Review: Hideaway – Dean Koontz

hideaway cover

SYNOPSIS: He was clinically dead after the accident—but was miraculously revived. Now Hatch Harrison and his wife approach each day with a new appreciation for life.

But something has come back with Hatch from the other side. A terrible presence that links his mind to a psychotic’s, so that a force of murderous rage courses through him. – via Goodreads

GRADE 6.5Alright, so my reading slump is lessening. Not much, not too fast, but I definitely have a whole lot of books I wanted to check out. I stuck with Koontz because, as we have established, they are usually fast, light, decent reads. This one took forever to go anywhere though, and I was getting right annoyed. The car accident, rescue, and hospital revival took 130 pages. That is lunacy! Anyway, while it dwindled and took forever and six days to start catching, when it did, it got interesting, and I thoroughly enjoyed the last half of the book. The concept was pretty cool, a man resuscitated after being dead for so long, and coming back a little different, with a super creepy connection to a pretty dark dude. Aside from that, it is pretty standard work (Koontz has a formula, or so I have noticed). A balance is struck between telling us the story from the perspective of the good and the evil, and Vassago’s character was interesting, and intrigued when he was given the limelight. I did enjoy the few times we got to read about things from Regina’s perspective, her conversations/prayers were quite amusing. There are quite a few clunky parts in Hideaway, but nothing so bad it couldn’t be read. I liked this, but didn’t love it, though it definitely takes time to get into. Some seem to have been riveted by the opening of this novel. I found it to be tedious though. Quick read, after you get past the beginning, though it won’t be breaking any boundaries of other Koontz books, as far as I can tell. Will see what the next one brings me!

7 thoughts on “Review: Hideaway – Dean Koontz

  1. I truly enjoy some of Koontz books but his formula is getting boring so I tend to stay away from him now but this one was actually better than usual and I agree with everything on yr review…


    1. Thanks! Yeah, I had never read anything from Koontz up until recently, but I have noticed a trend. Decent light reading, but not something to go for if you want to sink your teeth into anything. Oh well.


  2. Yay! Another Koontz! Lol – he indeed has a formula. This is one of those Koontz books that’s probably somewhere smack dab in the middle if I had to rank all his books I’ve read – certainly not a favorite but not bad. Like the majority of his stuff, I have a pretty vague overall recollection of it but remember it being better than some. Wow – I sound so enthusiastic. ; ) I do remember it’s one of the very few to actually get a movie with big name stars (this & Phantoms, which I thought was one of his worst books. Then of course Odd Thomas). Have you seen the movie? Like the book, I can’t say I remember much of it. I swear I don’t have as bad of a memory as it seems.. Lol. “Meh” stuff just doesn’t stick with me. : )

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    1. I must agree – there are few books of his that I can recall very clearly after (except The Bad Place – I really liked that one). I haven’t seen the movie, though I was reading all sorts of drama about it. Apparently it is awful and Koontz got his name taken out of the credits or something. Wonder if I should watch it anyway lol. Meh things don’t tend to stick around for long, I can agree with you there 🙂

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      1. I think The Bad Place may be one I need to read still. Maybe. Or… Maybe not. Twilight Eyes is by far the most memorable one for me & also one of the earliest books of his that I read (like, 20 years ago). His stuff is weird – his formula stays the same but his writing style has actually changed a lot. You can tell the difference between his oldest stuff (very basic stories, some very bad but some really fun) the stuff in the middle of his career (most of my favorites of his) and ones from later years (often way too long & some of my least favorites with the exception of Odd Thomas). They really can’t make a decent movie out of his books, though!!

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