Review: Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi (2017)

“Let the past die. Kill it, if you have to. That’s the only way to become what you are meant to be.”
– Kylo Ren

SYNOPSIS: Rey develops her newly discovered abilities with the guidance of Luke Skywalker, who is unsettled by the strength of her powers. Meanwhile, the Resistance prepares to do battle with the First Order. – via IMDB

Oh my gooooosh! I loved this. Yeah, I hear there is some hate, but there is a lot of love, too. I am one of those that thought this was really good. After The Force Awakens, I have been so amped to see where the story goes, and The Last Jedi totally rewarded for my excitement, for the most part (even with the little niggles).

Kylo Ren is baaaaack, bitches, and he is freaking awesome! This is something my husband and I will debate for many years to come. This time around we get to see more of Adam Driver’s face and that gorgeous hair, and man, we totally got to explore more of his conflict. Imagine your legacy is Anakin and Luke Skywalker, the light side and the dark? Polar opposites. Imagine that you have been manipulated by someone and it was easy to do so because someone you trusted betrayed you (from what you could see), and you are a kid? Confusion! I love it. I could watch that battle rage forever.

There were new things introduced in this one, too. Kylo’s new plan  has definitely piqued my interest. War profiteering reared its head in here, too, so there was some social commentary on the go. I was so pleased to see BB-8 back in action, he is so adorable! Poe, too, is back in action. The Last Jedi brings up some really solid, strong moments for our female cast, and has some awesome action sequences, too. So it is great to watch like that. I quite enjoyed Benecio del Toro’s appearance, and would like to see if he pops up again.

Let’s not deny that the movie had flaws – those freaking Porgs annoyed me. Cute the first time you saw them, and then they were just jammed in all over the show. There is the super cheese between Finn and Rose, which also got a bit annoying quickly. Also, a lot of questions that JJ Abrams had set up in The Force Awakens were glibly answered here (I am hoping they go back and give us real, fleshed out answers, because if these are the answers, that is bitterly disappointing). Another thing, the story is not overly solid, and the pacing is a little off at times, but nothing too extreme. I was totally engrossed, even with the hiccups. I adore Andy Serkis, for reals, and I really wish there was more to Snoke than we eventually got – so short lived and a bit meh 😦

There is a lot of back and forth about Luke Skywalker and his role here. I expected to see more Luke Skywalker, and I didn’t think he would be quite so bitter and ready to end the Jedi lines like he has, though it brings up the notion that the Force is not just accessible by a small group of elite individuals. Not sure where this is going, but I will give them enough rope and see what they do with it. Anyway, it was strange to see him go the way he did, but I was really impressed with where his character went later on.

Continuing with unpopular opinion time, Rey is still a flat, bland, annoying character for me. I just don’t get the love man, not at all. Every time she was on screen, I felt like precious time was being wasted. I don’t like her, and it sucks that she is one of our new, major protagonists. Oh well. Also, the whole Skywalker legacy is something to wonder about – where are we going from here? I feel that the original characters have been handled a little more poorly than I expected, to be honest.

Ultimately, I still preferred Abrams’s The Force Awakens over this – it looked better, sounded better, and was handled better, though The Last Jedi is by no means a bad movie and does not deserve the hate being flung its way. There is a hell of a lot to like about it – it is fun, it is dark, there are some new concepts being introduced, and has plenty of action. I am seriously looking forward to watching it again sometime and seeing how it holds up. Maybe because I have mad Abrams love and want him to keep going with the story…

8 thoughts on “Review: Star Wars Episode VIII – The Last Jedi (2017)

  1. Precious JJB,

    I want to see this but will likely wait for the home theater : ) You know, out of all of these things, It thinks It likes Rogue One the best. It knows that will be frowned upon.



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    1. Kindest SSC,

      LOL you must let me know what you think about it when you finally get to it. I honestly haven’t seen Rogue One yet (because it isn’t part of the big main story, I have been putting it off – need to fix that soon). Screw it, let them frown (even if I join the throngs of “them”).



  2. I liked the answers to the riddles. Yeah, they were anti-climatic, but that was kind of cool in its own way. It made everything a bit more accessible… and stopped it from being another big family drama. It was new and in Star Wars, I think new is important.

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    1. It was new, and I did like that. I think this movie gets way too much hassle. It had highs and lows, but I thought it was well worth the watch. I am so looking forward to watching it again at some stage.

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    1. Thanks Chris! Yeah it was good but The Force Awakens had more kick. Some interesting things have been presented here for sure. That casino side was unnecessary, I’m with you there.

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  3. I’m glad one of us enjoyed this 😦 I still feel like Finn’s involvement had no point, and that the entire movie did nothing to further the story. Bringing Luke back seemed awfully counterproductive as well. BB-8 is still too adorable to be legal though! And the voice on Kylo Ren makes up for a whole lot!

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    1. LOL it seems the movie is really divisive, but I liked it, and I liked how it incorporated some of the older things. I think it would help you out some more if you watch them all, because a lot hinges on what you know. Awwwww, BB-8 is ADORABLE, and his dark side version is super cute, too! Gah, dat voice! Dat hair! I love Kylo Ren though xD


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