Rapid Review: The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)

jurassic park the lost world poster“Okay, so there is another island of dinosaurs, no fences this time and you wanna send people in, very few people, on the ground? Right?”
– Dr Ian Malcolm

SYNOPSIS: With the apparent public discovery of the ‘Site B’ production island full of dinosaurs, John Hammond assembles a team to visit and document the area before it is exploited by others. Included in the four man team are Dr. Ian Malcolm and his girlfriend, Dr. Sarah Harding. When the team reaches the island, they soon discover the presence of another group of people. This new group however are not there for biological data but instead have something more sinister in mind. After a series of events, both groups become stranded when all their communication equipment is lost. It is then that the terror really begins as both groups scramble for their lives. – via IMDB

jurassic world t rex meets the city

GRADE 6.5Yes, I am aware I might catch some flak for this (but maybe not too much). Now, naturally when Jurassic Park is your predecessor, you have quite the big achievement to top. It is little wonder that, no matter how fun The Lost World is, it never hits the heights of the last one. Not that it is bad, it just cannot rival it. Anyway, to visit a new concept of an island with dinosaurs roaming freely was, of course, going to be a lot of fun. Pair that with the fact that you are bringing back the snarky Ian Malcolm, and you should have a winning recipe. You should, except that you threw in Julianne Moore’s Sarah Harding. A lot went downhill from there. What a bloody nuisance. There is no other way to look at her character at all. I mean, this is saying something because I really, really like Julianne Moore, but she worked on my nerves here. Goodness, she was silly and daft and just… no. Why?! Just, why?! A young Vince Vaughn was also entertaining, but despite all these things and a decent cast, things did not come together as well as one would hope. The movie feels like it never found its footing. Naturally a kid had to be dragged in here somewhere so that every kid in the world watching this had someone to identify with, which was great back in the day. However, now I am older and more grown up, and want to know exactly how the T-Rexes were convinced that they should just be patient, get baby, then strike back and toss them off the cliff? Not to mention (and I really, really need to know about this one) you have dinosaurs on Isla Sorna. They live there. They stay there. They won’t move. But you have flying species there, too, and no way to contain them on the island? How does this even make sense? It got a little out of  hand in places. Also, that ending felt very Man of Steel – it felt like it was over, setup for a new movie, but wait! There’s more! The T-Rex is taking the city! Oh well. Not the worst movie in the world but definitely not a highlight of Spielberg’s.

10 thoughts on “Rapid Review: The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)

  1. Hehe bestie. When I watched this the other day I really didn’t enjoy it at all. But that is a result of the first one. NOTHING tops that. But Ian Malcolm is hilarious. Moore was definitely a twat in here. But it wasn’t BAD – I agree with your rating 🙂

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  2. It was a bad idea to turn this movie into a franchise in the first place. I still enjoyed this way more then the 4th movie. I’ll take Julianne Moore’s Sarah Harding’s over Bryce Dallas Howard’s CEO character any day. Plus in the 2nd installment I only wanted the bad guys to get eaten, In the 4th one I wanted everyone to get eaten. I got most of what I wanted in The Lost World.

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  3. I actually like JPIII better. While Ian was humorous in this one, he was much better as a support character playing next to someone that was very serious, like Alan in the 1st film. That’s what made his comments and antics stand out. I also think they just tried to fit too much into this film. The San Francisco segment should have been its own movie.

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    1. I’m with you there. I didn’t really enjoy JPIII when it came out, but watching it the other day I realised it was way better than this. Yeah, that last bit could have been its own whole movie :/

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  4. Yeah, this is a pretty fair and honest take on a movie that I probably like more than I should. I completely have forgotten Julianne Moore was “the girl” thrown in and that Vince Vaughn was in it! I haven’t seen Lost World in awhile but I’d be prepared to go back and watch it now, if only to see if I haven’t just unfairly maligned Jurassic World 😉

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