Rapid Review: Lamb of God – Killadelphia (2005)

lamb of god killadelphia cover

SYNOPSIS: Killadelphia is a 2005 live DVD from US metal band Lamb of God, released on Epic Records and shot and directed by Doug Spangenberg. – via Wikipedia

GRADE 8.5Alrighty, so this is definitely not something I have done before, reviewing a music DVD. I suppose this also has to do with the fact that I don’t watch as many of them as I used to. However, I have seen both Terror and Hubris as well as Walk With Me In Hell, and both were excellent DVDs, and this one I have been itching to check out for a while. Well, after all this time, I finally got to it, and it was well worth the watch. It is interesting to see how much lead vocalist Randy Blythe has changed over the years. I cannot blame the band for the drama they were having – Randy was out of hand, offensive, and way too wasted way too often  and he was pretty messed up with his band mates. I loved the concert footage that was used throughout the DVD, and I had an absolute blast with the behind the scenes footage that was laced throughout the concert footage. There were some hilarious scenes, and it all came together very well. After briefly glimpsing the massive fight from Killadelphia between Randy and Mark in 2008’s Walk With Me In Hell, I was really curious to see how that came about. As insane as it was, there was so much more to see on this DVD, and too many people fixate on that, as though there is nothing else here to see. I really enjoyed seeing the band on the road, and how they spoke about how it is fun, but it is difficult and rough, too. People think rock stars and only see glamour and perfection all the time, but it isn’t always this (saying this as a the girlfriend of a band member once upon a time, there is a lot going on). There are difficulties to deal with every day, and this shows the band going through all their things. I also loved how, no matter the obstacles they were presented, the band carried on, doing their best, pushing forward. I have been listening to Lamb of God for a while now, and I was extremely fortunate to have seen them in January last year when they played South Africa (can you believe it?!). This is a pretty good DVD, and it was immensely entertaining. It also didn’t feel too long, and it was a great show. Lamb of God has phenomenal stage presence backed with good music – they sure know how to put on a show! There were cool little tidbits revealed throughout, too, and it’s things like that that I enjoy. For a fan, or for a metalhead, check out Killadelphia, truly worth your time!

I can’t find an official trailer, which does not shock or surprise me, but here is one I am assuming a fan made.

11 thoughts on “Rapid Review: Lamb of God – Killadelphia (2005)

  1. Nice review. I’m a huge metalhead and Lamb of God is one of my all-time favorite bands. This is a great movie for sure, I’d recommend checking out As The Palaces Burn if you haven’t seen it, it goes into great detail about Randy’s trial.

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    1. Hell yeah! They are freaking awesome, so glad to have another fan around 🙂 I recently got my hands on As The Palaces Burn, been looking forward to seeing it for more details, there wasn’t much information around on what happened at the time!


      1. Gotta say it is a damn fine album. Some people flipped because of Randy’s clean vocals in Overlord and made such a big deal of it, then I went and checked it out and it sure isn’t worth the negativity thrown at it. It’s just different. Still Echoes is a brilliant track, been hooked on that one.


      2. Yeah, I could understand that but it’s not like LoG are going Load/Reload on us. Storm Und Drang is a heavy album for sure and just about every track kicks major ass.

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