Rapid Review: The Purge: Anarchy (2014)

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“The unwritten Purge rule: don’t save lives. Tonight we take lives. We make things manageable.”
– Big Daddy

SYNOPSIS: Three groups of people are trying to survive Purge Night, when their stories intertwine and are left stranded in The Purge trying to survive the chaos and violence that occurs. – via IMDB

the purge anarchy

So, I reviewed The Purge some time ago, and it was a movie I did not like. I even lamented the fact that it had a sequel coming, but oh boy, how wrong was I? I popped this in recently to watch with my husband, though we had no real faith, even though most reviewers said it was an improvement on the first. What ensued was 103 minutes of a total blast. We had a great time with this movie.

This is what I had been hoping for in the first one, not some run of the mill home invasion with some crazy plotsie going on outside. No, sir, I wanted to see what was going on outside, what would happen if you weren’t supposed to be outside, and what happened if you weren’t one of the very rich who could afford a state of the art security system. The Purge: Anarchy delivered on all those fronts and more. Sure, if you are going to sit and spend hours thinking too long, hard, and seriously about this, you will probably find nothing but fault with the concept and the implementation, etc. However, if you sit down, suspend reality to accept that the United States has a Purge Day on the 22nd of March each year for twelve hours, you are in for a good time.

Sure, the movie was predictable in places, but this actually didn’t hurt the film at all, because you are so drawn in, enthralled by this crazy concept. This movie was absolutely Frank Grillo’s movie – he was freaking fantastic! While the other characters are there and a part of this group, the one that really interests you is Grillo’s Sergeant. He dominates when he is on screen, and is a majorly compelling character. Grillo is definitely an underappreciated actor. I think that the score was also perfectly suited to the movie, and I liked it a lot.

I think that the Purge series is quite ambitious, but if they keep it up as they have, and don’t get stuck in the unimaginative rut of the first film, these could be movies well worth watching. Anyway, I thought that this was an exceptional improvement over the first dull entry to the franchise, and it definitely tapped into the potential that was there to work with, and I think the implementation was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I do think, however, that one might like this if it is the only entry you have seen in the franchise, but one would definitely appreciate it more if one sees where is originally came from.

19 thoughts on “Rapid Review: The Purge: Anarchy (2014)

  1. Great review Zoe! I want to watch this even more now (and I wanted to anyway!).

    I’m one of the very few people who actually enjoyed the first The Purge (though I had such low expectations I think that helped!). I am going to move this up my Watch List 🙂

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    1. Thanks lady!

      Ooooh, do bump it up! I didn’t expect much (low expectations can really help hahahaha) and was totally surprised by this. I do hope you enjoy this when you get to it!

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      1. I will do! I’ll let you know my thoughts 🙂 low expectations can help an awful lot can’t they! By the time I watched the first Purge movie it was on Netflix and I knew everyone hated it, so that inadvertently helped me enjoy it!

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    1. The concept is very interesting! Definitely worth checking out at some stage Jordan! While the first is messy, it is definitely worth watching to get a thorough understanding of the whole concept, and to appreciate all that this film has done right!


      1. be naughty, download it 😛 Its one of the funniest, surreal and well-written show on TV imo. Its like Futurama, but soooooo much better. A truly insane level of creativity

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  2. I love the support for this movie, a definite step up from the Ethan Hawke-home-invasion flick that game before it. Ugh ! How they only could have kept the momentum going. But something actually tells me you will have a better time with the third one than I did. I think I thought too much about it but I have to say, I did like this one though. Grillo is the man

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    1. I’m pleased to hear you liked this one at least! The first was a total waste. I expected to hate this one too, and had a total blast. If one sits and thinks too much about the concept of The Purge – a lot of issues will come up. For sheer popcorn entertainment with a slight twist, this movie was totally the way to go. Still looking forward o Election Year – but have reigned in expectations – the overall consensus seems to be quite disappointing.

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