June Blind Spot Review: Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

“When you separate an entwined particle and you move both parts away from the other, even at opposite ends of the universe, if you alter or affect one, the other will be identically altered or affected.”
– Adam

SYNOPSIS: A depressed musician reunites with his lover, though their romance – which has already endured several centuries – is disrupted by the arrival of her uncontrollable younger sister. – via IMDB

You know, this was an odd one. Even after all these years, I was not quite sure what this was all about, only that the characters were vampires. I was pleasantly surprised with the movie, after I had spent some time chewing on it, that is.

Okay, right off the bat I want to say that the film was extremely visually appealing. It was all shot at night, and everything looks dark but never really dreary, just sort of… I don’t know, typically that dark and romantic vampiric vibe. It really was pretty to look at. The score, too, complements the film every step of the way, and the sight and sound combining like they do really set the tone and the atmosphere for the movie, and then the rest is up to the cast, and boy, they really work that. The comedy in this is also very sharp, and delivered effortlessly throughout and never comes across as jarring, yet it is also extremely subtle.

Tom Hiddleston is fantastic. Really. His Adam is quite a complex character who truly entertained me. He is reclusive, haunted and depressed, yet brings massive amounts of humour to the table, which I thoroughly enjoyed. He is classy to boot, and absolutely gorgeous. Tilda Swinton, as always, delivers a solid character, and Eve is one that I quite liked. She gets this almost childlike joy out of things in the world still, despite having been around so long. Adam and Eve perfectly complement each other, and are just this incredibly beautiful, mysterious couple. Hiddleston and Swinton worked wonders together – they just click, everything falls into place when they are together. There is this comfortable, passionate energy between them.

Wasikowska, while breezing in and out, irritated me, and yet provided comedic scenarios in the midst of all the heaviness that was present. Hurt, of course, is excellent here, and his character is a good one, one I could definitely have seen more of. Naturally Yelchin shone here, as expected. While Adam might hate the “zombies”, he has quite the appreciation for Ian, and I liked how that was handled.

Only Lovers Left Alive is dark, haunting, comedic, sophisticated, and most certainly well worth a watch. It’s a movie you chew on after the fact, and that is something that I appreciate. Definitely a different kind of vampire film, and I liked that. This movie is not going to appeal to those who do not enjoy a slow burn film though, or a movie which is not spoon fed to you. There are a lot of little nuances here, things that make the bigger picture that much better.

23 thoughts on “June Blind Spot Review: Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

    1. No not at all! I haven’t really been online much as we just did a big international move, so I hope to get some more time to catch up with things from now on. I will definitely look into Jarmusch’s work soon though!

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      1. It’d be great to know what you think of him… He has been working for almost 40 years now. I started to follow him with Coffee & Cigarettes and Broken Flowers, now in retrospective I think they were easier to approach and… both had Bill Murray 🙂 They only his film I didn’t really get was The Limits of Control…

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  1. I really like this movie, and I agree with your review. Similar responses to all the aspects you mention. I find that I enjoy some of the dialogue less and less though now that I’m re-watching the film. But it’s still a pleasure overall because the visuals, the music and the fantastic cast!


    1. Glad to hear that you liked it, too! Hmm, I would like to rewatch this sometime for a multitude of reasons, but I would like to see if my response to the dialogue changes.

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    1. All Jarmusch’s movies are slow, but it’s just a matter of time to get used to it… At first I also had an ambiguous impression while watching some of his older movies…


      1. I haven’t seen Paterson neither, mostly I’ve watched his pre-2010 stuff. Coffee & Cigarettes were a good dialogue-based improvisational sketches and Down By Law with Benigni and Tom Waits was also curiou kind of a criminal movie with weird humour. But Jarmusch definitely has slowed down in his later movies.


    2. I wanted to watch this with red wine per your recommendation, but it didn’t work out that way. However, I’m going to engineer it to work out that way upon rewatch 😀

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    1. LOL yeah, I remember you weren’t a big fan of this. It was far better than I thought it would be, and I was quite entertained. It took me a while to decide whether I liked it or not while watching.

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