Rapid Review: The Sacrament (2013)


“We were doing something great down here. We were gonna change the world. This was only the beginning. Why couldn’t you leave us alone? What harm were we doing down here?”

PLOT: “A news team trails a man as he travels to an undisclosed location to find his missing sister. Upon entering “Eden Parish” and meeting the community’s leader, it becomes apparent to the newcomers that this paradise may not be as it seems.”- via IMDB


GRADE 7This is just another one of the found footage films I have seen recently. This came in highly recommended by Eric of The IPC (incidentally, Chop, I am starting to wonder if you have some secretive found footage fetish or something). Aside from that, nothing fresh or new or anything like that (again). Albeit that it is pretty formulaic and all, it was shot very well, and there was a lot of attention to detail… with the exception of the scene with the handcuffs and the chair which springs to mind. Some things missed the mark a little, and it was a slow burn (which is really not a problem for me). The pacing was alright, I was never stone bored or anything like that. The movie definitely conveyed that cult feeling, and cannot be faulted for that. It was entertaining and well shot, but it feels as though Ti West may have been wasting his talents here, jumping into the found footage fountain. The acting was decent, the cast alright, and Gene Jones was excellent as Father. Watching A.J. Bowen and Joe Swanberg getting along so well was pretty entertaining for me seeing as how they hated each other in You’re Next (2013). Definitely worth checking out at least once if you have not done so already.

Sporadic Scene: Lawless (2012) – Just Like You To Believe Your Own Legend

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My latest entry for the latest Shitfest…

Dear goodness, this is something even the Shitfest Master Eric won’t watch!

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under the bed poster

(just in case someone really wants to waste their time and look into this hunk of junk)

I know I am not one to spoil on movies, and usually I am pretty quiet on it. But this one… just no. I have to forewarn you all. I have to bitch, enough that you can understand why this was such a waste of life.

What the hell did I watch? This is like material that Eric usually watches (though even he wouldn’t touch this one and even laughed at me for having watched it)… I cannot even begin to articulate it, though I am going to try my best. I don’t even think that this will go on very long, either, which is alright too.

WHY, WHY, WHY?! First off, why the heck was the older brother with his aunt all…

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Review: The Iceman (2012)

the iceman poster

Richard Kuklinski (Michael Shannon) meets and marries the woman of his dreams, Deborah Pellicotti (Winona Ryder). Kuklinski claims to have worked for Disney, though it comes out much later that he was actually in the porn business. One night the tapes are not ready, and Roy Demeo (Ray Liotta) and his crew comes calling. Kuklinski promises to have the tapes ready, and goes for a meeting with Demeo the next day where Demeo asks him to come and work for him after shutting down the porn business. He feels that Kuklinski is cold and efficient, and asks him to murder a homeless man as proof. Kuklinski does as he is told, and Demeo keeps the gun as evidence.

the iceman getting into business

Kuklinski now works exclusively for Demeo, and is not to take jobs on the side. Kuklinski is happy with the arrangement, and becomes a renowned and respected assassin in his field. Kuklinksi and Deborah now have two children together, Betsy and Anabel (McKaley Miller). Kuklinksi gives his wife everything she has ever wanted and his daughters are in private Catholic school. Life seems to be going well for Kuklinski. However, trouble breeds on the horizon when Demeo has problems with one of his guys and when Kuklinski refuses to kill a seventeen-year-old girl at one of his jobs. Robert “Mr Freezy” Pronge (Chris Evans) tells Demeo that he had to sort out the girl, and ultimately the mob politics lead to Kuklinski becoming unemployed. He is not allowed to take jobs on the side but desperate to stay in the game, he is good at what he does.

