Question of the Month: Best Movie Quote


And Luke is FINALLY back in action after an unfortunate mishap with his technologies, and we have access to another Question of the Month… this time the best movie quote!

Originally posted on Oracle of Film:

The Oracle of Film Returns!

Yes, I am back and back for good. I thought I would start my comeback tour with the Question of the Month, because you guys have given me some amazing response and I don’t think you should have to wait another second to see everyone else’s. The question was what is your favourite movie quote of all time, and despite there being millions of the buggers to choose from, you delivered amazingly well. I am sorry it just took me so long to contain this much awesome and translate it into the mere words of mortals.

Note: I don’t think I missed someone, but I had to go through my email archives to collate them. It is possible that I accidentally overlooked one of you, so please don’t be offended if your response didn’t make it up here. I have had the busiest couple of…

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Review: Killer Joe (2011)

killer joe cover

“You ever hear of Joe Cooper? He’s a cop. A detective, actually. He’s got a little business on the side.”
- Chris Smith

Chris Smith (Emile Hirsch) is in a lot of trouble. He owes a lot of money to some scary loan sharks, and they want it back. West Dallas, Texas, is not the place for Chris to be. His mother kicks him out of the house, and Chris rushes to his father Ansel (Thomas Haden Church) with an idea. His mother has a life insurance policy that pays out to his twelve year old sister Dottie (Juno Temple) in the event of her death. $50 000-00 no less, and he was told about a hitman to contact that would do the job for him for $20 000-00. Chris wants Ansel to get involved with the plan to kill Adele to get the money. That way his debt is set, Dottie gets $10 000-00 for schooling or something and his father gets $10 000-00, too. Sharla (Gina Gershon), Ansel’s new wife, gets involved later, too, and wants a cut. The pair calls in police detective Joe Cooper (Matthew McConaughey) to pull the job for them.

killer joe

“My payment is twenty five thousand dollars, in cash, in advance. No exceptions.” – Killer Joe Cooper

Not being home when Joe called on them at the trailer, he spent some time with Dottie. Together the go to meet Chris and Ansel, where Joe and the greedy pair discuss the terms of their arrangement. Joe will do the job… for $25 000-00. After some huffing and puffing, Chris agrees, but then the second snag is hit – Joe wants payment up front, and Ansel and Chris will only have the money after the job is pulled and the insurance pays out. Chris is so desperate for the money that he puts up a minor fight with Joe when he suggests that Dottie can be his retainer until they can pay him his $25 000-00. Eventually Chris caves, and Dottie is pretty much sold off to the police detective.

killer joe chris and dottie

“Joe, listen, we’ve gotta stop this. My sister never did nothing to nobody, I can’t let you have her!” – Chris Smith

Sharla is not overly impressed that Dottie, a virgin, has been sold off to an older man, but nevertheless sets the girl up for a “date” with Joe. Joe is obsessed with the young girl, and sexually propositions her at dinner. Eventually she caves to the older man, and they begin a disgusting sexual relationship. Chris is getting the chills about the task that he has set Joe about, and wants it to be end. Digger Soames (Marc Macaulay) the loan shark sets his boys on Chris and has him beaten badly. Chris needs to produce the money and quickly. Wanting to call the hit off, Christ meets with Joe, who takes him to see the already deceased Adele. It is too late to put an end to everything.

killer joe sharla and joe

“If you insult me again, I will cut your face off and wear it over my own. Do you understand?” – Killer Joe Cooper

Trouble hits the fan when Ansel and Sharla go to claim the life insurance money and instead it all pays out to Rex (Sean O’Hara), the man that Adele was seeing. This does not bode well for Chris at all. The loan sharks want him, and now he in for $25 000-00 with Joe, too. Chris panics, and tries to take Dottie and run, though she is now all “in love” with Joe, and wants to see him before they leave. Will Chris be able to escape from all the drama that he has gotten himself and his family involved in? Did he really allow Rex to play him for such a fool? How is he going to square things with Joe? Will he be able to make things up with Dottie, to still save her from the mess that he created for her?

