Sporadic Scene: The Matrix (1999) – Lobby Shootout

This is one of those scenes that just never gets old, no matter how many times you see it. Trinity and Neo marching in to save Morpheus was one of those things that was a stroke of sheer brilliance. They were on a mission, they were prepared, they were ruthless, merciless, and wrecked that lobby to achieve their objective, and it is thrilling to watch them go for it. The implementation of this scene is flawless – the choreography, the music, the visuals? Awesome.

If you have a scene that you would like featured, drop me a mail at sporadiczoe@hotmail.com with a link to the scene and an explanation as to why.

11 thoughts on “Sporadic Scene: The Matrix (1999) – Lobby Shootout

      1. 😀 I am on the same page now! Ahhhh, they are both excellent scenes, but I am going to have to go with the lobby shootout in terms of pure action. The Trinity resurrection was more emotional, but still brilliant. I also liked the way the shootout looked more.


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