Month of Spooks 2016: Top Ten Scream Victim Deaths


So Markus of The Marckoguy announced that he was planning to host a Month of Spooks in October, and wanted guests to participate. I was all over this – and he gave me free reign, too. So I sat around, thinking hard about what it is that I wanted to do for this. I didn’t just want to do a review, I didn’t want to do a standard top ten of favourite horrors/jump scares/monsters, something like that. I was thinking about Walter White, and his constant demand to “be specific”.

Then it dawned on me that I could totally use this as an excuse to rewatch the Scream movies again, and this time finally do that top ten list I have wanted to for ages – the top ten victim deaths of the Scream movie series. There are a ton of grisly deaths throughout, so many to choose from, and I am narrowing the list to ten. So many were typical stabbings to the death, but some stood out. Some made this list because they were favourite characters. Oh well.

Scream 3 (2000) Directed by Wes Craven Shown: Ghostface

Needless to say, please note that this post will contain spoilers for those who have not watched the scream franchise.


15. Cotton Weary (Scream 3)

How? Stabbed brutally to death.
Was there a phone call before? Yes.
Gore Rating: 6/10. Cotton’s realisation that it was finally over was something to see, even though it was relatively by the numbers.

 14. Principal Himbry (Scream)

How? Stabbed, gutted, and hung from the school goal posts.
Was there a phone call before? No.
Gore Rating: 5/10. He was stabbed multiple times, but it wasn’t particularly gory or gross. I think it is how it happened (with the Freddy Krueger hallway conversation), and that you later hear he was gutted and strung from the goal posts. Gives it more kick.

13. Hallie McDaniel (Scream 2)

How? Multiple stab wounds to the chest.
Was there a phone call before? No.
Gore Rating: 6/10. It was savage and fast and hectic considering she had climbed over Ghostface to her “freedom”, but tame compared to some of the brutalities that other characters suffer.

 12. Officer Richards (Scream 2)

How? Attacked by Ghostface, then stabbed and run over, with a steel rod being rammed through his head when the car came to a stop.
Was there a phone call before? Nope.
Gore Rating: 8/10. It was pretty damn gory in comparison to a lot of the quick stabs we have seen in the majority of the franchise. While it was all those things though, I was certainly not attached to the character, so gory as it was, it was not a shocker.

11. Phil Stevens (Scream 2)

How? Stabbed in the neck/ear in a bathroom stall.
Was there a phone call before? No.
Gore Rating: 6/10. Let’s face it, you shouldn’t have your ears up on a manky bathroom stall to eavesdrop on the neighbour, but nobody expects to be stabbed for eavesdropping. Plus two – being killed by an actual Ghostface at a movie premiere about these killings?

official top ten scream victim deaths:

10. Jennifer Jolie (Scream 3)

How? Stabbed to death in a secret room.
Was there a phone call before? No.
Gore Rating: 6/10. This was quite the kill, considering she was desperately trying to break down the two way mirrors in the room to get to Gale and Dewey, and was discovered just as the killer disposed of her. Plus she really irritated the crap out of me, so to see her taken out just so I didn’t have to listen to her anymore thrilled me.

9. Olivia Morris (Scream 4)

How? Stabbed to death and gutted.
Was there a phone call before? No.
Gore Rating: 8/10. While not the most probable slaying (and seriously, that blood was all wrong), it was still disgusting and it was angry.

8. Detective Hoss and Deputy Perkins (Scream 4)

How? Hoss stabbed in the back, and Perkins in the forehead.
Was there a phone call before? No.
Gore Rating: 7/10. These ones were a little different from the average stabbings of the series, and it also had a dash of humour to it, too. Yes, I am aware of how that sounds. But anyway, Hoss goes down, and before Perkins can really do anything, he gets stabbed in the forehead and stumbles about.

7. Kenneth Jones (Scream)

How? Throat slit, later dumped atop the news van.
Was there a phone call before? Nope.
Gore Rating: 6/10. Clean slice through and lots of blood all around. No further mutilation – very efficient kill.

 6. Derek Feldman (Scream 2)

How? Strung up and shot in the chest.
Was there a phone call before? No.
Gore Rating: 6/10. Derek was just hanging around there, trying to sort of sober up, shake his head clear, pleading with Sidney to save him, and then bam, shot right in the chest. With his girlfriend watching, witnessing that he was so not guilty.

 5. Tatum Riley (Scream)

How? Death by doggy door snapping her neck trying to escape while the garage door was opening.
Was there a phone call before? No.
Gore Rating: 7/10. The entire concept of having your head pretty much ripped off while in midair will just never, even be appealing.

4. Kirby Reed (Scream 4)

How? Stabbed twice in the abdomen.
Was there a phone call before? Yes, sirree. One for the horror buffs for sure.
Gore Rating: 7/10. This one was bad because, well, let’s face it, I was totally gunning for her and Charlie. For reals. And she was so emotional about it, and he was so cold. God dammit, why?! Potential hope that she isn’t dead – we never actually saw her after. The conspiracy nut in me is hoping this could be like when Dewey “died” in the first movie, and just waltzed back in Scream 2.

  3. Randy Meeks (Scream 2)

How? Dragged into the van by the latest murderer, attacked and stabbed to death.
Was there a phone call before? Heck yes there was. Randy was never going down without a call.
Gore Rating: 7/10. This was probably the most unforgivable death in the franchise. Who didn’t love geeky Randy Meeks? I expected to see more of his death, not just the snatching and quick stabbing, but his corpse later showed it was quite the attack. Not cool guys!

2. Maureen Evans (Scream 2)

How? Stabbed to death in a movie theatre while desperately trying to flee the killer. The moviegoers thought it was part of the Stab marketing campaign, and so she was not helped.
Was there a phone call before? No.
Gore Rating: 9/10. This is probably one of the most iconic kills in the franchise after Casey. It was brutal and cruel, and a girl died in front of hundreds of moviegoers, screaming and alone.

1. Casey Becker (Scream)

How? Brutally stabbed, eviscerated, and hung from a tree in her yard.
Was there a phone call before? Only the most harrowing of the entire franchise.
Gore Rating: 10/10. It totally set the tone for the Scream films – it was merciless, cold, and it was brutal and gory. No death in the franchise matched this one.

So there we have it folks, ranked and ordered!

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