The Vampire Diaries: Season 5 (2013 – 2014)

vampire diaries season 5


What I liked:

  • Everyone getting together to drink on Katherine “dying”. Even though the bitch avoided it (again), it was really hilarious to watch everyone drinking for all the wrongs she had inflicted on them.
  • Elena and Damon finally getting more warm screen time (I complained last season that, while together, it was really not as great as when Stefan and Elena were together). It gets better though, and gosh, I have been waiting for this. So long because they have amazing chemistry together.
  • Stefan and Caroline getting closer. I really like this, there is so much potential. But he still isn’t Klaus. Just saying.
  • Caroline and Klaus finally, just that once, dropping all defenses. I was beyond thrilled, let me just tell you this! Like eeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Oh my gosh, and it was hot, too! Just seeing them (however briefly) give into their lust was so worth waiting for.

Oh. My. God. I have been waiting too long for this.

  • Luke. I like him more than Liv, though she gets more screen time, unfortunately. Oh well. I think he is sassy and super cool. I hope we see more of him soon.
  • Damon Salvatore. Yes. Again. That guy just owns every season, really. He went from perfectly happy, to absolutely crushed (how much pain and suffering can one dude endure?!), to vindictive and deadly. Typical Damon, and it was awesome to watch.
  • Damon and Enzo. This has the potential to be such a great friendship, albeit complicated. I quite like Enzo – he is an enigma, and just does what he wants.

vampire diaries season 5 damon and enzo

  • Bonnie and Jeremy kicking it together. I think these two are great together, I do, and when they finally got to their, uhm, intimate time? It was perfect. Really.

What I didn’t like:

  • Katherine. Katherine. Katherine. That chick peeves the hell out of me, and now I had to spend such a chunk of the season watching her. Ugh.
  • This season struggled a bit with finding its feet – introducing college, a new doppelganger theory, the Augustine section, bringing Bonnie back, the whole katoot was just a bit crazy. The show lacked any real, serious direction.
  • This whole “doppelganger destiny for life” concept is getting really old and really boring. I am so over hearing about how Elena and Stefan are simply destined to be, and that is just how it is going to be.
  • With all this drama going down with the Travelers working to undo witch magic, where were the Originals? Don’t tell me that they didn’t have a vested interest in surviving?
  • Not really any Klaus. I miss Klaus. So much.

vampire diaries season 5 study buddies

GRADE 7Yeah, this season, this season that was all over the show and had ten million stories going, ten million plots, all simultaneously. I was not happy about Bonnie being a ghost, I do like the girl a lot, and it was so sad to see her with just Jeremy, and how much it hurt him, and I was so pleased when they finally brought her back, even though that meant she was the anchor to the Other Side, and that brought a whole new set of irritations with it. Then there was the whole Silas/Qetsiyah story arc that just irritated me. Get to the damn point already, and move on. That took up time. Let us then not forget about the Travelers (not even for one moment), and how that turned into a whole thing of Katherine Pearce taking over Elena’s body, and becoming a vampire again (let’s face it, her being human got old quickly, and she was still irritating as heck). There was the inevitable heartbreak of Damon, because, you know, let’s constantly just crush the man. Naturally that led to Damon being Damon and going dark side and crazy, cause it is just what he does. I still miss Alaric a lot, and I was not pleased with how little Klaus there was this season. I miss seeing him and Caroline together 😦 Sad me. BUT LET US JUST TALK ABOUT KLAUS AND CAROLINE AND THE YUMMY FOR JUST A MINUTE! I can’t help it. It has been driving me crazy since season three. Gosh, it was rewarding to see Klaus and Caroline drop their inhibitions for a few moments. I need more now though. For reals. Tyler is treating Caroline like a real dweeb, and that isn’t cool. I did miss Klaus in this season, but it is also good to see the show finding its own feet again, with its own villains, etc. and moving away from the Originals a bit. Okay, then I must also say, Bonnie coming back and kicking it with Jeremy again? Love. Bonnie and Jeremy getting… intimate the first time? Hot. I am going to say it. There, it’s out. The end was also getting a little outrageous, what with the promise of bringing everyone back, and I was not pleased about Bonnie being in the crosshairs yet again. It crushed me in the end when Bonnie called Jeremy, and he came screaming into the woods looking for her, and Damon getting stuck on the other side, and how that completely crushed Elena. Really, that last bit was awful to watch 😦

vampire diaries season 5 bonnie funeral

12 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries: Season 5 (2013 – 2014)

    1. As much as I enjoy The Vampire Diaries, I find it to be a wildly inconsistent show, albeit ridiculously entertaining. It goes back and forth, but after the Originals exited, there was never a seriously real threat again, that is true.

      Between the two shows, The Originals is definitely the more solid series for sure.

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      1. Without giving away any spoilers for the S6 and S7 but the whole Elena situation and the endless sacrifice for her got boring. Seriously I miss Katherine. As duplicitous as she was, at least she was fun.

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      2. Ughhhhhhh I am so with you on that, the whining and the sacrificing is just so meh by now, we have seen it done every damn season so far. I don’t know if I can say that I miss Katherine hahaha, I used to get way too irritated when she was around.

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      3. Katherine was fun…in her own evil way lol. But seriously Elena, everyone is sacrificing themselves for her. The problem is because they are always leaving the door open for characters to return or getting Bonnie to cast some convenient witch magic to bring them back, there’s no actual consequences to these sacrifices. Every season is just a repeatition of the same thing. To quote The LEGO Batman movie trailer – “Life doesn’t give you seatbelts!”

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      4. I agree – initially it was something when Bonnie brought someone back or whatever the case was, now? I am not really worried anymore when someone dies or is lost or something.

        Bwahahaha, great quote!

        Flaws and all, this is definitely a guilty pleasure show of mine xD I never, ever would have expected it.

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  1. I really haven’t minded any of the seasons, even when they got bogged down with too many plots. I couldn’t stand Bonnie for the longest time as I thought her the most annoying person, but I haven’t minded her these last couple years. I still prefer The Originals better, especially this last season which was just killer.

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    1. Yeah, I must say that this show is ridiculously entertaining, flaws and all. Except the cure plot line, which peeved me endlessly.

      I can’t help it, although they haven’t really had a great villain on here since Klaus, it’s still addictive. The Originals is certainly the better show between the two, but this is still addictive and fun. Hmmmm, I know a few people that would agree with you on Bonnie, but she never really got on my nerves.

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