100 Happy Days: Day 91 – 100

Can you believe it?! This challenge is over folks, and it still feels like I just decided the other day to participate! Anyway, here are my final ten days of the happiness challenge!

Day 91:

x-files season 1

I am having the best time rewatching The X-Files for the first time in years, since I was a kid! It’s great, and let me tell you, I always loved Mulder for being awesome… now that I am older, I appreciate some of his other finer aspects, too.

Day 92:

day 92

FINALLY! AFTER ALL THIS TIME! I am over the fucking moon, I tell you! YEARS ago I got this Marilyn Manson belt, and I wore the crap out of it. I never took it off. It was my most prized possession. It was always with me. Then a few years ago I bought my other half a Led Zeppelin belt, and when it threw in the towel, he asked me if he could borrow (read: repossess) mine until the weekend, when he was to buy another. Needless to say, he never did. For years after that I asked him to replace mine, he never did, and mine became his. Then I found this baby online again, and I started a serious campaign for him to get me a new one. I mean, the last one, with daily wear, has lasted nine years and you could never tell. Eventually I won, and I got a new one. I am so, so, so happy, and I know it seems like it is just a belt, but it is the only belt I have ever been comfortable with. Yes, I am aware you all got a major story about a belt.

Day 93:

day 93

So, I bought myself a Kylo Ren figurine the other day to add to my little collection. So cool!

Day 94:

day 94

All the beautiful and awesome gifts that I got from the super splendid ladies in my life at my bachelorettes! Can you all see the Nessie soup ladle?! I have been desperate for one for years (I drove Natasha wild about it), and now I finally have one! Good call, bestie, love it! Also, that blanky is the softest thing I have ever felt in my life, and this is the first fancy, expensive perfume I have ever been gifted and owned, so I definitely felt very spoiled! Got some beautiful pins for my hair on the big day, wool, a knitting book, lip primer (been so amped to try it), a freaking fantastic Body Shop Strawberry set (my favourite), lovely items for my kitchen, too, like mugs for me and my other half, place mats, a great clock and last, but not least, chocolate.

day 94 2

I have my very own snapboard and Oscar after my bachelorettes! WHOOP!

Day 95:

day 95

Natasha went out of her way to work with my friends to arrange me the most awesome Night at the Oscars themed bachelorettes, and it was great! Also very cool to note that it just so happened to really be the night before the Oscars xD The decor was phenomenal, the food was delicious, the games were tons of fun, and I think it was a super win all round. Wow, again, thank you!

Here’s a picture of me putting on the ears, boa, badge, and sash. I didn’t feel like a tit at all – this might be heavily reliant on the fact that I did not have any pink going on, or penises attached anywhere.

bachelorettes ears and flip

Just how cute were these ears and the badge?

bachelorettes accessories

Just look at these super delicious cupcakes and mallow hearts! Just look! Hmmmm!

bachelorettes cupcakes

Man, these ladies did one hell of a job! Special thank you so mah bestie 😀 😀 😀


Day 96:

day 96

To laugh in life is always important – I love a good laugh.

Day 97:

day 97

To think that my amazing weekend could go so rapidly downhill. 2.5 weeks out from the wedding I had to start planning from the ground up to accommodate one person. At least I had cappucino and my wits about me, and very lucky I am a mover, shaker, and organiser.

Day 98:

day 98

My next phone is definitely going to have a better front facing camera (not because I take many selfies or photos of myself, but when I do, some nice pics would be great). Anyway, here’s a pic of me and my other half messing around before a work out.

Day 99:

day 99

Spent some time on a friend’s farm, and while the day was excruciatingly hot, it was also absolutely beautiful and super chilled out, and it was really nice just to sit around and breathe for a few minutes after the crazy week that’s been going down.

Day 100:

day 100

Ah! My custom garters and shoe bows for the wedding arrived and I freaking love them! The lady did a phenomenal job, and they are so much more amazing than I was hoping/expecting. So glad that mostly everything is sorted for the big day (again) and I hope it stays that way (touch wood!).

19 thoughts on “100 Happy Days: Day 91 – 100

  1. EEK! I love that you enjoyed the bachelorettes so much bestie! And you’re welcome for the Nessie… when I saw her I was like there is NO WAY that I’m not getting that for you! Also, the Manson belt, some serious awesome!!

    Wedding time sooooon!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 It was really freaking amazing friend, thank you (again) so much for all the effort you put into it, it was great!

      Hells yeah, NESSIE!!!!! Winter is coming (one day) and then I can make soup and take her swimming ❤

      I am so pleased about my belt, it makes me ridiculously happy 🙂

      NEXT WEEKEND!! Gosh, how close! The time just rolled around so damn fast!


  2. Awwww this makes me happy! You are too adorable for words Zoe, and so is your other half, you two make such a cute couple! LOVE those Oscar party decorations!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your bachelorette party looks like it was so much fun! Love the Oscars theme. 🙂 And love the garter & bows. And that Nessie – I’ve seen that too and wanted it. And expensive perfume is the only extravagant thing I go for – I love fancy perfume. And I also love the long belt story… Lol! I can’t believe this 100 Days thing is over. These posts have been great! Damn – it must be getting very close to wedding time?? How exciting! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was so cool and I had a total blast! Ah, I am so happy with the garters and bows, they really came out beautifully, and the girl was simply fantastic to work with. Nessie ❤ That is all that I can say. Well, I have one perfume I will be spoiling myself with when the university finally gives me my degree – it is horrifically expensive though xD I am glad you enjoyed the belt story – I am loving it hehehe.

      It went by so fast – I just can't believe it! It is so close – next Saturday close haha!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh!! Yeah! And I meant to add that it’s awesome there was no pink or any fake penises attached to you or anything. 😉 I think girls look ridiculous when they do that stuff! Your party looks WAY cooler.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. This is an awesome post Zoe. That bachelorette party looked really fun and how appropriately themed! Great work from all involved. That gets an 8/8 from me! Congrats once again! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Tom! It was so awesome, really, and I thought it was highly amusing that it just so happened to occur on Oscar weekend xD WHOOP! Top marks! These girls should be proud of that!


      Liked by 1 person

      1. Nope xD That just so happened to be the weekend that everyone was available – Natasha had picked out the theme and everything AGES beforehand! Goes to show, it was just supposed to happen like that 🙂

        And one of the games? I had to pin an Oscar on DiCaprio. No pressure or anything, right? At least I pinned it, and he got it Sunday xD Didn’t want that hanging over my head!

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