Review: Easy A (2010)

easy a movie poster“The rumours of my promiscuity have been greatly exaggerated.”
– Olive Penderghast

SYNOPSIS: A clean-cut high school student relies on the school’s rumor mill to advance her social and financial standing. – via IMDB

I am not really into comedies, but every now and then you get a good one. One that is sharp and witty and doesn’t take itself too seriously or try too hard. Easy A was that one for me. I thoroughly enjoy Emma Stone, so to watch a film where she is leading lady is excellent. Olive is smart and intelligent and has an incredibly good sense of humour and Emma Stone brings out those qualities really well. I must say though that I can see how she got so flat about the reputation she had garnered, though how/why the hell she let it get so out of hand is beyond me.

Amanda Bynes cracked me up, definitely the kind of person that I would stay hundreds of kilometres away from –  what a nutcase and a silly bitch (yep, gonna put it out there just like that). It is a feel good movie to watched an A student go on to be the town bicycle, if only by reputation, and take it to a certain extent.

The relationship between Olive and Woodchuck Todd was quite sweet, and that he was the one that stood by her no matter what is pretty awesome. The way she embraced her role as the scarlet woman was terrible, though she rocked it. Olive’s family was definitely entertaining for me, and the banter that went on between them was truly crazy and funny. Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci played the parents excellently.

I like Easy A, it was a fun movie that did not take the romance in it to extremes or make it the central point, only something that becomes evident later. Before that it is all about Olive and the silly mistakes that she makes that will take her to where she is. I definitely enjoyed this one, well worth a watch.

22 thoughts on “Review: Easy A (2010)

  1. That was such a fun movie. I saw it mid-way so it took me some time to get what was happening, but I still enjoyed it. Emma Stone is a real natural. Hope she doesn’t go the Lohan way. I used to like her


    1. It was very entertaining and plenty of fun. I really enjoy Emma Stone, she is a great actress and truly beautiful, too. Oh dear, let us hope she does not lose the plot!


  2. Good review Zoe. Stone was such a charmer here, that she practically had me laughing with every line she delivered. It’s a shame she hasn’t really done much since this, but I think we’ll begin to see more and more good of her.


  3. “Can you smell that?” hahahaa, probably one of the weirdest things ever to say in the bedroom.
    Great review! I also loved Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci in this. It kind of made me wish that they were married in real life. And also, it’s Tucci’s birthday today. So happy birthday Mr. Tucci! 🙂


    1. Yeah what the hell?! That whole scene had questionable moments! Oh really? Well that was well timed then hahaha! They were great parents man, and worked so well together!


  4. I think this movie is totally fun and you know this isn’t really my type of movie. Her parents were hilarious!! Great work!!


  5. What! This post is from like 6 years ago! How am I just now seeing it?? Lol. I haven’t seen this one, but I tell ya I finally watched Mean Girls last year (maybe 2 years at this point), a movie that’s so totally not my cuppa, but I loved it! Feel like this one could be the same deal. Plus Emma Stone — what a great person. I mean, she really seems genuine in everything she does.

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    1. Ha! Does it show when it was originally published?! Oh I LOVE Mean Girls and it’s also totally out of my comfort zone 😂 So pleased to hear you enjoyed it so much though! So give this one a look see, it’s a lot of fun. Ahhhh, mad love for Emma Stone! She’s really great, and always seems so genuine, as you say. So good.

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