Review: Prometheus (2012)

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“How far would you go to get your answers?”
– David

SYNOPSIS: Following clues to the origin of mankind a team journey across the universe and find a structure on a distant planet containing a monolithic statue of a humanoid head and stone cylinders of alien blood but they soon find they are not alone. – via IMDB

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The first time that I watched Prometheus I was exceptionally underwhelmed. Like, to the nth degree. There are plot holes and super flaws and so many subplots that are introduced and never wrapped up, there is just too much wrong with this film to make it great. It did have a stellar cast, and they worked with what they had and did a pretty good job.

I thoroughly enjoy Idris Elba, so to see him as Captain Janek was awesome. Theron grated (har har, imagine this) on my last nerve, again, though I expected no less. Guy Pearce could certainly have been used better, I wish we had seen more of Benedict Wong’s Ravel, and Noomi Rapace did just fine as the ill-fated Shaw. I think the one actor that truly think shone from the off in this film was Michael Fassbender. His David was charming, freaky, strange, something you couldn’t quite understand, more layered than any of the other characters and his performance was excellent and consistent. I had a blast watching him.

Let’s talk about something that really bugged me in this movie: nobody bats an eye for any of the messed up stuff going on. Heck, Vickers uses a flamethrower on Holloway, killing him in front of his lover, Elizabeth Shaw, and nobody bats an eye. Then there is the whole David betrayal, again, not a word, and what about the fact that Shaw is limping around later, abdomen gashed open and all that? Nobody bats an eye or says anything. I cannot buy into it. Someone will have to ask something sooner or later, no matter what.

Pity this was one of those films that had a trailer that was infinitely better than the final product – and before people get iffy about it, it is the truth. The trailer was intense, there was so much happening, there was urgency and fear and a real dangerous problem, by the looks of it. In fact, it pretty much gave away anything and everything of interest in the movie. Now, as for the film itself? It was languishing, there were holes in the script, there were things that just did not make sense, there was nothing so completely awesome in there to blow your mind, it was slow and trundled along, never really creating serious tension or delivering anything… it was just another movie. Simple as that. No more, no less. It explored big themes, or tried to, but delivered nothing.

I didn’t hate the movie like I did the first time around (because hell, I despised it), probably because I knew what to expect this time around, but it remains extremely flawed and doesn’t really offer anything. There are places the story can be taken from here and some exceptionally interesting premises that were granted and concepts that could be a thing of beauty, but what we got from Prometheus, on its own? Nothing, nothing at all, because nothing was ultimately realised. Aside from all that, the movie was shot well and looked pretty good, and the Engineers were interesting though incredibly underutilised, though I suppose this will help set up for a sequel. Uhm… I don’t really have much else to say, so I will just end it here.

12 thoughts on “Review: Prometheus (2012)

    1. Yeah – the first time around we were so hyped, I mean that trailer promised action, intense awesomeness, so much more than the film ultimately delivered. However, after you get over that incredible let down and watch it again, there are things to appreciate.

      Maybe we will watch Alien when you visit 😀 It’s a damn fine film!

      Yes, I am lining movies up for December already!


    1. Yeah, this one missed on a lot of fronts. The story was uneven and disjointed at the best of times, and it is really jarring. Unfortunately. Still worth checking out, especially if you are a fan of the franchise!


  1. Great review, Zoe. I’ve not watched this again since seeing it in the cinema. Not sure if I’d like it better after another viewing or not. What a disappointment. 😦 Yeah, I do love my Fassbender, though! 🙂

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    1. Thanks lady! You might like it more. I HATED it the first time, but it was better this time. I think because you know you aren’t going to get a new, fancy cool Alien and that the trailer gave you everything good already, you can look at other things worth watching. Like Fassbender xD

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  2. Despite the inexcusable flaws (e.g. like how the map guy got lost)…I still love this film. I think it’s partly to do with how even though it has connections with Alien, I didn’t expect Alien and we got something new. Yes there are moments of ambiguity (maybe too much) but definitely enjoyed the journey. Visually it’s still gorgeous after multiple viewings.

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    1. Exactly, there were some awful flaws! It definitely introduced new concepts that I am looking forward to seeing explored more, that’s for sure! It is visually a beautiful film, that’s for sure. I am glad to hear that you enjoyed it so much!

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