Top Ten Film Moments That Haunt Me: Silver Screen Serenade

So Cara from Silver Screen Serenade went with something slightly different for her top ten list today. Cara has an awesome blog that features a whole lot of stuff and a really cool review layout, and hosted the Resolutions 2014 blogathon earlier this year which was a cool thing to get involved in and get up, be productive and watch those movies you have been putting off for such a long time! Also, she is the winner of Shitfest: Winter (2014)! Definitely worth looking into and a lot of fun, I now move over to give you Cara’s top ten!

Should you be interested in submitting a Top Ten list, draw up a list of either your top ten personal favourite movies or a top ten list by a specific genre/theme and send it along to me at Hope to see a few more lists!

silver screen serenade

Top 10 Film Moments That Haunt Me

I don’t know about you guys, but I love scary movies. For me, the thrill of a well-done horror is one of the best thrills you can get. Great horrors get your heart racing, your blood pumping, and your brain churning—all things that can keep you wide-eyed and terrified when you go to bed, but it’s a risk that you have to run. The following ten film moments may not be the scariest moments to everyone, but they’re the ones that send a chill down my spine just thinking about them.

10: The Doll Family (Insidious)

Insidious may not be the scariest movie out there, but you’ve got to admit that it has some fairly freaky moments. This is arguably the freakiest of them. Concerned father Josh has entered the ghostly realm of The Further to search for his lost son, and he comes across a family with strange, doll-like faces. Their eerie history plays out in front of him, and then they all pop up to say hello to Josh with unnatural smiles. Eeeeeek!

 9: In the Corner (The Blair Witch Project)

blair witch

It certainly takes a lot of time before we get to anything truly scary in The Blair Witch Project, but this tense, creepy scene makes for quite a finale. Heather and Mike go inside a spooky house in search of their lost friend. However, the two are eventually separated, and Heather later comes to the basement to find Mike standing in a corner—where the Blair Witch liked to send her victims before she killed them. The camera cuts out shortly after that, but it’s easy to guess what happens. The idea of it leaves you a little chilled…

 8: Lawn Work (Sinister)


Aside from the very top moment, this is the creepiest film moment I’ve ever experienced in a movie theater (the other films I watched in the safety of my own home). True-crime writer Ellison finds a box of 8mm home movies in his new house, and, to his horror, each one shows grisly family murders.  The film labeled “Lawn Work” is the worst of these, showing a lawnmower moving in the dark and eventually coming to a tied-up body…It doesn’t show anything, but you can guess what happens. The moment sneaks up, leaving both the viewers and Ellison thoroughly shaken and a little sick.

 7: The Twins (The Shining)

Ah, the twins. What on Earth would we do without them? Arguably the scariest twins in the history of scary twins (a long history, I’m sure), these gals scare the bejesus out of poor Danny Torrance, who only wants to ride his trike. Danny rounds the corner to find these ghostly young ladies standing down the hall, speaking at the same time and in the same tone and staring at him with their matching dead eyes…Brrrr. Did it just get colder in here?

The Shining Honorable Mention: The Typewriter

This is a worthy moment that I had to mention. Wendy Torrance discovers the depths of her husband Jack’s insanity when she sees what he’s been writing: one sentence over and over again. Creepy to the max.

 6: The Crawlers (The Descent)

descent 1

One of my very favorite creature features, The Descent also has one of my top scary moments. When a group of tough ladies goes on a spelunking trip to a series of unexplored caves, they soon find themselves trapped and pursued by creepy, dangerous predators. The film dubs these beasties “crawlers,” and they are humanlike, but extremely pale and basically sightless. Oh yeah, and they have the munchies for raw flesh. The first time you see one of these nasty buggers via night vision, it’ll give you a major case of the willies.

 5: Toca la Pared (The Orphanage)

Spanish horror The Orphanage (aka El Orfanato) has been one of my absolute favorite scary films for some time. The premise is just too cool: Laura moves into her old orphanage with her husband and son, hoping to fix the place up and make it into a home for disabled children. But ghosts of the orphans—the kids Laura grew up with—linger. At one point, she decides to play a game with these ghosts—a game they played when she was little. It’s called “toca la pared,” or “knock on the wall,” and it is the most terrifying game ever. That’s all I’m sayin’.

The Orphanage Honorable Mention: The Mask

orphanage mask

Another one I simply must mention: any time we see the above mask, which I’m pretty sure was once a burlap sack used to tote around nightmares, children’s tears, and the spawn of Satan. Just guessing, though.

 4: Samara Says Hello (The Ring)


A unique horror tale of a video tape that kills, The Ring as a whole is pretty freaky, but all of its other scary moments combined do not add up to the terrifying final minutes of the film, when angry ghost child Samara crawls out of the damn TV to kill someone. Just the way she walks toward the camera and how she emerges from the screen, dripping and dragging herself and looking all nasty…UGH. I CAN’T.

