Review: Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)

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“I have loved her even when I hated her… only married couples’ll understand that one…”
– Cal Weaver

SYNOPSIS: A middle-aged husband’s life changes dramatically when his wife asks him for a divorce. He seeks to rediscover his manhood with the help of a newfound friend, Jacob, learning to pick up girls at bars. – via IMDB

You know, the more I watch this movie, the more I enjoy it. I watched this years ago at the behest of Natasha, who knows I cannot really stand rom-coms, but does know what type I can deal with. When she told me to check this out, I figured why not? She won’t just recommend me anything in this genre, so it had to be decent. Plus two, the cast is fantastic. Let me tell you, this movie is great, and I grow constantly more fond of it. It is just so much fun.

I enjoyed that this was not some stupid, soppy, desperate love story. This looked at people who have lives that fall apart – midlife crises that aren’t dealt with, cheating, insecurities, all of it. It explores embracing yourself, letting other people in, dealing with issues head on, so many things. I enjoyed the themes of this movie. And yes, love is an extremely prominent theme, but it does not make you want to retch, so that is a good thing! Crazy, Stupid, Love knows what it is and what it wants to be, and goes with it. It is smart, funny, witty, and sweet, and I appreciated all those things.

Let us not even remotely forget the cast. Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone are absolutely phenomenal here, and have ridiculously amazing chemistry. Really, I could watch them all day together. This is one of two movies where Steve Carell does not grate on my last nerve, and Julianne Moore is, as always, well worth the watch. Kevin Bacon’s moments were also those of pure entertainment, especially as the movie progresses. What a boring man! Also, everyone worked well together. I particularly appreciated Jacob taking Cal out to begin their main training. Oh boy!

There were plenty awkward moments, plenty funny and plenty sweet, but everything works. This is the kind of romantic movie I can revisit without feeling just plain down ridiculous. There is a lot to like about it, and a movie you can get away with watching with your other half without them wanting to slit their wrists. As you can tell, I quite like this one for a variety of reasons, and I can highly recommend it.

Oooh, oooh, before I go. Women across the globe will thank Hannah for not letting him put his shirt back on after assessing his Photoshopped beauty. For science…

Skip the trailer, just go straight to the movie.

41 thoughts on “Review: Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)

  1. I really LOVED this film, definitely a 9/10 or something alike. Stone and Gosling have amazing chemistry and the story was sweet AND the “it’s like you’re photoshopped!” line always gets me. Hmm. I want to watch it again now.


    1. This was a fantastic film, I must say I had a good time with it. Those two really just work wonders together. You should go watch it again!


  2. Great review Zoe. I totally agree. This isn’t normally my type of genre but I did have some fun with it. The characters were interesting and the humour flowed well.


    1. Thanks Mark! I am glad to hear that this isn’t strictly reserved for just the ladies. My other half watched most of it with me and while not necessarily in love with it, he was not itching to get out of his seat and run!


  3. A little too uneven for me. Sure, all of the performances were great, but by the end, everything felt like it came to head in an unbelievable manner. Good review Zoe.


  4. Good review. Gosling and Stone had great chemistry but I wish there was more scenes of them rather than focusing so much on Steve Carrell’s character. I also found Julianne Moore’s character a bit annoying, although her comments on the Twilight film made me laugh.


    1. They were really good together, and definitely worth watching. Yeah, she was a bit self centred and all that, but she worked for what she had to do. Oh yes, that was entertaining!


    1. Thanks a lot Chris! I was so sceptical about this… I really, really dislike rom coms, but my best friend was insistent so I went in expecting mush and cheese and I was pleasantly surprised! It’s good to see that this appealed to more than just the ladies! Gosling definitely has a bit more to bring out!


  5. Dearest JB,

    Good stuff but I doubt I’ll ever see this one. I actually kind of like Carrell when he’s not screaming. So maybe 25% of his stuff 🙂




    1. My Chop,

      I think you might get a ridiculous giggle here and there at the very least if you check this out. He isn’t screaming, if that counts for anything?

      Love always,



  6. “displays the second role I have seen Steve Carell in that did not get under my skin.” – what’s the other role? I’m guessing The Way Way Back…

    Nice review! In agreement on this one – I seem to have liked it about the same amount that you did. : )


  7. I haven’t seen this since it was in theaters, but I remember thinking it was just great. Definitely a cut above most rom coms. Nice review, lady!


  8. Gah, I could watch Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling together all day. This is my all-time favourite romcom and the ONLY romcom I can not only get my husband to watch with me, but every year on Valentine’s Day. I like my weird traditions, haha!

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