Fringe: Season 5 (2012 – 2013)

fringe season 5 cover


What I liked:

  • September/Donald. Because September has always been awesome, and his human life as Donald? Still a fan!
  • Walter’s full circle tulip moment.
  • Walter and Peter finally spending some time together, and things were right back to normal with them, even though it was realised through Michael. It was still beautiful.
  • Seeing the other side again, no matter how brief.
  • Broyles, always a loyalist to the core.
  • Nina Sharp’s character this season. I mean we all know I always really like her, and she is cool, but this season? And to see her interacting with Walter and Michael? Beautiful.
  • Walter and Peter’s farewell moment at the end of the season. OMG the pain! It was so stunning!

walter peter crying

What I didn’t like: 

  • Etta. She really just annoyed the hell out of me, which was really disappointing.
  • How this does not follow smoothly from season four, instead following from the third last episode of season four, which had been described as a dream, but I guess not.
  • How distant Peter and Olivia were. Last we saw them, everything was working. And I understand that losing their child separated them quite a bit, but that was not really conveyed to us, hence it didn’t feel like anything.
  • How messy the show was, and how the plot was all over the board.
  • William Bell being dragged in  but not really used at all, especially seeing how season four ended. I mean really?!
  • How little humour there was in here. Granted, I know things were serious, but we have never gone with so little to laugh at, and even Walter didn’t shine here as brightly as usual, though he was still astounding.
  • A lot of story arcs were introduced then rushed off and not brought back until much later, if at all.
  • How, even though the series ends, it doesn’t really wrap up all of Fringe, just this season basically.

fringe season 5

Ugh. It breaks me to say that I disliked this last season. I mean four wasn’t particularly grand or up to standard of the first three, but this? It doesn’t even feel like it was a part of the same story. It just went some other way altogether. What a disappointment. The only part of this season worth mentioning is the final three episodes, which were really good. For the rest? I didn’t care what happened to anyone. I had no emotional investment, people were being so melodramatic all over the show and Peter and Olivia somehow managed to have the most annoying child in all history. Then William Bell was dragged back in, though nothing from the end of four was resolved at all. Ugh, that is just such a waste of time. The Observers taking over was something that had potential, but instead was an annoyance. How inconsistent was the Broyles storyline here, too? I mean he was here then he was gone and then randomly he returned again. Plus two, we have to deal with the fact that Peter and Olivia are the only two that have knowledge of the timeline of the first three seasons, and that Walter gets it when the child Michael touches him. What the hell?! How does that even make sense? What really crushed me in here was how many plot holes and contrivances there were, which sucked because Fringe has always been very good at bringing everything full circle and answering things. This season was a wild hunt for tapes and items for a machine, and very little science and no fringe cases, which sucked. Plus the alternate universe was closed and over, just like that, nothing more from it. The story was all over the show, too, and the ending? It didn’t wrap Fringe up at all, it only wrapped this season up. There are still so many lingering questions and things we don’t understand, and I really wish that the last two seasons had fit in better with the original three, which was some of the best stuff to watch on television. I am a fan still, and even a lacklustre final season can’t kill my love for the show, though I wish that more effort had gone in to making it all perfect. At least the show did get to wrap itself up, I would have hated it if we didn’t get it to a close.

september donald haha

Sporadic Scene: Banshee (Season 3×03) – Nola Longshadow vs Clay Burton

Banshee is something I became hopelessly addicted to, and the biggest reason for my addiction? Clay Burton. Truly. The man is freaking awesome (you can check out my gushing here). Season three also gave us one of the most epic fights I have seen in years. The second Nola’s tomahawk flew into the scene and pinned Burton, you knew that there would be hell to pay. As much as I liked her, she had absolutely none of my loyalty in the deadly match when it came right down to it. The fight was perfectly choreographed, looked amazing and had thrills laced throughout it (scalpel tray in the boot of the car, a roof being shredded, car badges becoming weapons). It was exhilarating from start to finish. Brutal, bloody, beautiful.

Ugh, I cannot seem to find a clip that plays when embedded in my site, but if you click it will take you to YouTube itself so you can go check out the epic!

PS: Contains spoilers if you haven’t seen this far in Banshee yet!

If you have a scene that you would like featured, drop me a mail at with a link to the scene and an explanation as to why.

Question of the Month – Best Star Wars Character?


Luke asked us who our favourite Star Wars characters were for this month’s Question of the Month. Head on over to see which characters get plenty love!

Originally posted on Oracle of Film:

Can you feel it? Star Wars is almost upon us. It seems so long ago since we last were treated to that titanic battle between Obi Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker on a volcanic planet. Since then, there has definitely been a void in the lives of every Star Wars fan out there. Yes, perhaps the original trilogy should have stayed a trilogy and maybe the prequels should have taught us that movie history is best left alone, but there is nothing like the anticipation of an upcoming Star Wars movie. Han Solo is back. Luke Skywalker as a full-on Jedi Knight. Brienne of Tarth joins the cast. A new Star Wars trilogy is definitely a good thing.

