Review: Scream (1996)

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SYNOPSIS: A group of teens are pitted against a masked murderer that tests their knowledge of horror movies. – via IMDB

Originally I had these lined up for a JB & The Chop collaboration, but extenuating circumstances meant that the outing would have to be cancelled. These have long been lined up for publication for the next few Fridays, and I was quite sad to see of Wes Craven’s passing on Sunday. What a pity, and the man gave us a lot of great horrors, slashers, and thrillers over the years. There would never be a more perfect time to line these up, and so they have become tribute posts.

Popping this in, as much as my other half was calling out how lame this was and how cheesy  and stupid, I have to admit that I had a total blast. Why? Not only because I grew up watching this, but as I got older, I could finally appreciate some specific aspects of these movies. When I was a kid, it was just about some weird mask and terrorizing teenagers and being different from other horror movies yet completely the same. I am older now, wiser. What this movie is, is actually a stroke of genius. Why? Because it mocks on horror movies, does its thing, conforms and teases and jokes.


In a quick way, it is fresh. Different. Goodness knows it has been ripped off from here to Kingdom Come, and it has endured a lot of mockery and cheese on its own, but when you get right down to it, Scream still holds up well after all this time. In fact, it holds up brilliantly. I swear I damn near wore the VHS out when I was a kid, I watched this movie so many times, checked it out of the video store a ton more.

scream sidney

The opening scene for this movie is infamous. We all know it. Or, if you don’t, I am not quite sure where you have been. A creepy, weird phone call to Drew Barrymore? Check. A strange conversation that starts as funny and goes sour, quickly? Check. The popcorn on the stove that she is prepping for a movie that is our timer? Check. A superbly grisly death by the end of all the taunting and the crazy chase? Check.  Totally just one of those movies that was going to nail all the things I love in a film, and handles the delicate balance so well. This movie could have bombed, but it didn’t because there is a certain finesse behind it that just makes it all come together wonderfully.

Scream is so nineties, there is no way to get around that, but on the other hand, that just gives rise to all the nostalgia I feel when I watch that. Not because the nineties were anything to write home about or anything, but that was my decade, rugrat that I was and all.

scraem randy meeks bullshit reason

Scream is smarter than it is given credit for, and is constantly aware of what it is and how it is going about doing it. I find that awesome. It doesn’t get old, it doesn’t get boring, and it isn’t stale. It has an idea, and it runs with it, and is highly successful about it, too.

scream 1 bad movies

I was a big fan of the Freddy Krueger nod that was in here, as well as the way it was implemented. I had a pretty good laugh, especially seeing as it was Wes Craven in that outfit 🙂

scream fred

While looking for the above, I found this… LOL!


Anyway, I also really liked the casting. I mean, half these people you don’t see in movies anymore, though they were pretty popular in the nineties. They all did a good job with what they were given.

They made me laugh, they made me roll my eyes and cringe, but they also had me invested in what was going to happen and how things were going to play out.

scream rules

I feel for Skeet Ulrich – gosh, imagine getting a name like that as a kid and going through school?! I just couldn’t! Anyway, he was a cutie in a real fucked up, greasy sense, but it worked. Campbell was suited for the scared young girl with issues, David Arquette is a serious favourite of mine as the adorable Deputy Dewey, and Courteney Cox was perfect for the bitchy, sharky reporter. Seriously, like no qualms.

scream gale and kenny

The movie is quotable, too, and played off on a lot of movie clichés that had been seen a million times then, and have been seen a million more since. However, they all just seemed to be done so differently here, which is awesome.

I know he is doing only the most fucked up shit here, but he is damn fine while doing it :/ There’s something just slightly too erotic about the corn syrup licking and knife flicking…

billy loomis scream corn syrupskeet billy we all go a little mad sometimesbill scream knife hot

I know I am not alone in my sentiments. I think. I hope. I actually don’t even care. Yep bestie, me and the psychos again…

If you can’t tell from all the points above, I am a huge fan of Scream, it’s smart, it’s great fun and definitely worth watching! Thanks to Wes Craven for having given us something so awesome!

33 thoughts on “Review: Scream (1996)

  1. Im with you on wearing tape out. I watched this a bunch of times too on VHS and then I saw that a director’s cut Laserdisc in wide screen was available and I got giddy because it had commentary from Wes Craven. Scream doesnt feel dated and im sure that this generation could watch it and still enjoy it. Great post

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  2. Hey Zoe! Nice to be back catching up on your blog. I used to love this movie and yes it is so damn 90’s. I am glad that you can appreciate now that you are older and wiser. haha Seriously Skeet Ulrich was so hot and what the hell happened to him?!

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    1. OMG! LADY! YOU ARE ALIVE! Hahahahahaha I am so glad to see you around, I was wondering about you just the other day!

      This movie is awesome! Right?! Glad I am not the only one that wondered how he went from super scrumptious to where he is now… oh well. It happened somewhere…


      1. Hey chica! Yes I am alive and trying to get back into action!! As I was reading your blog I was thinking gosh I missed Zoe! Scream will never get old, it’s a classic and yes poor Skeet has gone into obscurity. lol

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  3. Great review, Zoe! 🙂 I was so sad to hear of Craven’s death. It seems that Scream means a lot to you in the same way Elm Street does to me (since I’m old). I haven’t watched this in ages but it’s a great one! Not up there with Elm Street for me, of course, but it’s a classic from Craven.

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    1. Thank you! 😦 It was so crappy. Oooooh, I freaking LOVE Elm Street, too, though this was obviously what was popular when I was a kid.

      I actually want to watch all the Elm Streets again 🙂

      You should watch this one again at the very least, plenty of fun to be had!

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  4. I really enjoyed your review! It reminded me why I love that film so much so thanks for that! Scream was one of the reasons why I love horror so much. Unfortunately, it’s rarely done as well because the majority of filmmakers are recycling poor decisions like depending jump scares. Great review.

    – Angel

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    1. Hi Angel! Thank you, I am so glad to hear that! Ah, I feel your pain 😦 So many crappy horrors being done nowadays, there’s nothing really brilliant being done anymore!

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      1. Seriously! I always get so excited and hopeful for any new horror movie that comes out.. And I just face palm at the end. Recent films that stood out for me personally were “It Follows”, “Unfriended”, and “Oculus” I am extremely looking forward to The Witch, hearing great things about that one!

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      2. I know that feeling! Let’s hope it lives up to it. I enjoyed Oculus, though I was not a fan of It Follows – it just felt disjointed, and while it started well, it just didn’t maintain itself very well. I also think that The Babadook was another recent goodie, well worth a watch.


  5. Love this one. It must be one of the horror films I’ve watched the most. I was born in ’94, so I’m sure if I was born earlier I would have worn out the VHS, too!

    I ended up watching this and watching it again with commentary the day after Craven died.

    Anyway, awesome review 🙂


    1. Thanks a mil!

      Definitely an absolutely awesome movie, we agree on that. I have never actually watched it with commentary. Maybe I should give that a shot sometime!


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