the iceman stiarcase

“You see the Iceman crying?” – Richard Kuklinski

Kuklinksi becomes bitter and increasingly angry, scaring his wife and children. He needs to get back into the game or he will lose his mind. He visits his brother who makes the ominous prediction that Kuklinski will end up in prison just like him, with his family writing him off completely. Kuklinski still works very hard to keep his personal and his professional life separate, but since being laid off caution is thrown in the wind. He notices the need to get back to work in fear of scaring his family off, which means the world to him. Striking a deal with Mr Freezy, Kuklinski is now the assassin behind the veil, the person no one knows about. Freezy pulls the jobs, Kuklinski executes the targets, and they both get paid. Together they will then cut up the victim and freeze them, making it impossible for authorities to determine time of death.  It goes without say that Demeo cannot know that Kuklinski is working with Mr Freezy. Slowly but surely though people start talking, and Demeo starts asking questions, and just like that Kuklinski’s perfectly created façade starts to crack, and he works hard to pull it all together again and remain in control.

the iceman kuklinski at work

“I only feel alone around other people. Couldn’t be truer.” – Mr Freezy

Will Demeo figure out that Kuklinski is working with Mr Freezy, despite his strict ban on working with others? Will Kuklinski be able to keep his family life and business life separated, as much as he wants to? Will his wife and children remain clueless as to his daily activities? Will his past deeds eventually catch up to him?

GRADE 6.5Michael Shannon was completely amazing to watch, and is probably what saved this movie in the long run. Not that it was bad; there were just a few issues with it. I also enjoyed Chris Evans, his character gave me a bit of a sadistic giggle, though there is really nothing that should actually be amusing in here, you can’t help but find the moments where it happens. Michael Shannon played the family man role down pat, and got the icy and sinister side of his character down too. Ray Liotta was decent for what he did, but there were moments where it simply just didn’t work. The style that the film was shot in was good for what it portrayed. The plot was laid out just fine, and it was not an issue following what happened. However, I really feel that more effort could have gone into wrapping the film up at the end; it left a lot to be desired. It just felt like a bit of a missed opportunity for me, which was really a pity seeing as the cast was fine, and the story was interesting.

Film Club: Star Wars Episode IV A New Hope


So the very first edition of film club came to be this weekend, and we tackled Star Wars (1977). Check it out over here!

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Film Club is an idea that I have been toying with for a while now. Originally it was a feature I was going to do on my own where once a month I would try to dissect a film, whether it be a renowned classic or something more modern. After a while though, I thought this was a feature best suited to multiple reviews, from various perspectives.  With that I emailed a few fellow bloggers who were more than willing to get on board with the idea and help me out, and Film Club was born.

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Top Ten Actors I Would Watch In Almost Anything

Abbi from Where the Wild Things Are had another fantastic top ten list when she spoke of her top ten actors that would get her to watch just about anything. If you do not follow the delightful Abbi, that is considered to be a heinous crime that should be corrected immediately. Trust me, you will only be doing yourself a favour. I decided that she had such a wonderful list, I just had to get involved, and so I did! Anyhow, enough babbling, here are my top ten actors that could get me to watch just about anything (in no particular order – except my first three, of course).

Should you be interested in submitting a Top Ten list, draw up a top ten list and send it along to me at sporadiczoe@hotmail.com.

Leonardo DiCaprio


Where is the love: Come on, you people know me. I can moon over DiCaprio for a lifetime, I think he is the best thing ever. He is a solid actor, immerses himself in his roles and gives it his best, and can play any character you give him, no matter what. He always becomes his character, which makes quite the difference.
Best role: Sheesh, this isn’t even a little bit fair at all. I suppose if I must though, I would go with Jordan Belfort in The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
The one even he couldn’t convince me to see: None so far.

Dane DeHaan


Where is the love: He’s freaking adorable, and he is such a talented actor. If I see DeHaan’s name attached to a project, I am invariably there. He is exceptionally underrated, and I am hoping since the last Amazing Spider-Man movie we will be seeing plenty more of him.
Best role: Cricket Pate in Lawless (2012)
The one even he couldn’t convince me to see: Amigo (2010)

James McAvoy

Picture 007

Where is the love: He’s Scottish, gifted, entertaining, and unafraid to push himself, whether it leaves him a pretty boy or a twit  on screen, he tackles it all.
Best role: Bruce Robertson in Filth (2013)
The one even he couldn’t convince me to see: Gnomeo and Juliet (2011) - voice actor