So let’s celebrate. This month’s QOTM is solely dedicated to the very best of the Star Wars universe. Who is the very best Star Wars character? There are so many to choose…

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Rapid Review: Romeo + Juliet (1996)

romeo+juliet poster

“Did my heart love ’til now? Forswear its sight. For I never saw true beauty ’til this night.”
– Romeo

SYNOPSIS: Classic story of Romeo and Juliet, set in a modern-day city of Verona Beach. The Montagues and Capulets are two feuding families, whose children meet and fall in love. They have to hide their love from the world because they know that their parents will not allow them to be together. There are obstacles on the way, like Juliet’s cousin, Tybalt, and Romeo’s friend Mercutio, and many fights. But although it is set in modern times, it is still the same timeless story of the “star crossed lovers”. – via IMDB

romeo+juliet couplerome+juliet

Gah! Can we just take a moment to truly appreciate DiCaprio’s beauty…

leonardo dicaprio hot

And then again in black and white because it stays so absolutely delicious:

dicaprio delicious

Just adding this one, too! 

romeo+juliet drugs

Some more…

romeo+juliet sheets

And because I certainly cannot resist one last one…

romeo+juliet leonardo smoking

GRADE 7.5DiCaprio. Need I say more? I suppose you might want some more, so I will give it to you. Romeo+Juliet is such a Baz Luhrmann experience, no two ways about it. It is extravagant, flamboyant, in-your-face and fabulous. I loved this movie when I was growing up, I thought it was a really great modernization of the play, which I enjoyed. Plus there was young, dreamy DiCaprio. We can’t even deny that. And to see a young Claire Danes, pre-cuckoo crazy Carrie Mathison is just wonderful. I think that Luhrmann did a good job bringing this forth in a new way. It was innovative, and to keep the dialogue as it was in the play is disconcerting and refreshing all at once. Grief, but these two kids were melodramatic as hell, I won’t even attempt to deny that. It is one heck of a disturbing and unhealthy relationship, and nobody can tell me otherwise about that. I am not even going to get into all the insanity of this relationship – true love, just sex, respect, what? – because I am sure we have all covered it in school a million times. The camera work was really snappy in the movie, and the way it would flow and then sometimes race and be all edgy was something that worked very well. I think the whole cast gave solid performances and it was great to see Paul Rudd, even though his role was minor. He’s such a sweetie! The costumes were something else in here, outrageous, loud, perfectly suited for the whole affair. I had a few good laughs throughout, and this movie, while not perfect, is definitely something worth spending time on and checking out – though some might need to keep a more open mind in terms of the modernization.

Rapid Review: The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

The Dark Knight Rises poster

Oh, you think darkness is your ally. But you merely adopted the dark; I was born in it, moulded by it. I didn’t see the light until I was already a man; by then it was nothing to me but blinding!”
– Bane

dark knight rises bane plane

GRADE 8.5This was a brilliant way to conclude a brilliant trilogy! I know that Luke and I don’t necessarily see completely eye to eye on this one, but I still think it is really good. At least we can agree that this trilogy is a stroke of utter genius. Plus, Tom Hardy as Bane. I mean come on, like that wasn’t going to go down phenomenally. Tom Hardy was just an amazing Bane, and his role was simply flawless. Nolan again nailed that perfect mix in the villain, where you wanted to know more about him and see what he was going to do, but still held out that Batman would save the day. Christian Bale is, again, just the most perfect Bruce Wayne/Batman. Seriously. The way he embodies both the billionaire playboy and the Dark Knight? It’s awesome. However, as much as this movie got right, I am not going to pretend there weren’t flaws. The pacing was a little uneven, and there was some incredibly flawed logic thrown in here. For instance, I get that John Blake is intuitive and all, but just guessing Batman’s identity right off the bat was just too much for me, and there is also the issue with Bane knowing exactly where Applied Sciences was, though it is apparently “not on the books” anywhere, and not public knowledge. Also, I am not a fan of Anne Hathaway, and her Catwoman/Selina Kyle is someone that grows on you after multiple viewings, but is still not a character I enjoy a lot at all. Yeah, there were a few niggles, but so what? This movie is ridiculously quotable. My fiancé just doesn’t even know what to do with me… walking up staircases and he doesn’t turn on lights? “Ah, you think darkness is your ally.” Threatening someone? No sweat! “It would be extremely painful… for you.” My one colleague and I communicate a lot in Bane quotes (well, any movie quotes). It’s a problem, we know, yet we have absolutely no plans to change that. But truly now, Bane is awesome on so many levels (and so hot here – the ladies will understand this, though it was unexpected)! And there are so many quotes in this movie that beg to be used. One of my favourite things in this movie was the return of the Scarecrow. I adore Cillian Murphy and I am a big fan of his Dr Jonathan Crane/Scarecrow. I was thrilled to see him given more screentime this time around as opposed to The Dark Knight. Anyway, The Dark Knight Rises is another solid outing from Nolan, is really fun even though it is flawed, and closes one of the greatest trilogies of all time off properly. Go watch these all again immediately. Go on.