 3: The Spider-Walk (The Exorcist)

Some people might not even be aware of this moment in The Exorcist, as I believe it’s only on the extended edition, but it just haunts me. Poor, possessed Regan has already begun to show signs of not exactly being herself, but if I recall, the spider-walk down the stairs pretty much seals the deal for her mother to seek an exorcism. It’s so unnatural and eerie that it gets me every time…

The Exorcist Honorable Mention: The Head Spin

This is probably the scariest Exorcist scene for most viewers, and it’s a very, very close second for me. Regardless of the second place ribbon I gave it, it’s one of the most iconic horror film moments. Also, one more gif because I couldn’t resist…

2: The Creature ([Rec])

This…this is the scariest creature I have ever seen in my life. [Rec] is a pretty freaky found-footage style Spanish film. If you’ve seen Quarantine, it’s basically the same thing, but the creature at the end of [Rec] is much, MUCH scarier. TV reporter Ángela has found her way to a secret room in the apartment complex where she is quarantined due to the outbreak of a mysterious disease. This room is where the disease began, and as Ángela and her cameraman look around, the creature pops up. The way it looks and the way it moves…Oh man. Again, I just CAN’T. Literally, I almost couldn’t watch the end.

 1: The Possession (Paranormal Activity)

I’m sure plenty of people would disagree, but for me this is the scary moment. Poor Katie and her idiot boyfriend Micah have been tormented by an angry demon for quite a while, and bit by bit it has been chipping away at Katie’s nerves until finally she’s vulnerable enough for it to take hold—and boy does it take hold. Katie has completely gone over the edge in the final moments of the film, and after a dramatic finale with lots of staring and yelling and violence, Katie sneaks in for a final close-up, and her face…changes. Creeps. Me. Out. It’s such a tense moment that sometimes I can’t even stand to watch it.

Paranormal Activity Honorable Mention: Katie Gets Dragged

night-paranormal-activity-terror-Favimcom-235361.gif (500×267)

Though the very end of Paranormal Activity is the moment that gets me the most, this is another scary one. Suddenly, the demon takes on a much more physical role, actually dragging Katie out of bed. It’s enough to make you wrap yourself up tight in bed and sleep with a light on.

83 thoughts on “Top Ten Film Moments That Haunt Me: Silver Screen Serenade

      1. yes, no problem. Amd for some reason, I like the sound of spoken Japanese.
        Amd you know, it’s Asian… so, it’s kind of ” mysterious” or something, ha ha.


      2. I came from the Philippines, and can understand the language. I’ve seen quite a few Filipino horror movies. Darn, they’re scary ! ! Somehow, they are different from American horror .


    1. Y’know, I saw the Japanese version and I actually didn’t care for it as much. It does seem like as a whole most people prefer it, but for some reason it didn’t click as well for me.


  1. Most of them are not your common variety ghosts stories. they are about monsters, like the as-wangs, etc. As-wangs are just , oh, maybe your neighbors, or a family that live in the woods. At night, they turn into aswangs,… they eat human livers, newly born babies, or babies still in their mothers; wombs. What makes it scarier is that people really believe they exist. My mother told us she even has relatives whom the townspeople believe are as-wangs. Sheesh. My mother thinks it’s stupid. So, yeah, that’s how it is.

    Hey, google these terms…. aswang. manananggal. tiktik


      1. Why do they think that ? It’s a long story. the family had to move to another town far away.

        You know, I guest posted on jmount’s blog. I’ll give you the link later. It’s a true ghost story.


      2. I just mean in the cultures, how beliefs are different. I live in South Africa and some of the communities also honest to goodness believe in some pretty supernatural things (such as tokoloshes, etc). Just interesting how all the cultures are different.

        Wow, that is not cool.

        Would love to check it out!


      3. For some reaon, I ‘m not able to give a clickable link on comment section.

        But I have it on one of my posts… I think it’s in Nov. 2013. I only have 2 posts a month, so it’s pretty easy to look for that post.


  2. What a great list! I’m a total wimp when it comes to horror but I have actually seen some of these! I love The Descent and The Orphanage though, and of course The Shining. In The Ring, the thing I found most scary wasn’t her coming out of the TV but the actual video tape itself. That thing creeped the crap out me!


    1. Thanks, Chris! Yeah the tape itself is super creeper, too. I think I actually wanted to do that as an honorable mention, but maybe I couldn’t find a good pic or something? I don’t remember. It was hard to narrow this list down…


  3. I’m scared just reading this list.

    Horror is definitely NOT my thing and this list proves that I know whats good for me and whats not 🙂

    Thanks for the scare Cara and Zoe!


    1. Lol! Hope it didn’t scare you TOO much, Rob! And Ruth, I can’t directly reply to your comment (silly WordPress doesn’t give me the reply option for you), but I hope you see this–thank you sooo much for submitting the list! You’re too sweet! 😀


  4. I am relieved to say I haven’t seen most of these but I have to agree on The Ring. That was pretty much the movie that ended my interest in horror.


  5. Oh man, that Exorcist one definitely, still haunts me to this day!! That’s why I can’t handle horror flicks Zoe. Great idea for a list btw, though I don’t know if I want to spend the time thinking about it, I want these scenes out of my head, ahah.


