Review: The Rolling Stones: 50 – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, and Ronnie Wood

the rolling stones 50 cover

So for my birthday this year my other half (who just knows me too well) spoiled me and bought me The Rolling Stones: 50. It is one absolutely huge book. I have established it would be the perfect weapon, it is extremely weighty and solid, and you could injure someone in style. At any rate, this book just completely robbed me of breath. It is gorgeous to say the very least, and it is something you can come back to over and over again. Irrespective of, I am a Stones fan and this was just a fantastic edition to my budding collection and I do so love books… especially pretty ones! This all led to me deciding to do something a little different here today, reviewing both the book so you can all have a look at it a little as well as getting some images to add so you can see what the content looks like. Lastly I will be reviewing the content of the book, so here we go!

stones book

The book is nice and large and definitely sturdy. It has a stunning matte dust cover to protect it, with minimal art and writing on it. As pictured above, it has the emblem, a small write up and the band members’ signatures. All pictures in here can be clicked to enlarge.

stones book pics

Then there are the pages themselves. They are beautiful pages, glossy paper, very thick, spanning photos over two pages or blowing one up big enough to run over two pages. Most pages also have a little anecdote next to the pictures or an explanation as to what the reader is seeing.

the stones book pages

As you can see, most of the photos featured in this coffee table book are in black and white, which is awesome. I think black and white photos are great.

the stones book some more

There are all sorts of photos to be found in here.

stones more

There are also an array of coloured photos found in the book, and they are also visually stunning.

stones jagger


Another look at the book as it is, it is quite sizable and rather thick.

the stones book

Content Rating:
There is not a lot of reading going on in here, but there is enough to describe what is going on, little stories, etc. I love how the band put the notes together, reminiscing with the pictures and sharing it with the reader. There is some history to look into as well when the members recount some of their experiences. It is well written and incredibly well laid out and just a lot of fun to go through, both reading and looking at all the pictures that have been compiled here. The quality also just adds to how amazing this book is. The photos are gorgeous and tell the progression of the band and it is such a joy to read. The Rolling Stones: 50 is definitely a treat for the visual senses, and something I could recommend for every fan out there!

20 thoughts on “Review: The Rolling Stones: 50 – Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, and Ronnie Wood

  1. Looks awesome! I went to see them on their 40th anniversary tour at Twickenham (for free, long story)! They were great. What is your favourite Stones era?

    I may have lined up an interview with ex Stones manager Andrew Oldham, so keep an eye out for that in the future.


    1. Ahhhhhhh that is awesome! Hmmmmm, I’d have to think on that and then let you know!

      Ooooooh definitely going to keep my eyes peeled!


    2. I COMPLETELY forgot to get back to you on this, I am terribly sorry. I would say my favourite era would be the early sixties to mid seventies… Yours?


  2. Damn, this would be a great great gift idea for my dad. He’s a huge Stones fan. I dig em too, but this book looks absolutely comprehensive! A must for him at least. Thanks for the tip there!!


  3. Now that book could squash a gaggle of spiders! A herd of spiders? A flock of spiders? Whichever, it’s good for squashin’…not that you’d want to, that book is gorgeous! Congrats on the super cool gift!


  4. Great post, Zoe! Even if I still prefer The Beatles. ; ) This book looks lovely! I have quite a few like this when it comes to my favorite things (David Bowie, HR Giger, etc). They take up so much space but… I have to have them! : )


    1. 🙂 Thanks lady! Oh well… difference there 😛 It is a stunning one! Oh that is awesome. So what? They are TOTALLY worth having!


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