PS: I just remembered now – this movie was totally worth every second of my two week self-enforced internet ban prior to its release (I hate getting things late in SA)! It still remains a running joke, and Natasha still can’t believe I underwent something like that for a movie.

Review: Interview With The Vampire – Anne Rice

interview-with-vampire cover

The Vampire Chronicles #1

SYNOPSIS: Here are the confessions of a vampire. Hypnotic, shocking, and chillingly erotic, this is a novel of mesmerizing beauty and astonishing force—a story of danger and flight, of love and loss, of suspense and resolution, and of the extraordinary power of the senses. – via Goodreads

GRADE 6I must admit, I liked this far more when I was younger. Maybe it was typically because as a teen we are all trying to find ourselves and a place to fit it, we are all so angsty. However, reading it again did not thrill me so much, but this was one of the books that was a little more difficult to get into because of how it is told. It was annoying for me to read it as this long ongoing monologue basically, every now and then flipping back to the fact that the story is being told to some reporter. In a sense I suppose it all comes full circle by the end. Also, there are a lot of flawed aspects to it, like the relationship between Louis and Lestat never really means anything. At all. The book had plenty to make you damn uncomfortable though. I mean, when Claudia was killed, she was a child. Itty bitty. That’s something, but not the pinnacle of the nastiness at all. To refer to her, Claudia, a child, as sensuous before she was even turned or lived for so many years, and later as a lover was highly disturbing. Maybe after those sixty five years it starts to make more sense, but from where it was, not so good. Not so great. I understand that this was written shortly after the death of her own young daughter, and some of this was understandable, such as Claudia’s issues with never aging and always being “a doll”, but there were other places where it was downright disturbing. I was incredibly excited when Armand was brought in, as he always was my favourite vampire. Something that also never made sense to me with this book (it was not the first that I read) was the total misrepresentation of Lestat. He is not at all in any of the other books as he was described here. I also got annoyed by how Louis would drift away into pointless soliloquy of the beauty around him. There were strong undertones of homo-eroticism throughout the novel, and Louis was such a negative, depressed Nelly ever. I am not a real fan of emos, and this was just one of those “over the line” instances for me. Ugh. But at least nothing sparkled here, and things are a little darker in here, which is why I enjoyed these books so much when I was younger. Apparently I do need to reread these, seeing as this was a total shock to my system upon re-examining it. The book is not particularly gripping (again I state most likely because I have found myself in between all these years) and it’s really slow. It just doesn’t flow perfectly and pull you in. This does not mean it is a terrible book, it’s an alright read, just nothing to write home about. I am so scared I get to the rest of the books and they all disappoint me like this again… ugh, I will have to sell them all, though it took me years to collect :/

August Blind Spot Review: The King of Comedy (1982)

the king of comedy

“Better to be king for a night than schmuck for a lifetime.”
– Rupert Pupkin

SYNOPSIS: Aspiring comic Rupert Pupkin wants to achieve success in show biz by stalking his idol, a late night talk-show host who craves his own privacy. – via IMDB

the king of comedy

GRADE 8Naturally this made my list because it is a Scorsese flick with exceptionally good reviews and something I haven’t seen before. It starts off slow, not boring, just slow, like you aren’t really sure what is going on. However, the minute it gets into full swing, Rupert Pupkin is no longer the guy you feel for, just trying to get a foot in the door of Hollywood and comedy. No, sirree. He is pushy and really weird and you cringe watching him, it is so desperate and embarrassing. The themes here, whether subtle or in your face, are something that is undeniably common in today’s society, and that is truly strange. De Niro delivers one hell of a performance, hands down. He was brilliant, and his timing in this was excellent. Naturally, when he and Scorsese team up you are bound to get something good. The movie might start off lightly, but it devolves into pretty dark comedy, which is always comedy that I enjoy. I appreciate the way the movie examined celebrity obsession from both ends of the scale, and I really felt for Jerry. The lengths that some people will go to to achieve fame is incredible, and the desperation the famous covet some privacy just shows you it isn’t all that it is cracked up to be. All Jerry wanted was some privacy. All Rupert wanted was a chance to shine. Then let’s just talk about Marsha for one deranged second. Oh. My. God. That was just lunacy at it’s worst. I mean Rupert was quite a handful to deal with, but she was totally off the rails. Wowee! Anyway, The King of Comedy is directed well, has a fascinating story and great pacing to deliver it to you, some outstanding performances all round and works incredibly well. If you have not checked it out, it is well worth it, and if you are into dark comedy, this might tickle your fancy.


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