A 7/10 for Killer Joe. But what the fuck?! Killer Joe had a great cast going for it that played their roles well with a disturbing as hell execution of the premise. I could get on board with the desire to kill your mother for insurance money, even hiring a hitman. I could get on board with how incredibly trashy some families are, and even smiled a bit at how much the film milked the trailer trash angle (I hear a lot about it in books and movies but we don’t really have that here). But then the secondary aspects of the premise came. The part about a grown man wanting a twelve year old girl, an adult male starting a sexual relationship with said child who initially did not even want him, that was terrified of the concept (and yeah, gonna say this), and suddenly was so experienced and enjoyed it from the off. For a girl that is not promiscuous, that should not have been her first reaction. Anyhow, let me move right on from that. Then there was her family that knew what the animal wanted and freely offered her to him. I mean what the hell, were they that desperate for cash that they were willing to pimp a child for it? However, the story was alright. Emile Hirsch was pretty good as Dottie’s brother, yet so damn trashy. I mean seriously now? McConaughey was definitely the show stealer here though, brilliant performance. The way the insurance money debacle went down was good, too, though I must say that there was a lot in this film that was just not easy to watch, that is just that. Then there was the chicken scene, and that was really pretty messed up, in all honesty. Dammit, why? The movie is unconventional, and I wouldn’t suggest you watch it with your parents/kids, it could get a little awkward. There is some pretty dark humour at times, and then there is a lot that gets uncomfortable, too. The performances are definitely worth checking out though! It is not something that I will be checking out again in a hurry in the near future, and I would definitely not recommend this to those that cannot look past the disturbing aspects of the film to see the content of it.

Top Ten Cool Leading Ladies: Movies and Music Cafe

Tom over at Movies and Music Cafe decided to give me a list of his top ten cool leading ladies, and it is a rather impressive list! Tom runs an awesome site with a great little menu offering an array of starters, mains and desserts, ranging from movies, reviews, books, soundtrack and the likes. It is a very cool site that I would highly recommend checking out!

Should you be interested in submitting a Top Ten list, draw up a list of either your top ten personal favourite movies or a top ten list by a specific genre/theme and send it along to me at Hope to see a few more lists!



Audrey Hepburn (1929 – 1993) One of THE style icons. Coolest Role: Breakfast at Tiffanys.


Grace Kelly (1929 – 1982) Actress AND Princess! Coolest Role: Rear Window

grace kelly

Brigitte Bardot (1934 – ) The classic blonde bombshell but with substance. Coolest Role: Contempt!


Faye Dunaway (1941 – ) In so many classic sixties and seventies films. Coolest Role: Bonnie & Clyde


Diane Keaton (1946 – ) One of the best actresses of all time? Coolest Role: Annie Hall (but nearly The Godfather)!

diane keaton

Anjelica Huston (1951 – ) Never a show stopper, but amazing in everything. Coolest Role: The Royal Tenenbaums


Julianne Moore (1960 – ) Never short of excellent in all her films. A modern great. Coolest Role: Boogie Nights


Diane Lane (1965 – ) Talented actress in the eighties and nineties. Coolest Role: Rumble Fish

Diane Lane (12)

Natalie Portman (1981 – ) Beautiful and talented, most would say Garden State is her best, but her Coolest Role: is in Hotel Chevalier, a Wes Anderson short film.

Natalie Portman black and white

Jennifer Lawrence (1990 – ) The new girl on the block, but instantly great. Coolest Role: Hunger Games



Review: An Abundance of Katherines – John Green

an abundance of katherines

Meet Colin Singleton, a child prodigy, now seventeen years old, mostly friendless, totally into anagramming things and – get this – recovering from his 19th breakup by a Katherine. That’s right, Colin has an inexplicable thing for the Katherine’s, and they don’t seem to have a long lasting thing for him. Colin is consumed by fear and worry that he will never matter in life, never go on to do anything impressive. He is incredibly smart now, but Colin knows that there is a difference between a prodigy and a genius, and this is something that is never going to change, no matter how much he wants it too. Colin’s best friend Hassan Harbis, a fat, lazy Muslim, attempts to help Colin get over his latest Katherine (again), and decides the best thing to do would be to go on a roadtrip.

Just like that the boys are packed up and trekking across the country, set for an adventure. The whim becomes more serious when Colin slips further into a depression over Katherine, and Hassan is having home withdrawals and for once in his life wants to have an adventure. Hassan is usually glued to the couch and watching copious amounts of Judge Judy. Their trip becomes more settled when they arrive in Gutshot, Tennessee, to visit the tomb of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand. Still lamenting over Katherine, Colin and Hassan meet Lindsey Lee Wells, a young paramedic in training, who Colin makes assumptions about and soon learns that they are wrong. The more he learns about her, the more he wonders. Lindsey, on the other hand, is dating a Colin, too, whom Hassan and Colin take to calling The Other Colin, or TOC. After an accident on the way to the tomb, Colin and Hassan meet Hollis, Lindsey’s mother, who is immediately taken with Colin, whom she recognizes from the television show Kranial Kidz that he won as a child.