Tom Hardy

tom hardy

Where is the love: The man is just a joy to watch. He pushes himself, doesn’t merely do one role, and is unafraid to test the boundaries. Plus the way he presents any character is just awesome.
Best role: Forrest Bondurant in Lawless (2012)
The one even he couldn’t convince me to see: This Means War (2012)

Zachary Quinto


Where is the love: I love everything about this guy. I think that he is a highly underappreciated actor and that he needs far more recognition. He’s thrilling, impressive, dedicated and awesome every moment he is on screen.
Best role: Because he has been in more series than anything else, I am going to give it as Spock in the Star Trek movies and as Sylar in Heroes (2006 – 2010) as a series.
The one even he couldn’t convince me to see: Lizzie Maguire (2002)… looks like it was just an episode, but not the point. I am not watching that.

Edward Norton

Norton, Edward

Where is the love:  I believe he is quite the prick to work with and all that, but it cannot be denied that the man has acting chops. I absolutely love watching him on screen, whether in a title role or just a supporting character, he never fails to mesmerize.
Best role: Sherbet, this is more difficult than I thought. I mean think of Red Dragon and Fight Club… Right, I am going to go with Derek Vinyard in American History X (1998)
The one even he couldn’t convince me to see: The Incredible Hulk (2008)

Brad Pitt


Where is the love: I always hate hearing that he is so successful because he is an attractive man. I don’t think that is a fair assessment at all. Brad Pitt always deliver the goods, no matter what he is in. He always manages to steal the show when he appears.
Best role: Tyler Durden in Fight Club (1999)
The one even he couldn’t convince me to see: The Counselor (2013)

Benedict Cumberbatch


Where is the love: I am relatively new to the whole Cumberbatch obsession thing. I have always thought that he was a good actor, but recently he has just been throwing out phenomenal performances left, right, and centre, and keeps amusing, entertaining, and owning all his roles.
Best role: Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock (2010 - present) - to note, this is what really gave my admiration way to fester into a big fan.
The one even he couldn’t convince me to see: The Other Boleyn Girl (2008)

Christian Bale


Where is the love: The man has perfected his art and his craft. He is always worth going to check out, no matter the movie. He convinces you of the character that he plays, and that it isn’t just a role for him.
Best role:  Another difficult one… but Alfred Borden in The Prestige (2006)
The one even he couldn’t convince me to see: Harsh Times (2005)

Denzel Washington


Where is the love: Denzel Washington… what an actor! He has played just about everything, and he has played it all with a finesse rarely seen. Considering he is such a great action star, it is amazing that he can play anything else across the board.
Best role: Frank Lucas in American Gangster (2007)
The one even he couldn’t convince me to see: Carbon Copy (1981)

Honourable Mentions:

Evan Peters


Where is the love: Have you laid eyes on this guy? Well, then we are on the same page. But aside from that, I think he is really good at what he does, and has a very demanding screen presence, to be thoroughly honest.
Best role: Tate Langdon in American Horror Story: Murder House (2011)
The one even he couldn’t convince me to see: Never Back Down 2: The Beatdown (2011)

Cillian Murphy


Where is the love: He is engaging, subtle, commanding… he is all the things I love to see in an actor. He never really overdoes anything, and he just knows how to reel you in, no matter what he is doing.
Best role: Robert Capa in Sunshine (2007)
The one even he couldn’t convince me to see: The Edge of Love (2008)

Ralph Fiennes


Where is the love: He is always fascinating to watch, always adding substance to any project he is attached to. He’s also played just about everything, and perfected playing the bad guy, but you can still watch him in any other role and not get hung up on how he is supposed to be evil.
Best role: M. Gustave in The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) - to note, I didn’t see this happening but wow, he was fantastic in here!
The one even he couldn’t convince me to see: Maid in Manhattan (2002)

Robert Downey Jr.

