100 Happy Days: Day 61 – 70

On and on I go with this happiness challenge, and I am still enjoying it immensely, I must say! Here are some more photos for the last ten days.

Day 61:

day 61

New scarves for my collection 😀 I might or might not have a bit of a problem…

Day 62:

day 62

Hmmmmmm! Had some Scotch pancakes with Kit Kat ice cream for dessert the other night, and it was absolutely delightful!

Day 63:

day 63

Eeeeeeeeeep! Yes! Our Schengen visas were approved for our honeymoon, and the passport wallets arrived! Italy, here we come! I absolutely cannot wait, there are so many awesome places to go, things to see, and a great experience. Ah, an adventure!

Day 64:

day 64

My blanket is making some decent progress, whenever I do find the time to work on it!

Day 65:

day 65

I have been so sick the last few days, so when I went to grab some meds, I saw they were having a really great sale (I know!) and I got myself some new lip stuff to try and cheer myself up. They are really gorgeous, and it was an awesome score.

Day 66:

day 66

Still ill and I can’t win. Went for my trial hair and makeup for the wedding on Saturday, and I was happy. The hairdresser changed my hair when it was done so that my fiancé didn’t get to see me all done up. The makeup was something that I really liked when it was put on, but didn’t like for long because, well, it just didn’t work with me 😦 However, still got a new pic with my darling, so there is that.

Day 67:

day 67

My other half only got me the greatest gift for Christmas – the complete Desperate Housewives collection, and I freaking love it! Been watching it between the ten million other things I am watching and my studies and wedding planning and it thrills me every time I get to watch it.

Day 68:

day 68

I have been so ridiculously sick this past week (as I am sure you have noticed by now in this post haha), and I have to admit, few things made me as happy as coming home and seeing my loyal bed waiting for me.

Day 69:

day 69

Finally started to get cracking on my final, lone subject that UNISA forced me into doing to finish my degree. I was really miffed about it end of last year when I found out how badly I got boned by them, but I am okay now. Now just to put my head down and work through it all, then I will be free!

Day 70:

day 70

I love to curl my hair, I do, but my hair is very fine so it is difficult to curl – and it takes forever. But then I stumbled upon this awesome five minute curl technique, and I curl my hair so much more frequently! Look at them, just look! Quick, rush job and they are still wonderful. Beautiful, simple, love.

18 thoughts on “100 Happy Days: Day 61 – 70

    1. Hi Em! I love it, definitely curl my hair way more lately, and I am always happy when I do! Thank you so much 🙂

      Oh, much better. I have never felt that crap in my life. I was convinced for a bit that I was going to die or something terrible.

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      1. Well it’s all true!!!! I’m terrible at hair alas, and it’s so thick I tend to just look like a mixture of Dougal from the Magic Roundabout and Garth from Wayne’s World!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. xD OMG your hair comparison is glorious! Ugh – hair is such a mission. I can have it straight, put in some curls (now) or pin it right up. I always envy these people who can do funky cool things with their hair. Lost on me. So we should start our own little club 😛


  1. Please share this awesome five minute curl technique with me!!! Your hair looks lovely. And I love the makeup, even if it didn’t work for you for whatever reason. Oh, I really enjoyed Desperate Housewives. And cute scarves. Great post! Sorry you’ve been ill. 😦

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    1. Thank you 🙂 This is so ridiculously easy that ANYONE can do it – really. I am such a klutz and I mastered it the first time around! Alright, essentially you tie your hair up into a ponytail – quite high up. Then you split the pony into two (top half and bottom half). The top half you split in half again, clip each side to the side of your head (I do this then the hair stay out of my way). Split the bottom in two (like your hair has been quartered) and then wrap each piece around a curling iron (I have a curling wand, so no clip – if you have a clip – roll it up). I hold for about 30-40 seconds per piece, then drop. When all four pieces are curled, let your hair cool for a minute or two, then pull out the elastic band and shake out your hair and use your fingers to comb it/style it. I spray some sea salt spray after for texture and light hold.

      If you want to visually see it – here’s a link: http://www.prettygossip.com/2014/05/05/pony-tail-curling-trick-loose-curls-in-2-minutes/

      Thanks, I liked the makeup, but then it caked, smudged, ran, and I looked like a raccoon – all within an hour of putting it on. Which is just not going to work for me considering I am having a garden wedding :/

      Ah, Desperate Housewives is the best. Meh, but at least I am healthy now, so no real complaints.

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      1. Hey! I read this reply yesterday & did try it out this morning. It really does work! It’s so simple yet I never really thought of doing it that way. I curl my hair every morning but I’m usually missing the back (too lazy) so it probably looked stupid from behind. Much easier to do the back this way! THANKS! 🙂 Ahh – yeah, I hate makeup that does that. I swear my makeup looks perfect in the morning but then is a mess by lunchtime.

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      2. It did?? YAY! I am so thrilled to hear that! Now you can have curls everywhere every single day 🙂 They hold quite well, too! My utmost pleasure. I get what you are saying. When I stumbled across it I was like “this is too simple” and then it worked. I curled mine again this morning xD

        Ugh. Makeup can be such a bitch. I have learned that the best way to combat that is primer. What really gets me is when I do my makeup, it is fine all day (and I am not even using over the top expensive stuff like they are). Gonna try it out in two weeks again and have her use my own and see how that works out.

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