Film Club: Porky’s

This month for Film Club we reviewed Porky’s, head on over to What About The Twinkie to see how we all felt about it!

I might not have been a fan at all… but did anyone else share my views?

what about the twinkie


For this months edition of Film Club, new member Eric from the IPC was forced into picking our film for July. Keeping to type, Eric chose something trashy and full of debauchery, Porky’s. Below are his reasons for picking Porky’s followed by everyone’s thoughts on the cult comedy.

I’ve been reading these group posts for a while now and when Kieron asked me to join the club, it came with a debt – I had to choose the movie for this month. I went and looked at all of the older films they’ve talked about and thought I might lighten it up a bit, but I was very nervous being the new guy and choosing something not…. “prolific” so to speak…. I mean, most of what I write about at my place is not prolific whatsoever and it’s mostly crap movies and even crappier writing.

So…. having received my…

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11 thoughts on “Film Club: Porky’s

  1. I read this yesterday but had a massive migraine so didn’t comment. Your review was HILARIOUS, Zoe!!!! So. Much. Hatred. Lol! I love when you get really angry about a movie. 😉 Can’t say I’ve seen this since the 80s but am sure I’d find it very offensive now. There are certain 80s films I’ve watched for the first time in recent times & I’ve been like “GOD that’s offensive…”. Mostly, they’re sexist. I watched one the other day like that & it really annoyed me. Back in the 70s & 80s, sexism was just a part of how life WAS, I think, so no one really realized it (even women). Things seem to be improving (slowly….).

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    1. Oh shame! That sucks, hope you are feeling better lady! I am glad that I provided you with some entertainment, migraine and all!

      Well, let’s hope they continue to improve, it is bad. What did you watch that was so annoying?

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      1. Oh, it wasn’t something overtly offensive like Porky’s. It was Used Cars but the female characters were only there to be a pair of tits, you know? And two women had their boobs grabbed (unwanted grabs). Like “honk!”. That sort of thing. I’ll bitch about that if I ever get around to reviewing it! Lol

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      2. Ugh. I hate that in a movie. It annoys me endlessly. ARGH! I am with you on how horrible that is!

        I would love to hear you review it 😉


  2. I really had a good chuckle reading your reaction to it. I think I might like it (I’m a guy and all, sue me 😉 ), but I also think some of these genre films really can overdo some of their scenes. 😀

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