Rapid Review: Die Hard – With A Vengeance (1995)

die hard with a vengeace poster

“Why me? What does he got to do with me?”
– John McClane

SYNOPSIS: A man calling himself “Simon” begins a reign of terror in the streets of New York: he threatens to detonate bombs around the city unless Detective John McClane cooperates in a game of “Simon Says”. McClane has a bad hangover and a bad attitude, and isn’t in the mood for games, especially this one. – via IMDB

die hard 3 with a vengeance

GRADE 6.5So, this one started out and is definitely different from the previous two. Something I was not a fan of, and I don’t care what anyone says about it, it is the race card. I know this is an old movie, and I know it was brave for the time, but I am so over hearing about “it’s because I’m black” and “it’s because I’m white” – and before you judge, chill here in South Africa for a little, and we will see how you feel about it then. It was relentlessly hammered in, over and over, and it was so unnecessary. It did not make me laugh. In fact, it just peeved me, as you so obviously can tell. Really bad. Okay, now that we have the race card bitch session out of the way, let’s move on to the movie. What I did like about this was the riddles, which gave a smarted edge to the movie, something that was not exactly present in the last one. However, it also featured characters I did not give a crap about and didn’t care to see whether they made it or not. The main villain was interesting, and I suppose it was good for tying the movies together, but this just wasn’t my favourite. I wonder if these movies really are just a male thing? I don’t know. It was shot quite well and looked pretty good, but the movie just never sucks you in the way it is supposed to, and Willis just came across as a little tired here, which is a pity, because he is usually the best thing about these films. Jeremy Irons was a solid pick for Simon, and definitely was worth a watch. Better to see him in person than to continually hear him on the phones. Uhm, again, don’t really have too much to say about this. I do feel that the movie picked up when it was established that the Federal Reserve was being hustled, and that’s where it got interesting and worth watching, but it is a long prelude to that, and the racial angle is littered throughout, so it makes for a chore to watch.


22 thoughts on “Rapid Review: Die Hard – With A Vengeance (1995)

  1. Definitely not a guy thing, I love this movie! I understand where you’re coming from with the race thing though Zoe, of course I do!

    Just always had a soft spot for this one 🙂

    Great rapid review!

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    1. Thanks Em! Gotten a lot of flak for not scoring these higher xD Yeah so over race being pulled into EVERYTHING. We have it brought up daily for every little thing here by us 😦

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      1. It’s good to be a rebel sometimes 🙂 and it’s hard to go against stuff that ‘everyone likes’ you almost feel wrong doing it!! I like doing it 🙂

        I think I’ve always liked this because it was the first Die Hard movie I watched, I was only 2 or 3 in 1988!!!! I know it’s not the best one but I like it (a bit like Alien Resurrection!!)

        I’m sorry to hear that Zoe, but sadly not surprised. I think it’s a good thing you highlighted it in your post as many of us can be quite ignorant to what goes on in other places.

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      2. 🙂 It can be entertaining to go against the grain – the reactions are priceless hehehehe.

        You see! That’s why I have soft spots for some movies, too, even though others don’t always get it!

        Meh. It’s getting so outrageous here. It’s always interesting to hear what is happening in other places. I just wish we could bring more to the table than racism, a terrible president, and a murderous paralympian :/ Great legacy.


      1. Doesn’t the Lethal Weapon movies do the whole race card thing too. At least in Die Hard with a Vengeance not every black character was as loud as Zues was. This may be my favorite movie of the entire franchise. Yup that’s right I said it. It reminded me of like watching one cliff hanger after another. It’s cool that you offered up your thoughts on this and I hope you continue to do so

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      2. From time to time they did, but it wasn’t done nearly as angrily as this one. I usually don’t mind a joking, throwaway comment, but even those I am starting to get quite over lately (seriously, the news here is putting me off of everything race related). The whole second Lethal Weapon was a race fight, but not a “because I am black” and “because I am white” thing – that was a fight against the Apartheid policies of SA, what with having the South Africans out there, thinking the world should work with the same policies.

        I found that Die Hard 3 offensively played the race card, and never for a joke really. It was like a lesson drilled in, constantly repeated in all seriousness. I was so relieved when McClane actually got snippy about it. Definitely not a bad movie, but that whole angle wore thin for me after it not being relinquished when it should have been.

        I am glad to hear that you enjoyed it so much! I love how everybody loves different things, makes the world so interesting 🙂


      1. Hey – I’ve not been on the blogs really this month as December is always so busy so if I don’t “see” you before: I hope you have a great Christmas & Happy New Year! 🙂


  2. I’m mystified by the general lack of acknowledgement that this film is weak. I watched it recently, and I don’t think it’s as good as the much derided Die Hard 2. The ending here had a real ‘can’t be bothered’ feel.

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