robert downey jr

Where is the love: Well, everyone knows Robert Downey Jr. now and all, but before Iron Man I always liked him. Before being a big star he was a favourite of mine, and next thing I knew he was everywhere and only Tony Stark. He is very good, entertaining, dry, quick wit and fast, delivering his lines flawlessly, which is always fun, fun.
Best role: Harry Lockhart in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)
The one even he couldn’t convince me to see: The Shaggy Dog (2006)

Michael Fassbender


Where is the love: He’s good, he’s solid, he’s dependable, and can really, really nail the role of jackass, though at the same time you can sort of understand him. Always delivers an emotionally complex character.
Best role: I’d love to say Inglourious Basterds (2009), but such a short scene. Other than that, Erik “Magneto” Lehnsherr in X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)
The one even he couldn’t convince me to see: Angel (2007)

Review: Under the Knife – Tess Gerritsen

tess gerritsen under the knife coverKate Chesne is a successful doctor. She loves her life, albeit a little lonely. One day, a routine operation goes awry. Part of the staff that performs surgery on Ellen O’Brien, a close friend and fellow nurse, something goes wrong in the operating room and Ellen dies on the table. Once an investigation is launched, Kate is soon served with papers suing for malpractice when evidence shows that Kate misread the EKG and killed Ellen on the table. Her life as she knows it is crumbling, and she is desperate to get it straightened out. She knows for a fact that there was nothing wrong with Ellen’s EKG, and that she certainly did not have a stroke before surgery.

Kate approaches the O’Brien family lawyer, David Ransom, intent on making him  hear her out, to hear the truth, that she did not make a mistake, that someone else did. The two are opposites from the very off, though she is immensely attracted to him from the off. David, on the other hand, has made it his life’s mission to sue and crush doctors at every available opportunity, and it seems that Kate is no exception. However, things soon start to happen that make him wonder if there is maybe not more to her story, that maybe there are sides she does not know. Kate receives some strange calls about Ellen’s death, and when searching for answers discovers another corpse, another nurse. The dead nurse seems to have a connection to another murder, and suddenly a murder seems like a theory for the OR, and not necessarily malpractice. David and Kate, however, are tiptoeing and dancing around each other, complete opposites but completely taken with each other.

Is Kate right? Is she being framed? Was there a misunderstanding? Did she kill Ellen on the table, even if just by accident? Will David take her through the wringer, crushing her just like any other doctor? What will happen between the two? Will they start thinking a little more straight if they are away from each other for a while?

GRADE 3Why? Just why? Right, bear in mind, the cover looked like it could present a decent medical thriller. I even (for the briefest of moments) thought that this could totally have been a book that Natasha would enjoy (you know, romance and the medical side – her cup of tea). But then it just spiralled. I had a sour taste in my mouth over the romance aspect that presented itself insanely early, but I was certain it couldn’t be the worst kind or anything. Oh boy, was I mistaken. I was dragged into one of those ludicrous novels where everything is about the heat of the moment, the desire burning all over their bodies, the lingering gazes, the mind running more rampant than a hormonal teenager and electrifying touches and blah blah blah. I was seriously unimpressed. I finished it (not a fan of starting books and not finishing – seeing as this one was only like 250 pages I figured I could hack through it – plus the internets was down at work and I had nothing else with me CRY CRY CRY). Really, I usually like Tess Gerritsen, but this was just awful. The characters were just wholly unbelievable, the names were so pretentious – I mean Jinx? David Ransom (a lawyer)? Pokie? I was unimpressed to the extreme. Not only that, the dialogue and writing style was just so corny and weak. This could have been a decent read if not for all the flaming desire and doomed relationship and crap that dominated only every damn page. I was not happy with the plot progression either. The story was forgotten, and it had the potential to be alright. Instead it got inundated by page fillers of lust and love. Pffffff. The cover is sort of a love/hate thing for me. 1 – I hated it because I ended up reading a junky book, but 2 – thank goodness, otherwise my colleagues would have had a proper laugh at me! I would not recommend this unless you are seriously, seriously into that type of romance novel.

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