Hollis invites the boys to stay and commissions them to do some work for her and pay them $500-00 a week. She runs the local factory in town, too. Hassan and Colin comply. Their roadtrip finally starts to mean something, and they move in with Hollis and Lindsey in their Pink Mansion while they are staying in Gutshot. TOC seems to be a bit of a tool, and Lindsey seems to have a million different personalities, a different one for each and every lot of people that she is around. This confuses Colin, who finally hits on his “eureka” moment when he is sure that he can mathematically predict the curve of any relationship, and shockingly receives a lot of assistance from Lindsey, who seems to be rather taken with him. Colin is learning much about himself while on his trip, and Lindsey is making some discoveries of her own. TOC treats her pretty badly, and she seems to be taking it, though neither of the boys can understand why. She also does not understand Colin’s incessant need to be noticed and to matter. It seems Hassan, too, is catching up with the world and starts seeing Katrina, Lindsey’s friend.

Why does Lindsey put up with so much from Colin? What changed about her? Will Colin’s “eureka” moment pan out into something? Could this be the something that makes him, that defines him, moves him into the spotlight? Will Hassan ever be less lazy and more motivated to do something with his life? Has Colin finally made a new friend in Lindsey? Will he start seeing girls that do not share the same nine letters of a name?

A 7/10 for An Abundance of Katherines. This was a quick and engaging read, nothing too heavy (even when the math comes up, you can skip it or read it, not really central to the story if you don’t understand it). I like Hassan, and the friendship between him and Colin is amusing. Colin, on the other hand, is pretty cool. There are moments where he is a total annoyance, and one can understand how someone would get annoyed with him. He is smart but he is also selfish and exceptionally insecure. Hassan is extremely entertaining though incredibly lazy. I enjoyed how they were just journeying across America and stumbled upon something that could be great for them. It was cool to watch how the boys became more focused and learned more about themselves than they ever knew. I appreciate John Green’s writing style, though this definitely took me longer to get into than The Fault In Our Stars, but it was nevertheless entertaining. I like the way he took something that could have been bland and boring (I mean really, more teenage breakups?!) and just gave it more flesh and what not. The concept was a standard one but definitely with more of a twist to it. Green is a phenomenally good young adult writer, who writes in a way that you can enjoy his work no matter what age you are, which is something to respect. I am definitely going to be checking out the rest of his books, he is fun.


Genre Grandeur – 10 Things I Hate About You (1999)


My entry to Rob’s fantastic Genre Grandeur, I had to pick a romantic comedy (yes, my absolute favourite genre of all time ever LOL), but you know what? We all have one! Here’s mine!

Originally posted on MovieRob:

For my first guest post for my April Genre Genre, I present you with a review of Zoe’s favorite rom-com.  If you don’t already follow Zoe’s blog, The Sporadic Chronicles of a Beginner Blogger, I strongly recommend that you head on over there and check her stuff out.  Her site is filled with movie reviews, book reviews, an occasional TV show review, guest top 10 lists and a very cool series called Sporadic Scenes which highlight some of film (or TV’s) most memorable scenes.

I will now pass things over to the great Zoe….

10 things i hate about you poster

“I don’t like to do what people expect. Why should I live up to other people’s expectations instead of my own?”
– Kat Stratford

Alright, so Rob put it out there that this Genre Grandeur would have to be in the line of romantic comedies. Now, anyone that knows anything about me knows that this is…

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Review: Snowpiercer (2013)

snowpiercer movie poster

“Know your place. Accept your place.”
- Mason

In the year 2031, the world has been destroyed. Global warming was becoming a serious issue and an experiment was launched to cool the atmosphere, bringing temperatures back to a more manageable level. Instead it froze the atmosphere, killing everything. Well, almost everything. On board the very special Snowpiercer, a perpetual-motion train created by Mr Wilford, there are survivors. The Snowpiercer ceaselessly travels a globe-spanning track, housing the only survivors of Earth. Cutis Everett (Chris Evans) seems to be someone that the residents look up to, someone they consider a leader – a role he is extremely uncomfortable with. They live in a few train cars, decrepit, poverty stricken, filthy… the lowest of the low. This is their world now. There is no way to better yourself, no option for advancement, nothing. It seems that a rebellion is brewing in the bowels of the train, to stop living in fear and as someone else’s slaves. The oppression must end. This is not living, this is captivity. Curtis’s right hand man, Edgar (Jamie Bell), is prepared to do whatever Curtis wants to get this rebellion underway. Curtis is communicating with Gilliam (John Hurt), a survivor of the last rebellion and a confidant of Curtis. They are receiving instructions from someone further up in the train, someone they believe to be in a position of power. They receive their notes in tiny silver capsules embedded in their protein blocks.

