely to launch an attack against the Cullens, and that Bella seems to be the target. Jacob is anxious, and his pack gets involved, a truce is being spoken about.

Will the werewolves and vampires stand together? Who is coming for Bella? Are they also responsible for the newborn army of vampires that is being bred in Seattle? Will Jacob and Edward ever get over their rift? Will Jacob ever accept the fact that Bella is with Edward and off limits? Will their friendship endure? What will Jacob do when he hears about the fact that Edward and Bella are to be married? Will he ever accept that she has requested to be turned?

GRADE 5It just so happens that I have somehow managed to drag my way through three of these things. I am going to chalk it up to the fact that you can read one of these in an afternoon. But alright. Also, as soon as I accepted what the hell I was reading, it didn’t totally piss me off anymore, it reduced to an irritation at best. Eclipse was infinitely better than that piece of garbage New Moon, so that’s saying something. Meyer’s writing has improved a bit here, but I can still not say that she is a particularly good writer. There is just too much that gets on my nerves. Obviously Bella and Edward can never just be happy, and I am so over her referencing classics. She has not written a classic, that is all. I enjoyed it a bit more when the stupid jealousy thing between Jacob and Edward reached a place that it was manageable, though I honestly think that Bella acts like a freaking child and then has the gall to get all peevish about things when they don’t go her way. I don’t know how Meyer can still claim that Bella is a mature girl for her age – I think she’s like an obsessing rugrat. But whatever. I was also a little fazed by the way that Charlie was alright with Jacob kissing Bella, though she was obviously superbly unimpressed by it seeing as she broke her hand trying to get him off of her. That just didn’t sit right with me – like your daughter has actually seriously hurt herself in an upset, don’t humour the guy she broke her hand on. I know this is going to sound mad, but hear me out. I think there is zero passion in the relationship between Bella and Edward, which makes this all the more irritating to read about seeing as there is nothing in the relationship to sort of draw you in or interest you. It’s hollow. Then she’s gotta beg for sex… like there are two sides to this story, I get it. He wants to get married, she is adversely against it in the absolute extreme, he is forcing her hand on that, and she wants to get laid. It was so freaking annoying, that is all. I seriously am over Jacob flipping between being a toolbag and being nice, but I also think Bella needs to get the hell over herself. One or the other, stop dragging everyone along with it. There was nothing revolutionary about the plot but I did like reading more about Jasper. He is one of my favourite characters. It amuses me that Meyer manages to write really good supporting characters, but her mains just lack a bit, you know?

27 thoughts on “Review: Eclipse – Stephenie Meyer

      1. I don’t know how you managed that. I’m still in the middle of the last book and I actually liked the first part and was ok with the second and third. But the last one is just abysmal.

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  1. You know I never really got Edward’s massive appeal. He seemed so serious and controlled and not very much fun at all. Jasper is brilliant though. He’d definitely be the Cullen I’d be after. Reading your reviews and thinking back I am realising I was much more interested in Meyer’s mythology than the actual central relationship.

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    1. I agree with you. Edward is so bland and controlling and weird. Jasper? He is awesome! Again, we are on the same page. There was some much better stuff going on in there as opposed to the relationship.


  2. I seriously cannot wait for the next review. Breaking Dawn is complete and utter shit. Hahaha. This is probably the best of them–though it’s pretty telling that you gave the best of them a 5, huh? Lol. That’s a good point about the supporting characters–I was way more interested in the rest of the Cullens than Edward and Bella. Except Rosalie. She always kinda blew…

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    1. Teehee, well then I hope I do not disappoint! Yeah wow, these things were a bit rough for me, but I made it! They all had way more potential! Rosalie sucked, but I liked her back story. And then nothing more was done… typical.

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  3. Serious fair play to you Zoë, not just for reading them, but for actually REVIEWING them too. Gaahhh. I remember reading them all in a weekend, and once I’d finished I just put the book down and asked the room: WHAT WAS THE POINT TO ALL THAT?

    I suppose the point was so that I knew what everyone else was talking about. But anyway, yeah, I hated Edward and Bella. There were actually a couple of characters I rather liked (the other Cullens), the same as you. I can’t wait to read what you thought of the last one, because that was just completely ridiculous.


    1. Ugh, ending it all I was just like “Seriously, that’s what all the hype is about?!” – PAINFUL.

      It seems the general consensus is that the last one is wretched, so we will see this week what I felt about that one 😛 That relationship was the most frustrating thing of all time. YUCK.


      1. And this is the kind of relationship that young girls (and fully-grown women, too!?) aspire to have? I’m so glad that there are women out there with more than a few brain cells in their heads and as such can differentiate between reality and fantasy, and can see the WEIRDNESS of that relationship. It’s kind of silly to get worked up over it but to be honest, I just love a good Twilight rant. 😛

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      2. Nothing wrong with loving a good Twilight rant. Trust me, especially after having read the books now, my tangents have gotten worse. The feminist in me just has a total fit at the best of times. The worst is that it is young girls reading about this, and somewhere in their minds they are like that is what they want in a man (What?! A stalker?! A control freak?! No way!). So really… a toxic relationship. Okay, I can see you and I can make this quite the essay hahaha!

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      3. It’s so hard not to, isn’t it? 😀 I mean come on… the guy full on stalks her. He sneaks in through her window AND WATCHES HER SLEEP. Wtf. I can just picture him in ten years wearing an off-white wife-beater shirt and telling her she can’t go out with her friends and that her clothes are inappropriate. Scratch that, that wouldn’t even take ten years. Girls are so weird.

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    1. You know?! Natasha and I both said these things are like a soap opera… you cannot differentiate between where things are supposed to be changing hahaha!


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