I Made Them Offers They Couldn’t Refuse

invite 2.1

Yes. This is me again… with a wedding post. I know that isn’t really my blog’s thing, but since this sort of ties in with what I love, I had to share it with you guys!

I had to wrangle up my bridesmaids recently, and I actually felt like doing something a little cheesy that reflected me. Now, you all know I am a ridiculously huge Godfather fan, and eventually decided to do up a simple invite for each of the girls, making each an offer they couldn’t refuse. 😀

I went with a pretty pearlescent white/silver type paper, black envelopes and purple roses to go with my wedding colours.

The girls were absolutely thrilled and the invites were very popular, so I am glad it went down so well 🙂 They went pic-posting happy on Facebook, so I took some of their pictures to add to my post. My picture shows both the front and back of the cards, while they all seemed delighted with the puppet master strings.