snowpiercer awakening security

“I belong to the front, you belong to the tail.” – Mason

When some woman comes from higher up in the train, she takes with her two children, one of Tanya (Octavia Spencer) and Andrew (Ewen Bremner). They viciously attempt to stop this, but are unsuccessful. Soon after Curtis realises that they are running out of time, and the rebellion’s time frame moves up significantly. They will have to start sooner than anticipated, and immediately they start. Tanya joins them in a desperate attempt to recover her son, and they are off. Their first stop is to fight through the security they are faced with after Curtis realises that the guns the guards wield must be empty, the bullets were used up in the last rebellion. They make way to the prison section where they awaken Namgoong Minsu (Song Kang-ho) and request his help, seeing as he was a part of the security of the train. He is a Kronal addict, and will only assist them if they supply the drugs for him and his daughter Yona (Go Ah-sung), who was sleeping in the next container, as long as he opens the doors on their journey to the front of the train. Relenting, the rebellion moves on. Lives are lost as the battle wages.

snowpiercer smoking

Gilliam sends Curtis along with Mason (Tilda Swinton), a higher up on the train, though not yet the all-powerful and extremely elusive Mr Wilford. She is a loyalist in the most extreme sense. Using her as a captive and guide, a small group of survivors advance once more. Curtis and his fellow tail end train people are horrified to learn that the other inhabitants of the train live in the lap of luxury, something that most people cannot even recall, some never even had access to that when Earth was normal. While they battled and lived in squalor, there is a huge section of the train that enjoyed tailors, restaurants and gardens, amongst other things. The train builds from the slums into a stunning area. Namgoong and Yona are seemingly on another little mission, and it does not take long for Mason to try and save her own skin again, attempting to turn on Curtis and his people. Curtis is intent on making it to the front of the train and facing Wilford himself, though Gilliam insists that he kill him and not give Wilford a chance to talk his way out of it. The children are still missing, and there is no luck in finding them, though it is evident that they were far forward on the massive train. As the journey through the Snowpiercer continues, the elite start fighting back – or, at any rate, Wilford and his security lot do, making this revolt that Curtis is a part of all the more difficult. Many more obstacles present themselves, including many that start to chip at Curtis, designed to bring him to his knees.

snowpiercer gilliam

Will Curtis and his group make it to the front of the train? Will he finally face off with Mr Wilford, the most revered man on the train? Will they ever be able to balance out the poverty and the comfort that the member of the train experience? Will this be the first successful revolt upon the Snowpiercer? Are their days of oppression almost over?

snowpiercer rebellion

“They’ve got no bullets!” – Edgar

An 8/10 for Snowpiercer. I kept seeing reviews about this popping up the whole time and figured I should totally find out what that was all about. I went in relatively blind (again, I do my best), and I was pleasantly surprised. This movie was bizarre, but it was very well done. It had everything stacked against it due to the really closed environment and all that, but it turned out to be amazingly well done. I loved the camera work and the score. Chris Evans gave a wonderful performance, and (no spoilers, relax), the story that was told at the end really just bowled me over, his delivery was perfect, it was flawless. Song Kang-ho was equally impressive. I thought the two worked fantastically together. Song’s Namgoong was definitely a great character, definitely my favourite. He brought so much to the table. The plot itself was actually pretty good, though there were some things that I questioned, if you don’t worry too much about it they will become superfluous. At the same time, they issues are nothing to really get hung up over and allow to detract from the movie. I had no idea how they were going to sustain the concept, seeing as the train is small and a closed environment, but that was sorted out relatively soon, too. The movie is long but never actually go to the place where it felt that way for me. Tilda Swinton was absolutely disgusting in this, and she played her role well. She grated on my absolute last nerve. Gilliam was also a very cool character and I enjoyed him. The rebellion that they led from the tail was impressive, and there were plenty moments where it got incredibly intense. The movie, as I said, was really bizarre, but it just worked for me, I was truly very taken with it. I thoroughly enjoyed all the themes that it explored about society and class, government and leaders… it was interesting. It was a pretty movie to look at, too. I would recommend checking this one out!

The Green Mile (1999) IMDB Top 250 Guest Review


WHOOP! Having so much fun with T9M’s IMDB Top 250 Project… here is another one of my submissions!

Originally posted on Cinema Parrot Disco:


Today’s IMDB Top 250 Guest Review comes from Zoe of The Sporadic Chronicles Of A Beginner Blogger. Zoe is loving this IMDB project – she’s already reviewed The Departed (which you can read HERE) and she’s planning on doing more! (And may have done another one already…) ;-) Thanks so much for the reviews, Zoe!

Now let’s see what she has to say about The Green Mile, IMDB rank 65 out of 250…

There are still some movies up for grabs if anyone wants to do a guest IMDB Top 250 review. You can find the list HERE. See the full list & links to all the films that have been reviewed HERE.


Here’s another entry for Table 9 Mutant’s IMDB Top 250 challenge. I have been having so much fun with this, revisiting some movies, checking them all for her, some of them I have…

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