How wude!

This is me. Daily. Jar Jar Binks hit the nail on the head when he rocked us all with “how wude!”. It never ceases to amaze me how it is no longer something to be proud of when someone deems you to be of impeccable conduct. Manners are a luxury of the past, forgotten. The worst part of it all, they cost nothing, they are absolutely free and great tools to have, yet so few implement them!

Rudeness will not do. Sadly, it is the pandemic of the modern day. Uncouth people are everywhere. They are spreading like the plague, and there is no apparent cure on the horizon.

When I was a kid, manners were second nature, and not something you dismissed if you knew what was good for you. Do you come across ill-mannered folk often? How do you deal with their conduct?

Be bold, share your two cents!

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