    1. Bahahaha this list seems to have given a lot of people their scare quota for the day. Next time I send a list to Zoe, I’ll make it about puppies or something equally happy to make up for it. Lol. Thanks, Ruth!


  6. Reblogged this on Silver Screen Serenade and commented:
    So, as usual, Zoe has been up to awesome things over at The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger. Right now she’s been posting really fun movie-themed top ten lists, and when she sent out requests, I couldn’t pass up the chance to write one. My list? Top Ten Film Moments That Haunt Me. Go check it out–if you dare… 😉


    1. Great choices, Cara! And love this top ten series, Zoe! : ) Totally with you on most these. The Shining is probably the creepiest movie EVER (and all-time best horror). I’m actually really creeped out by The Blair Witch Project! But I know a lot of people hate it. And Rec was great/creepy. And The Orphanage is just…. AWESOME! Love it. And The Descent too! The only ones I didn’t really go for are numbers 10 & 1! Good stuff, Cara. : )


  7. Great list. Spider walk from The Exorcist always gets me – but you have made me feel better with the “whip my hair back and forth” gif lol.

    My top ten list would be Tim Curry in every scene from IT. Hate that clown.


    1. Hahaha that is exactly what I was trying to do with that gif! A little humor never hurts. 😉 I have never actually seen It, and I feel like a bad horror fan because of that. On my list!


      1. LOL nothing wrong with gifs 🙂
        Stephen King’s IT – watched that as a kid. Don’t watch that film alone lol. I’ve never been able to view clowns in the same way again (correction – THAT clown in the same way again).

        I recently watched The Woman in Black. I’m pretty sure some of those scenes would have made my top ten.


      2. The Woman in Black wasn’t bad! I had hoped for a slightly better film, but I enjoyed it well enough. I did think when she appeared behind him in the window was pretty scary. *shiver*


  8. Great list 🙂 I remember our school teacher letting us watch the Exorcist when I was 14 (he was a bit crazy) and I couldn’t sleep for the next few weeks! Haven’t seen REC but I’m very curious now – maybe I’ll surprise the girlfriend and watch it with her :p


    1. You watched The Exorcist when you were 14?! Oh man. Your teacher was more than a bit crazy, I’d say! Lol. I hope you’re not still scarred from that! Definitely give REC a shot. Very tense throughout and the ending is…well, you saw the gif. Haha.


  9. Great list Cara! I hate the latter Paranormal Activity movies, but your choice was spot on. That scene also freaked me out. I think The Shining wasn’t that scary, but I really hate the twins lol. Have you watched Shutter (2004) by the way? It’s a Thailand movie and it’s still one of the best horror film I’ve seen 🙂


    1. Agreed, Mesh–the latter PA movies suck big time, but the first one is, in my opinion, a very solid, very scary film. The Shining is generally more strange and eerie than truly scary, but those twins…eeek! Lol. You know, I’ve wondered about the original Shutter. I have seen the American remake, and it was dreadful. The original is pretty good though?


      1. I heard The Shining novel is better, have you read it? I have watched the Hollywood remake of Shutter and it was nothing compared to the original one. I definitely recommend it 🙂


      2. I have read the novel! Honestly, it’s hard to compare the two because they’re so very different. Jack is actually much more sympathetic and the ending is completely different in the book. I love them both for different reasons. If you’re curious about it, you should definitely check it out! I’ll have to see if I can track down the original Shutter! Sounds pretty good!


  10. What an excellent post, you two!!!!

    That scene you mention in The Descent…… don’t tell anyone but….. I screamed a little…….. SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH




      1. It’s a commonly retold story here at THE IPC HOUSE. That and the time that me and MRS IPC went to Norman, OK for some lunch and ran into Bob Stoops. You might have to really be into college football to get this but:

        MRS IPC: Hey..! That’s Bob Stoops.
        ME (looking): No that’s Cale Gundy… remember? I pissed on his foot one night at Iguana Lounge back when he was our QB.
        *A few minutes pass*
        MRS IPC: Look. See? It’s Coach Stoops. I guess he went to (*says demurely) poop… or something.

        That’s about how it went with that scene, but with happiness and not scarediness.

        I guess, think:

        ME (watching The Descent): hmm hmmm mmm hmmm hmm mm lalalla AAAAAAAACK!!!!!
        MRS IPC: What’s going on up there???
        ME (paaaaaaaaaaauuuuuuussssseee): nothing….


  11. Great list, Cara. No surprise, given my general ignorance of most things horror, but I’m unfamiliar with many of them. Those I do know (The Exorcist, The Blair Witch, The Shining and Insidious) are all pretty creepy.


  12. Can’t really argue with much on this list, I have never seen any of The Paranormal Activity movies (yay for me!), so I can’t weigh in on that.

    I’d personally add the moment Clarisse is searching around in Buffalo Bill’s basement, where Bill has the night vision goggles on and she can’t see anything. That moment consistently makes me keep changing pants. I had to stop watching The Silence of the Lambs because I ran out of clean jockies.


  13. Holy crap did this just scare me. I’m passing this on to everyone. Great post! I’ll have to try something like this on my site. I like your site btw, keep up the great work!


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